40 Best Herb Garden Ideas

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herb garden ideas

Herb Garden Ideas

For people interested in gardening, I would suggest starting with a simple herb garden. Even in the smallest apartment, there are pots for herbs.

Isn’t it great to cook with fresh herbs? Any time a recipe calls for lemon balm, parsley, or chives, you simply head to your kitchen garden and gather what you need. Each dish will become more fragrant, and you will enjoy the fresh smell of growing herbs.

It is not necessary to plant a full-fledged garden, you can get by with a small indoor garden that will fit on your windowsill. Here are some ideas on how to start growing your own plants for culinary purposes.

Backyard garden ideas

herb garden ideas

Some herbs grow by themselves near the house. These are plants that calmly endure the change of seasons and cold weather. These include lavender and rosemary. They grow on their own, reaching several feet in size. If you are planning a backyard garden, consider the size of the herbs you will be planting. Higher ones are better placed further away, and lower ones are closer. This will make harvesting easier. Herbaceous plants are very beautiful, why not plant them so that you get a real garden?

Some perennials, such as lemon verbena, bloom beautifully throughout the spring and summer. Therefore, you can organize a small place to relax, to which a brick or paved path leads. Then you can sit outside and enjoy the natural aroma. It would be nice to put small elegant plates with the name of each species. Anyone who will admire your plantings will know what exactly you grow. See Also: Best Container Garden Ideas.

Garden on a balcony or roof

herb garden ideas

Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can make a man-made vegetable garden inside. Hang planters on the railing, for example. Group the plants according to how much sun they like and what kind of soil they prefer. If you have enough floor space, set up a rack for a few pots. There are high greenery racks with individual stands for each pot.

On the balcony, it is most convenient to place flowers vertically. Try to store materials at the bottom to leave as much space as possible for plants on top.

Place the tray slightly on its side, leaning it against the wall. Use cross beams for planting small herbs. Additional wooden pieces may be needed to keep the soil from spilling. You can buy a trough or bath on a stand, fill it with soil and plant your favorite spices.

Container garden

herb garden ideas

Container gardens are great because you can change the size depending on the space available and the number of herbs you want to grow. Let’s say you have a few small clay pots that fit in your hands and a few large ceramic pots with tall herbs. Not all pots need to be the same size. Small herbs grow, transplant them into a larger container, and plant new ones in their place.

Place some pots on tiered stands so they look great. Remember that we care not only about beauty but also about ensuring that each plant receives a sufficient amount of light. You may have to arrange everything on the same level, even if it does not look so great. See Also: Modern Greenhouse Ideas.

Creative flower pots for the garden

herb garden ideas

Of course, you can use ordinary flower pots for growing, but there are many other ways that are worth trying. You can create an indoor garden by hanging pots outside the kitchen window, or you can set up a hanging garden inside. Hang small pots on kitchen shelving or on a pole placed in a corner or near a window.

If your kitchen has open shelves, why not place a row of stone jars on one of them that will house plants? It will breathe life into your kitchen and add some simple décor. In addition, fresh herbs will always be at your fingertips. You can even label each jar so you know which species grows where.

If you want to set up an outdoor herb garden, try building a spiral. Such a unique option looks like a winding pyramid. You can place the plants in a spiral from bottom to top. What is good about this design? One side of the pyramid is dry, and the other is wet. Some areas get more light, while others remain in the shade. This gives you the opportunity to grow a wide variety of varieties.

Creative gardeners use wheelbarrows, an old grill, a vintage chest of drawers, or barrels cut in half to grow.

Pallet garden idea

herb garden ideas

The use of pallets in design is very popular and there is a reason for this. They are easy to put on their side, thereby closing the voids, and turning them into an ideal place for growing small herbaceous plants. It is necessary to cover the bottom of the voids so that the soil does not fall through. Pallets are great because you can customize them to fit your space. You can paint them, decorate them or just leave them wooden.

Most people install pallets on the ground, although it costs nothing to mount them on a wall. If you don’t want to plant your herbs directly in the tray, you can hang pots on it. Small round pots or long rectangular boxes with hooks can be attached to the pallet beam. This design is convenient because it makes it easy to transplant herbs without damaging neighboring ones. Seeds can be germinated indoors, and when they grow up, they can be transferred to a hanging pot. See Also: Steps for how to grow strawberries from seeds.

Ideas for diversifying your herb garden

herb garden ideas

If your backyard garden is already well-decorated, consider sprucing up the design with wine barrels cut in half. Cover them with earth and plant one or two types of herbs inside. It will add color to your garden and diversify the table with fresh herbs.

If there is room on the wall, you can install a pendant with several pockets. You can save on this if you use an old shoe rack. It is better to buy a special installation. Fill all the pockets with soil and plant some grass in each. This idea is great because the sprouts don’t interfere with each other, and they don’t steal nutrients. If a plant outgrows its pocket, it is easy to remove it without damaging the neighbors.

Raised bed herb garden ideas

herb garden ideas

A raised bed, in our understanding, is an embankment that is several feet above ground level. This type of bed is used for growing vegetables, and it is great for grass. The beds themselves can be made less wide because the grass does not need much space.

You can also use a raised bed with legs. Many gardeners really appreciate this method of growing because it allows you to care for plants without bending over or squatting. Look for beds with a shelf underneath for extra storage space for your gardening tools. See Also: Steps for how to grow potatoes in a container.

Ideas for small herb gardens

herb garden ideas

Each plant only needs about 8 inches of soil to grow, so several types of herbs can be planted in a tiny space. To ensure success, you need to choose companion plants that help and enrich each other. In this case, you will get more greens for cooking.

The ideal in growing a mini-garden is a garden in a basket. You will have a handle in the center and compartments on the sides. Suitable for any toolbox. You can easily transfer the crop from the place where it grew to the kitchen. You do not have to endlessly walk back and forth to bring the right spice.

Ideas for vertical growing

herb garden ideas

Herbs do not need a deep root system. Why not create a blooming vertical garden? This will allow you to grow a large number of plants in a tiny area. The easiest way is to use flower stands. It can be a stand-alone or one that rests on a wall. Several levels are possible there, which start at the very ground and rise by 150-180 cm.

If you have a large enough space, why not divide it up with a vertical structure? It will be a free-standing wall that can be approached from different sides. When the plants grow, they will turn into a screen and will drown out the sound. Another common solution is a three-dimensional pyramid-shaped stand with flat sides or a rounded cone shape. Here the base is always wider than the top. See Also: How to grow tomatoes in pots in 8 easy steps.

Idea for pots

herb garden ideas

Herbs are wonderful because they are small in size, so there is no problem growing them indoors. You can have one container of your favorite and most used spices, or you can have an entire indoor vegetable garden.

Ikea has some handy kitchen solutions that are great for potted plants. You need to install a crossbar on the wall of the kitchen where sunlight regularly hits, then hang containers on it, and plant a sprout in each. You can mount several of these crossbars, one above the other.

Another interesting idea is to install floating shelves on the wall and attach small pots to them. Don’t be afraid to use pots of different sizes. Basil and oregano grow luxuriantly if they are to your liking they should be placed in larger pots, small ones are good for garlic, thyme, or mint.


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