9 Current Interior Design Trends 2023

current interior design trends 2023

In fact, every year there are always new design trends. There are so many experts who talk about incoming and outgoing trends. Some last a long time, but many also leave immediately.

Even if you’re not a follower of interior design trends, it’s a good idea to know what’s trending right now. Well, for the current interior design trend 2023 it turns out to lead to a comfortable and warm ambience. Let’s see, what’s up!

Current Interior Design Trends

You don’t need to change your home decor 100%, for the sake of following the trend. Just update a few things you like!

1. Abstract motif

current interior design trends 2023

Patterns inspired by abstract artwork will become the current interior design trends 2023. This pattern will create an image that is fun, cheerful, and free.

Those categorized in abstract patterns are geometric patterns, sketch or doodle shapes, and playful color blocks. In essence, this pattern will express the personality of the house so as to create a warm mood.

You can use this pattern for furniture at home such as pillowcases, bed linen, sofa patterns, or wall paint patterns.

2. Geometric motifs and accessories

current interior design trends 2023

The trend of geometric furniture will be even more trendy this year, whether it’s for accessories, wall decorations, or floors. Geometric patterned walls will be increasingly preferred, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

current interior design trends 2023

Metal is the main material that is in line with geometric patterns so that it is predicted to become a trend as well. Combine various metal accessories with geometric shapes in the room, such as geometric and art deco lamps, as well as other furniture.

3. Convenient texture play

current interior design trends 2023

The combination of textures in the room will become a trend, especially in living rooms and bedrooms. Try a combination of wool, leather, cotton, knitwear, and fur in a room where you can relax and hang out.

The use of various textured fabrics with soft colors will provide an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. It’s best if you start adopting this style now to coincide with the rainy season. Guaranteed to make your home feel warm!

4. Furnishings with glamorous colors and shapes

current interior design trends 2023

This year focuses on strong characters. Therefore, the trend of furniture with strong and glamorous colors is the right choice.

Round and curved furniture will also become a trend. Check back on the art deco or 1920’s style furniture.

Since the character of this trend is very strong, you can place it in a room that needs a unique touch. Show this glamor in the family room or in the dining room which is usually used as a gathering place.

However, if you want to enjoy it personally, you can also apply it in the bedroom and bathroom.

Choose materials with striking colors and materials that seem expensive, such as marble.

5. Tropical vibe

current interior design trends 2023

This style really glorifies plants and nature, be it in the form of real plants, imitation plants, or in the form of patterns. With this type of decoration, choose furniture made of plant fibers such as rattan or bamboo.

This year, small plants are trending, but next year, large plants will dominate the indoor trend. This makes you feel like you are in a park.

If you don’t want to be complicated, you can just choose imitation plants. Although having real elephant ears will look much more beautiful.

current interior design trends 2023

In addition to plants, you can also choose wallpaper patterns or plant-shaped accessories. But the difference is, you have to choose a motif with a soft color. The motif that will be trendy is of course the leaf motif, especially palm leaves.

6. Warm Nordic design

current interior design trends 2023

This style is a development of the Scandinavian style design that is trendy so far. This simple style now aims to create a sense of calm, comfort, and warmth, although it is not as minimalist as Scandinavian style in general.

It is recommended to choose furniture materials that create a sense of comfort with natural colors and warm undertones. Not like the trend of white and gray which seems cold.

This trend can be applied anywhere from the kitchen, living room, to the bathroom. Choose furniture that looks made by craftsmen and is made from natural materials, rather than commercial items such as plastic furniture.

You can also emphasize just a few pieces of furniture in the room, such as a wardrobe or sofa.

7. Kitchen with a touch of black

current interior design trends 2023

Say goodbye to simple and all white kitchens like the trend of recent years! Try adding dark colors in the kitchen, such as black.

Black will create a strong impression, but still elegant and simple. In order not to seem too intense, try a combination with plants and geometric metal items.

Feeling the kitchen is too dark? Try painting the kitchen walls with white, then choose black for the sink, kitchen counter, kitchen cabinets, and some other hardware. Make sure your island table is attractive as the center of attention in the kitchen.

8. 1980s style

current interior design trends 2023

The fun 1980s designs are back! Its distinctive features are glossy, brightly colored details, holographic surfaces, and the presence of neon lights.

The design style is like a mix between classic and contemporary, so it looks really fun. For furniture, it is usually chosen from gold or copper finishing.

Another thing that is unique from the 80s style is the 3-dimensional wallcovering. This wall covering can be in the form of gypsum or textured wallpaper that covers the entire room.

9. Natural rock

current interior design trends 2023

With modern technology that is currently developing, natural or imitation stones can be a beautiful and unique decoration touch. You can mount it on the wall, floor, or become a display accessory.

Terracotta and marble are the top choices of this trend. Marble has always been valued as a luxurious and timeless material with attractive patterns and colors. You don’t need to have a single pillar or wall full of marble because it’s expensive, just invest in one item that will add value to your room.

Different from marble, terracotta is a natural stone that seems warm so it is suitable to cover the entire wall of the room. You can also have statues and displays made of terracotta.

In addition, make sure there is a focal point made of terracotta at home, be it one side of the wall, table, or room divider.

Interesting, isn’t it, the current interior design trend? Study these decorations, from old trends like Scandinavia to new trends like motif games for your inspiration.

Which design trend do you want to try for your home?