7 Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen Design Inspiration

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contemporary minimalist kitchen design

Contemporary minimalist kitchen design – One modern convenience that deserves gratitude, especially for city dwellers, is the modern kitchen. You no longer need to look for firewood or draw water to make a cup of coffee. If designed properly, you can feel proud of its existence.

Previously, the kitchen was practical, for cooking purposes only. It was only in the 1950s, especially in the US, which experienced rapid economic growth, that the kitchen began to have a different concept, no longer a kitchen that was tucked away in the corner of the house. Besides being functional, the kitchen has become a visually beautiful part of the house.

If you are happy with an open concept kitchen, the forerunner is already there – brought by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. In the 50’s era, ergonomic kitchens began to appear from kitchen designers (kitchen design began to become a promising profession as well). Furthermore, the concept of the Kitchen Triangle (the kitchen is divided into prep, processing, and cooking zones) is becoming the standard.

In the early ’60s, TV cooking shows started to run rampant with recipes that weren’t limited to local cuisine. As a result, sales of kitchen equipment increased and the average kitchen area also increased. Electric home appliances are increasingly known at this time.

Toasters, mixers, and coffee makers are easily available, and even microwave ovens are also on the market (although only really booming about 2 decades later). At this time too, the kitchen is increasingly becoming a highlighted room and even a symbol of the owner’s social status.

In the late ’70s, the concept of an open kitchen began to be loved. And this trend continued into the 90s, even today. Practically, the open kitchen concept has become an icon of a contemporary kitchen.

The kitchen is slowly starting to function, as a gathering place for family or close friends. The kitchen island is becoming a trend because these two spots can function as a cooking preparation table as well as a place to hang out.

Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Here are some Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas that we hope can inspire you.

1. Colorful, Eclectic Minimalist Kitchen

contemporary minimalist kitchen design

2. Scandinavian-style minimalist kitchen

contemporary minimalist kitchen design

3. Small Victorian Style Kitchen

contemporary minimalist kitchen design

4. Contemporary Classical Minimalist Kitchen

contemporary minimalist kitchen design

5. Fresh and Light Open Kitchen

contemporary minimalist kitchen design

6. Minimalist Kitchen For Those Who Don’t Have Time to Cook

contemporary minimalist kitchen design

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7. Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen with Wooden Shades

contemporary minimalist kitchen design

Hopefully, the latest contemporary minimalist kitchen design is useful. If it is difficult to design an interior & exterior, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!

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