8 Exotic Red Bathroom Design Inspirations

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red bathroom design ideas

Are you tired of the same bathroom look? Try applying the red bathroom design inspiration in the article below!

Homeowners usually choose neutral colors for the bathroom.

However, it is undeniable that using red in a room can give the impression of being bold and different than usual.

In fact, a red bathroom will look more beautiful if it is arranged properly.

If you are one of those people who want to get a unique look in the bathroom, just check the red bathroom design inspiration as the following reference!

8 Red Bathroom Design Inspirations

1. Red and White Bathroom

red bathroom design ideas

This is the first bathroom design inspiration that you can imitate at home.

In the bathroom above, white ceramic walls combined with red can highlight a bold interior concept.

Coupled with the presence of leaf ornamental plants, the bathroom looks cleaner and fresher.

2. Bathroom with a classic feel

red bathroom design ideas

For those of you who like a classic style, this red bathroom design is the answer.

The soft red color on the entire wall blends beautifully with the classic-style toilet and sink.

Meanwhile, there is also a black and white pattern on the tiled floor and wall lamp scones that complete the elegant feel of the bathroom.

3. Bathroom with Square Floor

red bathroom design ideas

The next red bathroom design inspiration uses geometric patterned floor tiles.

The ceramic pattern has succeeded in creating an anti-mainstream bathroom appearance.

To avoid being too crowded, combine it with other materials such as retro wall tiles and red wall paint.

Meanwhile, place ornamental plants in one corner of the bathroom to give a little natural and fresh impression to the bathroom.

4. Bathroom White and Red Stripes

red bathroom design ideas

If you don’t want to be too all-out in applying red to your home bathroom, the design inspiration above can be a solution.

In the picture above, the bathroom is dominated by white.

Red accents are only visible on the walls and furniture such as cabinets and wall shelves.

The presence of a bit of touch of red actually brings a personal touch to the bathroom, making it look different from the others.

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5. Luxury Bathroom

red bathroom design ideas

To get a bathroom that looks aesthetic, try using vertical line wallpaper.

Its presence not only beautifies the bathroom but also adds a luxurious feel to the room.

So that the value of a luxury is maintained, give a gold accent on the bathroom bathtub.

The result is a bathroom that is not only classic but also majestic.

6. Bathroom with Natural View

red bathroom design ideas

The use of red in the bathroom does not have to be in the wall area.

You can also apply these bold colors to other areas such as bathtubs and minimalist chandeliers.

Meanwhile, the combination of green and white was chosen as the main color.

In addition, the wood element is intentionally used on the floor.

This creates a bathroom look that is not only soothing but also thick with natural nuances.

7. Glamorous Bathroom

red bathroom design ideas

Want to create a glamorous impression on the bathroom at home?

Apply a balanced combination of red and black.

The red color is presented on the ceiling, carpet, and walls of the room.

Meanwhile, the use of black can be seen in the use of floors, bathtubs, door frames, and window curtains.

Although the two colors look contrasting, this actually reinforces the glamorous impression that is trying to be carried.

Moreover, there is also a classic chandelier that is not only a source of lighting but also adds aesthetic value to the bathroom.

8. Artistic Bathroom

red bathroom design ideas

The next red bathroom design inspiration uses ethnic patterned wall tiles.

The ceramic pattern has succeeded in creating a bathroom that stands out.

In order not to be too crowded, combine other calm materials such as textured walls and wooden floors.

Don’t forget to add a minimalist chandelier to make the bathroom look more eye-catching.

Hopefully, the red bathroom design discussion above can be useful for you, yes!


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