8 Inspirations for a Comfortable Luxury TV Room Design

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luxury tv room design inspirations

Luxury TV Room Design – A luxurious TV room is often applied in the house so that the residential atmosphere looks unusual. Check out some design inspiration here. Who knows it can be a reference for you!

The television room or also called the family room is an area in the house that is often used for gathering.

There you can relax, chat, watch television, and do other light activities.

Therefore, conceptualizing the TV room nicely is a wise thing that you need to do.

Well, for those of you who want to have a luxurious and comfortable TV room, take a look at some of the design inspirations here.

The following article will specifically provide inspiration for luxury TV room designs that you can apply.

Luxury here is not only from the aspect of splendor, selection of materials, and the area of ​​​​the house.

But with the right arrangement, you can have a luxurious impression.

It doesn’t take long, just look at the inspiration for the luxury TV room design below. Listen to the end, OK!

8 Luxury TV Room Design Inspirations

1. Television Room in a Luxury House

luxury tv room design inspirations

A real luxury house must have a luxurious interior as well.

For example, in the following picture, there is a luxurious TV room that looks elegant and captivates the eye.

Luxurious characteristics are so arranged in this room, from the selection of colors, ceramics, and TV backdrops.

2. Luxurious with Expensive Wood Elements

luxury tv room design inspirations

So that a luxurious feel appears, try using a wooden table made of quality, such as teak.

Even though the interior of the house is simple, if the TV table has the best quality, the aura produced will definitely feel expensive.

3. Elegant TV Room

luxury tv room design inspirations

Television rooms as in the picture are often found in Indonesian homes.

If you are able to mix this room beautifully, the impression of luxury will stand out.

For example, the ceiling, you design it to be a multilevel ceiling.

Then on the floor area, try installing wood. Besides looking elegant, the TV room will be more comfortable.

4. Unified TV Room

luxury tv room design inspirations

Do you have a small house so that the TV room and living room are one?

If so, that’s not a problem.

With the right choice of furniture, the television room can be made luxurious.

One of the luxury pieces of furniture that you can use in the television room is a Turkish carpet.

In addition to the carpet, try to design the living room as luxurious as possible, so that the impression of glamor really feels even though it is hidden.

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5. Use the Right TV Background

luxury tv room design inspirations

There are many types of television backdrops at this time.

You can use a TV backdrop just like the picture above.

With a high backdrop, the room becomes more luxurious.

Backdrops can also be partitions or partitions between rooms.

6. Clean TV Room

luxury tv room design inspirations

A good television room is not only luxurious but also must be clean.

This was also implemented at @micasa165’s house.

By creating a healthy home, you will be comfortable doing activities, including in the television room.

7. One with the Garden

luxury tv room design inspirations

For those of you who have a big house, try creating a luxurious TV room close to the garden in the house.

Because the proximity of the TV room to the garden makes the residential atmosphere comfortable.

Especially with the garden, the TV room area doesn’t feel cramped…

Watching or just hanging out is even more fun.

8. Minimalist TV Room

luxury tv room design inspirations

You can realize the last luxury TV room by carrying a minimalist concept.

A minimalist impression can be created by minimizing decorative and display elements.

This is true for the owner of the house.

Then, where is the luxury element?

You can create a luxurious element through the use of LED lights behind the TV backdrop.

Those are some luxury TV room design inspirations that can be a reference.


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