Study Table Decoration Ideas DIY – Unique & Simple

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To make the learning atmosphere more comfortable and not get bored quickly, maybe you should try these DIY study table decoration ideas. Comfortable heart, smooth task.

study table decoration ideas diy

Tired of studying desk decorations that have the same design?

Well, I think you need inspiration for DIY study table decoration ideas that can improve your learning mood.

If the mood for learning goes up, the knowledge you learn will also be easier to enter.

Generally, the study table in the room is a standard study table, the design is flat and tends to be boring.

As a result, you are also not enthusiastic about learning. Even though you often spend time in the room.

So, instead of just lying down and being unproductive, it’s better if you redecorate it so that it can be a mood booster while you’re studying.

Study Table Decoration Ideas DIY Inspiration

So that you don’t get bored quickly and are more enthusiastic when studying or doing assignments, it’s a good idea to redecorate your study desk to make it look cooler and also aesthetic. How to? Let’s see together.

1. Make It Simple But Stylish

study table decoration ideas diy

Don’t want to be bothered by designs with lots of colors? You can choose a monochrome color for a simple study table design but still looks cool or stylish.

To apply this monochrome study table decoration ideas DIY theme, you only need a few simple steps, namely to prepare black and white objects.

Then you can arrange it according to your wish. You can also get a lot of monochrome theme inspiration from the internet. So, be creative.

2. Add Photo Memories

study table decoration ideas diy

To make your study desk fresher, you can also add some memorable photos for display.

You can add memorable photos with family or friends as a mood booster.

Just print it in polaroid size, then you arrange it in such a way that your study room is not lonely.

3. Install the Schedule Board

study table decoration ideas diy

The next DIY study table decoration idea is to add a schedule board or activity board.

Its function? Obviously to add to the aesthetics of the study room, but that’s not all.

This board will really help you in organizing your schedule to make it more organized.

Especially if you are one of those people who often forget the schedule.

In addition to reminding you of the tasks to be done, you can also use this board as an activity calendar.

You can add attributes with colorful markers so that the board also looks more cheerful, and not boring.

4. Add Floating Shelves

study table decoration ideas diy

If you only have a room that isn’t too big, you can still add aesthetics to it by adding floating shelves right above the study table.

The existence of these floating shelves in addition to adding to the aesthetics can also help you to organize your books so they are not scattered everywhere.

Adjust the color to your study table, so it looks more harmonious and beautiful.

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5. Add Decorative Lights

study table decoration ideas diy

Who says study desks can’t be instagramable? You can try this DIY study table decoration idea so that your study table is more aesthetic and instagramable.

Just add decorative lights. You can add a Tumblr hanging decorative lamp or it can be with other models, according to your taste.

You can also combine decorative lights with some wall displays in the form of photos or motivational words.

It will definitely look aesthetically pleasing and you will be more enthusiastic about studying or doing assignments.

How? Have found DIY study table decoration ideas that match your taste or passion. Please be creative, yes, the important thing is that you can be more comfortable and more enthusiastic when you have to complete various kinds of piled-up tasks.

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