14 Best Brown Living Room Design Ideas

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brown living room design ideas pictures

Best Brown Living Room Design Ideas – Is it time for us to say goodbye to all-white? It’s dazzling, sterile, tedious, and troublesome.

Shake up your living room design with our brown living room ideas. Using a brown color palette can bring warmth and coziness to your living room.

However, do not immediately paint all the walls dark brown. This will make your living room look very gloomy and limited. Instead, paint one wall dark and leave the other light.

Or look for ways to add brown to your room furniture or interiors. These brown living room ideas will help you add beautiful brown to your living room.

Brown Living Room Design Ideas Pictures

1. Accent Wall

brown living room design ideas pictures

The brown wall is perfect as an accent. It will add warmth to the space and make it more comfortable.

Choose a shade that complements the rest of the interior. Some shades have a slightly reddish tint, which will harmoniously complement the tree with red tones.

A rich chocolate brown color looks great with dark wood, light gray, or light cream. You can also opt for a lighter shade of brown to help keep the living room feeling light and light.

2. Boho

brown living room design ideas pictures

Create a bohemian vibe in your living room with earthy tones. You can have a dark brown sofa, a textured fabric in brown shades, and a patterned rug.

If you choose a brown leather sofa, use fabric accent pillows to add some pop of color. An alternative option is a fabric sofa on which leather cushions can be placed.

Leather is the perfect way to add brown tones to your living room and at the same time create a boho feel. Look for items that are one of a kind or handmade. They will give your living room a vintage craft and exotic feel.

3. Modern

brown living room design ideas pictures

When decorating a living room in a modern style, stick to lighter shades of brown.

Shades such as teak, pine, birch, spruce, light elm, light walnut, or light oak work well for modern style. As you can see, many browns have names that are reminiscent of the wood they look like.

Other popular living room ideas add brown with natural materials. You can install artificial stone panels on the wall to give it a natural look.

Choose wood furniture for shelving, built-in wardrobes, or an entertainment center. You can also opt for a natural brown living room interior with wood, leather, or metal accents.

4. Dark Walls

brown living room design ideas pictures

Using a dark shade of brown paint on the walls, such as chocolate brown, will add sophistication and elegance to your living room.

However, to keep your living room from looking like a dark brown hole, you need to carefully decorate the room.

Accentuate the dark color of the paint with lighter objects. Brass and gold metal accents can add ambiance to a room and help elevate the mood of the room. These warmer-toned metals will help make the room feel cozier.

5. Interior

brown living room design ideas pictures

You can add more to a brown living room than just accent pillows. Hang wooden shelves on the walls. Or place wooden sculptures on floating shelves.

Look for other decorative items made from natural materials. You can find items made from grass, wicker wood, or twigs. They will add natural brown tones as well as texture.

You can also add subtler accents, such as wooden picture frames. Or add accent beams to the ceiling. Or opt for fixtures with wood or brown metal accents.

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6. Furniture

brown living room design ideas pictures

Dark brown furniture is ideal for homes with pets or children. The dark color of the brown sofa hides stains and drips, so you don’t have to worry when the little ones drink or eat while sitting on your brown furniture.

Everyone immediately thinks of a leather sofa when you tell them to buy a brown sofa. However, this is not the only option.

A suede or microfiber sofa will be soft and cozy, giving your living room a warmer feel. Throw some wool or fur pillows on top of it and you’ll have the perfect spot to curl up and watch a movie.

7. Industrial

brown living room design ideas pictures

Brown is the perfect color to use as a color scheme to create an industrial style in a living room. You should focus on using wrought iron, worn wood, and aged leather.

A vintage brown leather sofa, chair, or armchair will give your living room an authentic feel. Pay attention to the furniture, which is immediately recognizable by the swirling armrests, upholstered backrest, and soft seats.

Pair it with a coffee table made of a metal frame with a wooden top. Then spread oxhides on the floor instead of a carpet. They will give your living room a masculine character while paying homage to industrial elements.

8. Luxury

brown living room design ideas pictures

Enhance the luxury of your living room with expensive materials. Choose leather furniture made from the highest quality leather. It may have a golden metal frame. Pair it with a coffee table with a marble top.

Unite the entire room with a large rug. Oriental carpets, hand-woven from silk, are the most expensive carpets. However, for greater durability, choose a wool rug.

Another simple way to give a living room a sense of luxury is lighting fixtures. Hang a chandelier in the center of your living room to make it the focal point.

9. Modern

brown living room design ideas pictures

Combine brown tones with other colors to give your living room a modern look. You will see how tea color is used in many modern design ideas. Bright tea balances neutral browns. It looks great with lighter sand and darker browns.

To create a modern style, leave the walls in a lighter color, and pick up the furniture in dark brown. Then use teal and turquoise as accent colors. You can purchase glass elements with green hues, perfect for accenting your living room and giving it a modern look.

10. Neutral

brown living room design ideas pictures

Not all brown living rooms need to be chocolate brown. Choose lighter neutral colors like beige. Then use a darker brown as an accent color. Choose the right light shades of brown and tan, and you can mix them with shades of gray for a smart, modern look.

Add depth and dimension to your neutral room by using various shades of neutral colors. This will prevent her from becoming flat and looking dull or boring.

Also, look for ways to add texture. She will create visual interest and divide the room so that everything does not merge together.

11. Country Style

brown living room design ideas pictures

Rustic-style living rooms are all about natural wood, leather, and soft accents. The difference is that the items you choose must be well-worn or vintage. Rustic items have jagged edges or are well worn. They can look handmade and unique.

Look for ways to bring a farmhouse feel to your living room. You can make an accent wall out of wooden planks. Or add decorative wooden beams to the ceiling. Hang a vintage wagon wheel chandelier with lanterns or antlers.

12. Wall Color

brown living room design ideas pictures

When choosing a wall color for a small living room, choose a shade that complements the look of your room. This means that you need to consider the size of the room and the amount of light it has.

In small and naturally darker living rooms, the walls should be light. While in a larger living room or a living room with more natural light, use a darker color.

If you like a dark color but don’t like it on its own, try pairing it with a lighter color. Paint the bottom half of the walls dark and the top half a lighter color.

This approach will keep the heaviness of the dark color at the bottom of the room, while the light color at the top will keep the feeling of openness.

13. Wallpaper

brown living room design ideas pictures

Look for brown wallpaper with a pattern or texture. They will give the room depth and dimension, as well as provide more visual interest than just the brown that can be achieved by simply painting the walls brown.

For a traditional look, try using a repeat pattern or damask. Modern wallpapers may have murals or large-scale designs. You can also add visual interest by choosing wallpaper with texture or metallic accents.

Modern wallpapers are easy to apply and can be hung on your own over the weekend. Some of them are temporary, with adhesive on the back, so they can be easily removed when you’re ready to change.

14. Wood

brown living room design ideas pictures

The use of wood allows you to give the living room natural brown tones. You can ditch the flat brown paint that tends to lack dimension and opt for a rich wood detail instead.

Light and dark tones will harmonize together, which will create depth and brilliance. Wood also has a natural texture, perfect for creating texture in a neutral living room.

For light browns, stick to light woods such as pine, maple, cedar, and poplar. Medium browns can be achieved with walnut, teak, or cypress. Dark brown shades are added using woods such as walnut or mahogany.

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