11 Odor Absorbing Plants That Are Easy To Care

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odor absorbing plants

Plants that absorb odors are one of the solutions to keep your home fresh and healthy. Here are the types of plants that you can consider growing outside or placing indoors.

Plants are one of the best decorations that can beautify your home.

Apart from beautifying, it turns out that a number of plants also have other benefits.

One of them is to absorb bad odors, Property People.

Plants that absorb odors can be an option instead of using chemicals.

Bad odors in the house can be caused by a number of things, one of which is due to dampness or the smell of the bathroom.

Storing types of odor-absorbing ornamental plants are also able to produce fresh air and remove toxins.

That way, air quality is also maintained properly.

The price of plants is relatively cheap depending on the type and size.

So, what plants are able to absorb odors well and are easy to care for?

According to various sources, here’s the list!

11 Odor Absorbing Plants

1. Tongue-in-law

odor absorbing plants

Mother-in-law’s tongue is the best odor-absorbing plant.

The tongue-in-law plant is able to absorb odors in the house and produce healthy air quality.

Not only that, but the tongue-in-law plant is also a plant that absorbs poison or the smell of cigarettes.

Keep the mother-in-law’s tongue in the living room or family room because it has been proven to be able to suck up bad odors.

Don’t forget to regularly provide sunlight in the morning or evening.

2. Mint

odor absorbing plants

Who doesn’t know the mint plant?

Mint is also known as an odor-absorbing plant that produces a fresh scent.

You can place this air freshener plant on the terrace of the house in large quantities.

You can also chop it and put it in a glass of clean water for one week.

Then, place the mint in the room so that its fresh scent is felt every day.

Mint is one of the deodorizing plants in the bathroom.

This bathroom odor-absorbing plant is worth considering because it is not difficult to care for.

3. Oranges

odor absorbing plants

Orange or citrus plants produce a refreshing aroma.

Types of plants that you can use at home are Santana oranges, Nagami oranges, or kaffir limes.

These plants can freshen up a room and get rid of bad odors.

Interested in keeping this plant at home, Property People?

4. Rosemary

odor absorbing plants

Rosemary is an odor-absorbing plant that is often used as a kitchen spice.

This one plant can be stored in every corner of the room.

Rosemary gives a fresh scent and is an excellent purifier.

This is especially true for humid air.

Rosemary is also one of the best antiviral plants.

5. English Ivy

odor absorbing plants

English Ivy is very effective at absorbing formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene.

So do not be surprised if this plant is able to absorb unhealthy air toxins.

This hanging ornamental plant can also get rid of the smell of animal feces.

You can keep it indoors or outdoors in a pretty pot.

6. Suji

odor absorbing plants

You can also consider suji plants as plants that absorb bad odors.

This plant can be planted directly in the yard, you know.

If in the house, use beautiful pots that match the decoration.

The advantage of this plant is that it neutralizes bad odors in the house.

Carefully store this plant at home and keep it away from pets.

7. Palm Waregu

odor absorbing plants

Next is the waregu palm.

Waregu palms can be kept indoors even without direct sunlight.

Apart from the smell, the waregu palm can also absorb pollutants such as ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

Water this plant sufficiently to avoid drying out.

8. Betel Ivory

odor absorbing plants

Not a few use betel ivory as a home decoration.

In addition to beautifying the atmosphere, betel ivory is also able to absorb odors in the house.

Betel ivory is one of the best bathroom odor absorbing plants.

Ivory betel plants can live without even using a planting medium.

9. Lavender

odor absorbing plants

Another plant is lavender.

Lavender plants produce air freshener flowers that are suitable to be kept around the terrace.

Flowers that can absorb the bad smell can also be kept in the house.

However, make sure that this plant receives enough sunlight every day, okay?

10. Sri Fortune

odor absorbing plants

Lastly is the Sri fortune plant.

The smell-absorbing plant of Sri Fortune has a beautiful appearance.

This popular plant is useful for absorbing pollutants and eliminating bad smells in the air.

You can use Sri fortune as a substitute for a purifier at home.

As a result, the air quality becomes better and healthier.

11. Peace Lily

odor absorbing plants

The peace lily is another odor-absorbing plant.

You can keep this plant outside the house.

Able to adapt well to dim light, the peace lily plant is said to be toxic to pets.

How? Have you made your choice?

Hopefully, the odor absorbing plants article is useful, yes, Property People.


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