5 Simple Dressing Table Designs For Bedroom

Are you looking for recommendations for simple dressing table designs for a narrow bedroom? Just try some of these designs, maybe some are suitable.

simple dressing table designs for bedroom

When it comes to women’s bedrooms, a bed and wardrobe alone are not enough.

The important thing that must be there is a dressing table. The shape and design of the dressing table also vary.

Well, if you’re looking for inspiration, maybe some of the simple table dressing designs for bedroom ideas below can be used as alternative choices.

Although this dressing table is often found in women’s bedrooms, often this dressing table is also needed by men.

What for? For storing watches, perfume, glasses, and other hair care products.

Of course, with different designs and models from dressing table designs for women.

There are lots of simple table dressing designs for bedroom ideas that you can choose from.

Of course, also adjusted to the function and comfort. Therefore, let’s take a peek at some dressing table designs that might be suitable to complement your bedroom space.

Simple Dressing Table Designs For Bedroom

1. Minimalist Dressing Table With Mirror

simple dressing table designs for bedroom

The dressing table is not always synonymous with complicated and complicated designs. Although the design is simple and minimalist, it will not reduce the aesthetic value and function of the dressing table.

You can combine a simple table with a mirror attached to the wall.

That way you have made the corner area of ​​the bedroom a dressing table area for grooming and tidying yourself.

In order not to seem monotonous, you can vary the shape of the table or the shape of the mirror to make it look more unique and beautiful.

With this concept, you can present a dressing table that suits your needs.

2. Minimalist Dressing Table Full Mirror

simple dressing table designs for bedroom

This simple dressing table design idea for the bedroom is perfect for a narrow space. Namely, a dressing table with a full mirror design.

The reflective effect on the mirror will give a broad impression in your narrow bedroom. To make it even more perfect, you can add a see-through ghost chair.

That way, the appearance of your dressing table will definitely be perfect and special.

3. Standing Dressing Table

simple dressing table designs for bedroom

Want to have a dressing table that is very simple but still looks luxurious? This standing dressing table can be the right choice.

Only with minimalist materials, a beautiful dressing table has been created.

Only an iron frame and wooden shelves are needed, so you can fill the corner of the bedroom with this dressing table.

You can place this standing dressing table anywhere.

The design is so simple that it even allows you to store it in the closet when it is not in use.

That way, your bedroom space will still look spacious.

4. Multifunctional Minimalist Dressing Table

simple dressing table designs for bedroom

For a narrow room, the presence of a multifunctional dressing table will be very useful to minimize the use of too much furniture.

The design of a simple dressing table for a bedroom with this model is indeed designed to be so flexible.

Not only does it function as a dressing table, but it can also function as a room partition.

Simple dressing table designs for bedrooms with this multifunctional concept will certainly be very useful for making narrow rooms more effective and efficient in arranging the furniture to be used.

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5. Simple and Minimalist Standard Dressing Table

simple dressing table designs for bedroom

This dressing table design appears with a simple concept. This design comes with a cabinet and mirror that is supported by our two supports, so you can lean this dressing table anywhere.

The top can also be added with shelves that serve as storage for the dressing table.

With a wide selection of simple table dressing designs for the bedroom above, you don’t need to be confused anymore to make a choice. You can match the style and materials that match the concept you want to stretch into your bedroom design.