Simple Kitchen Cupboard Designs, Make it Beautiful and Neat

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simple kitchen cupboard designs

Are you looking for simple kitchen cupboard designs, that still look modern and elegant? Well, you are at the very right place. Because here, you will find many kitchen cabinet designs to beautify your cooking area.

The cupboard in the kitchen does not only function as a storage area. However, the presence of kitchen cabinets can also add to the beauty and aesthetics of the kitchen room itself. So, choosing the design and model of kitchen cabinets is something that cannot be careless.

One of the models of kitchen cabinet designs that are in demand by many people is the simple kitchen cupboard design. Because this design seems simple and not too complicated. In addition, it also gives the effect of a kitchen atmosphere that seems more neat, beautiful, and clean.

There are lots of simple kitchen cupboard designs that you can adjust to your needs and kitchen conditions. If you are still confused about the model, maybe you can use some of these alternatives.

Example Simple Kitchen Cupboard Designs

1. Simple Classical Wood Model

simple kitchen cupboard designs

Want the kitchen to look more classic? You can choose this wooden wardrobe design model. This classic brown wood color will make the kitchen feel more natural.

This wooden wardrobe design model is usually complete to store all kinds of tools in the kitchen, and usually, the size is also quite large.

2. Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet Model

simple kitchen cupboard designs

This wardrobe model is usually composed of four doors, at the top there are two doors and at the bottom, there are several doors.

Then when opened, immediately visible shelves for storage. So, this wardrobe is really very minimalist both in terms of design and function.

3. Hanging Wardrobe Model

simple kitchen cupboard designs

This wardrobe model is often used to get around the kitchen space that is not so wide. With a hanging cupboard, it won’t take up much space.

So it is very appropriate to be applied to a narrow kitchen room. Generally also designed with the concept of disassembly, so it is very flexible if in the future there is a change in the settings in the kitchen.

4. Vintage Wardrobe Models

simple kitchen cupboard designs

The next simple kitchen cupboard designs are vintage cupboard models. The size of this wardrobe model is usually rather slim vertically with long wardrobe legs. The pastel baby blue color will strengthen the vintage decor in the kitchen cabinets you have.

This vintage model cupboard will not only make the kitchen neater and cleaner, but it can also be unique and instagramable.

5. Aluminum Cabinet Model

simple kitchen cupboard designs

Tired of wooden cabinets? Maybe this aluminum cabinet can be a suitable alternative for you. The design is also quite simple and simple. The size is not too wide, so it doesn’t take up much space.

This aluminum cabinet model is perfect for a small or narrow kitchen with not too many cooking utensils.

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6. Shabby Chic Wardrobe Model

simple kitchen cupboard designs

This model is perfect for those of you who have a large enough kitchen size. Because the size of this wardrobe model is quite large, it requires a fairly wide area.

In addition to storing kitchen utensils, you can also add a little decoration to the empty pockets in this cupboard. That way, the beauty of your kitchen will be seen more clearly. Coupled with a touch of beige color with light brown accents, it will add aesthetic value to your cooking room.

Those are some simple kitchen cupboard designs that you can use to beautify your kitchen space. Choose the design and model of kitchen cabinets that match the conditions of your kitchen.


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