There’s a trend in using synthetic grass for home decoration, here are some of the advantages!

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synthetic grass
synthetic grass
Diverse uses are one of the reasons many are chosen.

Having a residence with a concept of beautiful natural nuances is indeed interesting. To get a completely green atmosphere, one way is to take advantage of the presence of plants.


A plant that is now very popular is green grass which is usually placed on the floor as a foothold. Instead of using real grass, now synthetic grass is much sought after because of its various advantages.


Here are some of the advantages when Moms use synthetic grass as a decoration material at home.


Cost Effective

By using synthetic grass, Moms don’t need to pay extra maintenance costs. Synthetic grass cannot grow taller, so there is no need to mow it regularly. Not only that, Moms also don’t need to pay for purchasing fertilizers, pesticides and fabric care materials.


Easy Maintenance

synthetic grass

Synthetic grass maintenance is much easier. Moms don’t have to hire a gardener to water and fertilize. The use of this grass is very suitable for homeowners in urban areas with a high level of activity. Interestingly, even though it requires easy maintenance, the appearance of synthetic grass will never fade.


Save water

Because it is an inanimate object, synthetic grass certainly does not need water to water like real plants. Even though it’s just water, Moms might not think that the cost of spending water to water a yard that uses real grass is very high.


For a football field, every week it can consume up to 50 thousand gallons of water. However, these expenses can be reduced to a minimum when choosing to use synthetic grass.


Flexible Placement

synthetic grass

Synthetic grass is also easy to use. Moms can flexibly use it in indoor or outdoor areas. This is of course much different when choosing to use real grass which can only live if it gets exposure to sunlight.


Durable and not easily damaged

In general, synthetic grass is much more durable and less easily damaged than real grass. Moreover, it is specifically used for sports fields, with a much better level of durability.


Safe for the Environment

synthetic grass

Unlike real grass, synthetic grass cannot carry out photosynthesis and produce oxygen. However, its presence also ensures that the environment around the residence or area where it is installed is kept clean.


Insects or worms that usually live around real grass will not be found in locations where synthetic grass has been installed. These creatures are unable to survive beneath the surface of artificial grass. Finally, the area installed with synthetic grass will also not attract the attention of other animals such as birds or mice which usually nest in the lawn grass.


So, Moms, those are some of the reasons behind the widespread use of synthetic grass, which has become a trendy decoration trend. Interested in having a residence with a beautiful concept? Just use synthetic grass as a natural element at home. I hope this helps :). 

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