24 Pictures of Interior Decoration of Living Room

Interior decoration of living room

Interior decoration of living room - The living room is the first room that is encountered when someone comes to visit the house. Not only serves as a place to receive visits, but the appearance of the living room is also a special assessment of one's first impression of the occupants of the house.

This quite unique assessment can be seen only through the appearance of the interior design of the living room of the entire house. So it's not wrong if you pay special attention to the appearance of your living room to make it look good when someone visits.

Interior Decoration of Living Room Pictures

Talking about the interior appearance of the living room, there are lots of contemporary interior styles that you can try to apply, starting from minimalism to luxury. Maximum display results require creativity and deep expertise to obtain concepts and design styles that match the use of decorative element ornaments and the size of the furniture you want.

For more details, let's look at some anti-mainstream living room interior decorations for your dream living room reference.

Luxurious interior decoration full of marble

Interior decoration of living room

If you have a large room area, it never hurts to try a luxurious look in the living room with a full marble concept. The sparkling marble has a luxurious texture with charming color gradations. Its luxurious design makes marble very suitable to be applied to both classic and modern minimalist style homes.

In addition, the luxury in the living room also radiates from the use of the furniture used. You can try collaborating with different furniture materials, such as wooden tables, leather sofas with a blend of velvet sofa cushions. Don't forget to also use a crystal-shaped chandelier to exude a luxurious royal-like feel.

The interior decoration of the living room is dark in color

Interior decoration of living room

This design is perfect for those of you who live in an apartment with a view of the city from a height. The combination of a warm dark brown color with a shiny glitter from the window curtains and iron material as a decoration makes this room look expensive and elegant.

To get an aesthetic impression, you can use a 2-seat leather sofa with a size that almost covers half of your room. Then, you can try adding a small armrest opposite each other to create the impression of a full but not cramped room.

Minimalist room is more alive with various elements

Interior decoration of living room

Are you bored with the appearance of a modern minimalist room? This is a sign you should try this one living room. This room elevates the interior design style with a combination of decoration elements of wood, mirrors, and iron. Even so, the overall furniture looks harmonious and produces a perfect design.

The differences in the use of these overlapping materials form a similar pattern. For its application, you can try an anti-mainstream wooden table that is shaped like this wooden root. Then, as an addition to a minimalist look, you can add a modern art-style mirror with a large size to liven up the atmosphere of the room and make it look wider.

A mix of classic and Scandinavian style

Interior decoration of living room

Seeing the look of the living room above, it reminds you of the look of a classic mansion but with a modern minimalist touch. The minimalist style design in this living room gives the sensation of luxury with a simple appearance, without using excessive ornament or design elements. Generally, the use of white looks more striking and pleasing to the eye.

You can combine wood elements to bring a classic feel like on windows, floors, or tables. As a result, the room looks neat and beautiful like a warm tea time atmosphere like in the movies.

Luxurious combination of marble and gold interior

Interior decoration of living room

Anyone who sees it will definitely agree that this room has a luxurious and elegant appearance. The use of marble colors on the entire wall combined with gold carved decorations makes this room look beautiful and charming.

This room is also quite spacious and gives the impression of comfort to anyone who is in it. Equipped with the use of a soft sofa and lamp ornaments full of unique carvings, this adds value to the interior.

Casual style interior decoration

Interior decoration of living room

The next living room design inspiration is a living room with a casual style interior. This combination of minimalist and casual actually helps to liven up the impression of a room that is not monotonous.

Its own characteristic is to use contrasting colored furniture and not strange patterns. This combination produces the concept of a warm room and is very suitable as a place to chat.

The interior view is 'clean'

Interior decoration of living room

The combination of neutral and minimalist colors makes the room look clean. Different from the previous inspiration, this room brings an artsy homey impression.

By applying this design, you are guaranteed to enjoy visual beauty that is pleasing to the eye. The best comfort aspect of this concept is the use of furniture that does not crowd the entire room so you can walk freely.

Pirate themed interior decoration

Interior decoration of living room

The anti-mainstream theme this time is a pirate-style house with a combination of blue and white in the interior. The unique point of this interior is the position of the giant mirror in the center of the room, which helps reflect the blue color of the furniture on the walls, creating the illusion of a shadow of the same color.

Minimalist interior with this one design has the right match by reducing the use of small decorations that interfere with appearance. For example, by using a decoration of the cardinal directions that cover the entire surface of the wall. Or, you can try adding a lamp display with a unique quirky shape. See other articles: red curtains living room ideas.

Relax with natural rocks

Interior decoration of living room

This living room design combines the natural concept of rocks with a minimalist style in the overall appearance of the furniture in the room. These interior elements make the house look simple without the need for excessive design. The relaxed style of this room presents eye-catching artwork with the right arrangement to make it look perfect.

For the use of the furniture itself, you can try combining a low-sized wooden table with a matching colored sofa to avoid extreme color collisions. In addition, the use of yellow lighting makes the room look warm and comfortable to live in.

Room decoration with sunroof

Interior decoration of living room

The use of a sunroof in a minimalist room concept is no less interesting. This minimalist design style gives a warmer impression and is not stiff so that the moment of gathering feels cool. The combination of colors that are not monotonous white and the use of unique materials such as gold on the shelves and decorative ornaments make the room look more unique.

Generally, the use of a design with a minimalist style of natural sunlight is very suitable for use in countries with bright sunlight throughout the year. Then, make sure you routinely clean the stains on the glass so they don't become plagiarized crusts that worsen the aesthetic appearance of your living room.

All in one interior style

Interior decoration of living room

This all-in-one room concept is perfect for those of you who have a large room width and outdoor land. Basically, this concept does not require a partition between rooms, except for the glass separating the indoor and outdoor rooms. With the application of the concept of representing glass as a substitute for walls, all rooms seem to be in one area without any barriers that narrow the room.

