9 Small Garden Inspirations in the House, Minimalist and Refreshing!

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Small Garden Inspirations in the House

When it comes to housing, there are many things to consider so that not everything we want can come true. Like the matter of green land at home, not everyone can own it because there is not enough land.

However, it turns out that this can be tricked by making a small garden in the house that does not require a large area , you know! In fact, the average garden in this house is very mini, only 5 square meters is finished. 

You can also use any type of plant for this indoor garden, while still adjusting to the conditions of the house. Not only good in terms of aesthetics, a small garden in the house is also good for oxygen circulation.

If you are interested in creating an indoor garden, check out 9 indoor garden inspirations for this small house, OK!

Indoor Garden Under Stairs

Small Garden Inspirations in the House

Stairs are no longer a purely functional element in the home; Thanks to the great designs and materials available to us today, their presence also becomes a heavier decorative element. 

Some are circular, colorful, the steps are used for storage, and some are used as a garden in the house.

Of course, rather than being filled with piles of unused items, the area under the stairs is better to be used as an indoor garden that cools the eyes.

In addition to plants, you can give a touch of rocks to this small garden to make it look more attractive. 

Vertical Garden in the House

Small Garden Inspirations in the House

Another small garden inspiration in the house is in the form of a vertical garden. Enough with a patch of walls and a frame of land arranged in such a way, you can have an instant home garden that makes the atmosphere fresher every time. 

The idea of ​​a vertical garden or vertical garden is indeed a space-saving solution for those of you who want to have a patch of green scenery without having to sacrifice a lot of space in the house.

Japanese Style Small House Garden

Small Garden Inspirations in the House

This oriental-style garden is also a favorite that can be applied to a small garden in a small house. Usually, this park will be characterized by garden decorations made of stone, a little decoration of bamboo trees, and a small natural style pond. 

The result is a small cool Japanese garden that you can enjoy with your family at any time. The addition of other green plants can also add to the liveliness while creating a flow of fresh air in the house.

Indoor Garden Enclosed Bathroom

Small Garden Inspirations in the House

Confused about running out of spots at home to turn into an indoor garden? No need to worry, the inspiration for a small garden in this one house might be an interesting choice for you.

Bathroom decorations like this will make the atmosphere cooler and fresher, plus, you don’t have to worry about the garden which tends to get wet because it is located in the bathroom.

By applying the inspiration of a small garden in this bathroom, you will create a relaxation room that is all green, beautiful, and fresh for a fun bathing event.

Indoor Dry Garden

Small Garden Inspirations in the House

How about a dry garden in the house? The minimalist indoor garden image above can be an interesting inspiration. As you can see, this garden only needs a few pots and a small decorative ladder to store its small potted plants.

Even though the capital is small and relatively cheap, a dry garden in this house can still bring a refreshing green feel to your home. You can place this small garden anywhere.

For example, you can place it in the kitchen area, in the sink area, in the area near the window, or wherever you want.

Small Garden In The House

Small Garden Inspirations in the House

The inspiration for a small garden in this one house is no less unique, you know! Who would have thought that a patch of floor leading to the bathroom could be made this beautiful? By adding rocks to the garden, you can have a very beautiful wet area when transformed into a small garden.

By using plant lights placed near the plants, you will get the best light at dusk with the lights beaming upwards. 

This beautiful garden in the house can be made with a very narrow land, even less than 5 square meters.

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Narrow House Back Garden

Small Garden Inspirations in the House

If you have land behind the house, even though the area is not much, the land can be transformed into a garden in a very beautiful house like this. 

With high walls that can reach the 2nd floor, you can combine a vertical garden and an ordinary garden for this indoor garden. Very pretty, isn’t it?

Especially if you add rocks and one or two wooden chairs in the garden, the small garden in this house can be a place to relax that offers a different feel from other areas of the house.

Modern Minimalist Garden

Small Garden Inspirations in the House

For those of you who love the flow of modern minimalism, this garden inspiration in the house can be the most suitable to be applied. Like the minimalist concept in general, this garden decoration does not need to vary.

Only need a few flower pots with a layer of plain paint attached to the walls of the house, you can get a modern minimalist garden in the house. No need for extra land, right?

Semi Outdoor Home Garden

Small Garden Inspirations in the House

Well, this last home garden inspiration is most suitable for use on the balcony area. Instead of filling the balcony with clotheslines and piles of unused items, you can consider making a small garden like this. 

Semi outdoor, you can more freely design this park because it can be directly exposed to light. The choice of plants is certainly more diverse. Like the previous home garden design, you can use the walls to place flower pots.

While at the bottom, you can plant green grass and other plants as well as beautify it with an arrangement of stones with contrasting colors.

Those are 9 indoor garden inspirations that can help you create a green area at home. Happy creative, yes! 

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