9 Simple White Kitchen Design

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white kitchen design

White kitchen design – Want your home to look more elegant and beautiful? Come on, imitate some simple white minimalist kitchen designs like the ones in this article!

Having a comfortable kitchen at home certainly makes cooking more enjoyable.

Especially if your kitchen has a minimalist feel with a clean white color.

What does a beautiful kitchen design look like in white?

Let’s take a look at some minimalist white kitchen designs that make the house look more elegant below!

Simple White Kitchen Design

1. Minimalist Kitchen Design Tiles GryaPethak

white kitchen design

This first kitchen looks very elegant with white ceramic brick walls and a white kitchen set.

The presence of a gray marble table and colored tile floor walls makes this area look more striking.

Additional ornamental plants also make the room look more beautiful.

2. Japanese Minimalist Kitchen in White Color

white kitchen design

If you want a simple design for your home, this one design is suitable for you to imitate.

This design is very simple but looks beautiful and definitely makes your kitchen more charming.

You can use this kitchen in a small house.

3. Romantic Kitchen Design with Wooden Floor

white kitchen design

The white kitchen set with wooden floors in this room makes the kitchen look very romantic and sweet.

The beautiful kitchen decoration in white gives a soft and warm impression.

This room is certainly able to make you feel more comfortable doing activities in the kitchen.

4. Minimalist Beautiful Elegant Kitchen Design

white kitchen design

Just like the previous design, this one design also looks very beautiful and elegant.

The entire kitchen area is dominated by white with a touch of gray on the floor tiles and kitchen table.

5. Simple White Minimalist Kitchen

white kitchen design

Having a narrow kitchen is not the reason your home kitchen looks ordinary.

With the presence of a white kitchen set, this kitchen looks more modern and charming.

To make it look more striking, you can add a  backsplash to the kitchen wall.

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6. White Minimalist Kitchen Design with Wooden Cabinets

white kitchen design

White walls do look the most beautiful with wooden decorations.

The color of the wood looks lighter when juxtaposed with white walls and ceramics.

To make the room look cleaner, make sure not to store too many things on the kitchen table, OK!

7. Spacious Modern Kitchen Design

white kitchen design

One way to make the kitchen area look more beautiful and charming is to use white.

White is also very flexible, so you can combine it with other colors.

For example, combined with a gray floor or a reddish-brown wooden ceiling.

8. Elegant Kitchen with Marble Countertop

white kitchen design

The kitchen will look much more luxurious if you use white in your home.

In addition to white, you can also add marble accents to the corner of your kitchen.

You can also add some pretty decorations in the kitchen, like a flower vase or a golden lamp.

9. Beautiful Rustic Kitchen Design

white kitchen design

Kitchen rustic Also you can use the kitchen shades rustic!

You can combine a white kitchen set with a red brick backsplash to make the room look more charming.

This kitchen is suitable for you to use in your minimalist apartment or house.

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Hopefully, the article white kitchen design is useful. If you have difficulty designing a design, you can use the services of an architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to find the right design for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!


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