Usually, the key to a design like this is by utilizing lighting from outside that radiates into the room. This lighting alone makes the whole room look bright without having to open the electricity all day. The concept of a room like this also makes the moment of gathering even more enjoyable. You can monitor every activity both inside and outside the room.

White minimalist concept

Interior decoration of living room

Modern minimalist models have been loved by many enthusiasts. This design is perfect for those of you who don't want to bother in choosing furniture and ornaments that suit your home. The key is to always choose the use of basic colors and minimalist furniture such as a white or gray sofa with a minimalist iron table.

If you don't want a room that's too plain, there's no harm in trying to combine an abstract painting with a white base color or a wall with a touch of marble that adorns the middle of the room. In addition, you can also try a contrasting color option by using a wooden floor with a wood textured white carpet decoration. This look is guaranteed to make your entire home feel comfortable and modern.

Rustic style living room

Interior decoration of living room

This last living room interior design is the right choice for those of you who like warm natural themes. To maximize the rustic-style appearance, you can try to combine woven decorations, wood, or artificial green cement plants that do not require intensive care. In addition, you can try adding a textured abstract painting for a unique and different style look.

Like the photo of the living room above, the use of rustic style materials is displayed from textured wall materials with distinctive wood materials. In addition, you need the help of natural lighting to create the illusion of natural shadows between furniture.

Minimalist living room interior design

Interior decoration of living room

For modern design lovers who don't want to be confused and bothered in determining what kind of living room interior is suitable for your home, a minimalist living room interior design is the safest choice.

The use of basic colors and minimalist furniture, such as a gray sofa or white bar table never fails to make the whole house feel more modern and contemporary.

Industrial living room interior with a natural touch

Interior decoration of living room

The interior design style of industrial living rooms is currently in demand by many people. This industrial impression is also not uncommon to find in some people's living room interior models.

The exposed raw materials, as well as the use of ornaments and industrial elements that are usually not found in residential interior design are one of the characteristics that are usually seen in industrial-style living room interiors.

Interior decoration of living room

However, industrial design styles generally give a colder and stiffer impression, so they are more widely used in popular building architecture or commercial building interiors than living room interiors. For those of you who want a warmer impression, you can add the use of wood materials and natural elements to the furniture in the living room, such as rocking chairs, tables, and drawers.

Vintage open living room interior

Interior decoration of living room

The next inspiration for the interior of the living room is the interior of the vintage-style living room. Unlike the previous style, the interior of this living room actually creates a warmer and homey impression.

The hallmark of vintage design is the use of old-fashioned furniture and the application of light pastel colors. Combining the interior of this living room with natural materials such as rattan or furniture made from natural materials such as bamboo chairs makes the concept of an open space the perfect choice to create a comfortable living room interior. See other articles: simple house interior design.

Scandinavian living room interior

Interior decoration of living room

For those of you who want to have a living room interior that looks neat and clean without reducing the aesthetic value, this Scandinavian interior inspiration can be your choice or reference. With colors that are dominated by monochrome colors and also the use of minimalist Scandinavian-style furniture and furnishings, the Scandinavian interior style looks much more presentable and attractive.

You can also complement the Scandinavian-style living room interior design with hanging shelves and modern artistic decorations to give an artsy impression to the living room interior without curating the Scandinavian atmosphere it has.

Natural living room interior

Interior decoration of living room

The next choice of living room interior is the right choice for those of you who not only want a warm impression, but also a fresher feel. You can create a natural living room interior design like this in very easy steps.

First, the color selection in the interior of your living room must be centered on the choice of earthy tone colors. Both in the finishing of the room as well as the selection of furniture and complementary decorations. In choosing furniture to fill the interior of the living room, prioritize furniture that uses natural materials, such as a coffee table or shoe rack near the entrance.

Finally, complete the interior of the living room by placing some green plants. Some of the plants that can be presented are cactus, peace lily, and various monsters. That way, the interior of the living room will feel more natural and refreshing.

Retro living room interior

Interior decoration of living room

The interior of the living room with a retro design is now also starting to be in demand. For those of you who want to appear eccentric, this one living room design can be an option and reference. Enough with the use of contrasting colors typical of retro and complement it with pop art decorations.

To strengthen the retro impression, you can choose the use of slightly antique furniture typical of a vintage design that is painted with contrasting colors. The interior of a living room like this will give a strong unique and eccentric impression on anyone who sees it.

Javanese ethnic living room interior

Interior decoration of living room

One simple option to give a warm impression to the interior of the living room is to use natural and local materials that we generally see often so that it can give us a homey impression. The interior of the Javanese ethnic-style living room like this one living room design might be your choice.

By using Javanese teak furniture, such as Jepara furniture, and also equipping the room with Javanese carving decorations, you can easily get a warm and homey impression.

Modern oriental living room interior

Interior decoration of living room

A warm and ethnic impression can be realized not only by relying on the Javanese-style living room interior as before. This modern oriental-style living room interior option can also be your choice.

With the selection of earthy tone colors equipped with oriental ornaments and typical decorations of the interior of a modified Chinatown house, you can get an ethnic and warm impression but still modern.

Rustic living room interior

Interior decoration of living room

This next living room interior design is the most suitable choice for those of you who want a natural and warm impression, but want to still look different and unique. The rustic style in interior design is now starting to be loved again. The use of exposed rustic materials such as wood or iron floor materials is the hallmark of this one interior style.

Basically, the use of interior concepts determines the personality of the owner of the house. Therefore, make sure you design the room as comfortable and attractive as possible for you to live in. In addition, the use of the interior must also have a balance between the decorations and the furniture used so that there is no concept collision.