13 Modern Interior Wall Cladding Ideas

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modern interior wall cladding ideas

Modern Interior Wall Cladding Ideas – Wall paneling is a traditional wall covering that adds texture, depth, and design to walls. If you’re looking for a creative finish for your walls, consider installing wood paneling over drywall. You can leave the wood natural for a rustic vibe, or paint it for a more sophisticated and unified look.

Wall paneling ideas are great because you can adapt them to the interior design of your home. A picture frame design looks elegant and expensive, but you can give it a more unassuming look with the right trim.

Our 13 wall decor ideas will help you choose the best option for your home.

Modern Interior Wall Cladding Ideas

1. Wall Design

modern interior wall cladding ideas

Modern trends in design allow us to produce a wide range of ready-made wall panels. They allow you to easily, affordably, and quickly create wall decoration in any format that you can think of.

Attach the 3D panels to the wall for texture. Materials can be made of expensive woods with a rich texture. They instantly give your home an expensive look at no extra cost. Some panels are not supplied as a whole but are pre-cut pieces. You have to glue them or nail them to the wall in the form of a pattern.

These options are perfect for an accent wall when you want to bring some style into the room.

2. Living Room

modern interior wall cladding ideas

Your living room probably has the largest wall area in the entire house. They offer you a great canvas for your wall fantasies.

Depending on the type, complexity, and color of the panels, you can limit yourself to one wall and make it special. This works well for a reclaimed wood plank wall. A variety of textures and colors will be depressing if you decide to decorate every wall with them.

Thinner structures such as boards and battens, picture frames, or light or white embossed panels can go all the way around the room and look beautiful. If you have a more open floor plan, consider extending the decoration beyond the living room. Extend it into the kitchen, dining room, or hallway.

3. Art Nouveau

modern interior wall cladding ideas

Modern wall panels say goodbye to edging and intricate patterns. Instead, you will find walls with floor-to-ceiling 3D panels. This is a separate sheet, with a shape that creates depth and dimension. It can have an abstract pattern of wavy lines or a geometric figure.

With this approach, plan a minimum of decorative elements. The decorative panel itself will decorate your wall.

Another modern option is to install several flat panels on the wall. They can be square or rectangular for a more uniform look or freeform. Set them at different heights for a sense of depth. Give the wall an extra zest by decorating it with lighting. Hidden LEDs will create a beautiful glow and a futuristic effect.

4. Wood

modern interior wall cladding ideas

When choosing wooden panels as wall decoration, it is necessary to take into account the color and type of material. Then decide how you want to arrange the panels on the wall. By choosing a shade that is too dark, you risk making your home look outdated. A lighter wood will look fresh and will help brighten up the room.

Create a pattern from wood paneling for a contemporary look. Use thinner boards and space them apart. And for wider wooden boards, lay in the shape of herringbone or chevron.

Take advantage of nature and alternate wood paneling with living wall panels. Use moss or succulents to decorate living wall panels. For a sleek, minimalist look, add metal panels to your design.

5. DIY

modern interior wall cladding ideas

It is not necessary to hire a craftsman to create a panel wall. You can easily stick sheets of vertical panels. Look for textures or 3D for modern designs. If you want to completely do your own kitchen renovation, then make them yourself.

Use wooden boards by cutting square pieces of wood across and cover the wall with scraps. Head to your local hardware store or go online and buy a few pieces of decorative trim. Then cut them to length and lay them on the wall. Use geometric shapes for visual interest.

For repetitive prints, try to keep the overall look as uniform as possible. Any slight deviation will become even more noticeable. Measure twice and cut once.

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6. Painted Panels

modern interior wall cladding ideas

Natural wood wall panels have their place in home design. However, they are not suitable for all rooms. The Scandinavian-style house goes well with the light-colored wood-paneled wall.

A wall made of recycled boards will be appropriate in a house decorated in a rustic way. Plywood paneling looks good in farmhouse-style houses.

If you want to use a particular type of wood wall but the natural wood look doesn’t quite suit your home, you have one option – paint it. The approach will hide the structure of the wood, but on the other hand, will give the panels a sophisticated look.

It will refine the details and give your walls an elegant look that they usually don’t have. For a bold look, try painting the wall one color and then top it off with another. This works well for panels with picture frames. You can also paint the wall one color and the embossed or recessed panels another for contrast.

7. Bathroom

modern interior wall cladding ideas

You can use wall tiles from floor to ceiling. They will create a complete look that ties the entire bathroom together. To give your bathroom walls a fresh feel, try decorating the bottom of the walls with wood paneling.

Wall cladding is a traditional finish that looks fresh when used in a bathroom. It can usually be found in other spaces, such as a hallway or dining room. When adding it to the bathroom, use different types of panels for the lower level.

Plank panels, picture frames, and embossed panels all look great as a finish on the bottom of a bathroom wall. The top half of the wall can then be painted or tiled.

8. Half a Wall

modern interior wall cladding ideas

You can wood-panel an entire wall, but it will look too bulky or expensive. A smart budget and design option are to use panels on only half of the wall.

The traditional approach is to use them on the bottom half. However, this is not the rule these days. If desired, use panels only on the top half, or use two different types of panels for the top and bottom.

Combine panels with complementary designs. Many prefer to paint or wallpaper the half that does not have them. In this case, the panels remain pure white or another neutral color. The approach allows the other half of the wall to take on a more striking design.

9. White

modern interior wall cladding ideas

All-white rooms are beautiful and present a clean and crisp design aesthetic. However, if you do something wrong, then you end up in a gloomy and uninhabited room. Wall panels are the perfect solution to add texture and visual interest to a room without going beyond the all-white color scheme.

Think wall panels that add depth and texture. Whitewashed paneling is suitable for a farmhouse or country house-style room. Planks and battens in the form of large squares or rectangles work well with various design themes.

Picture frame molding will give your home a sophisticated and traditional look. Leave the framed space empty to keep your panels looking modern.

10. Canteen

modern interior wall cladding ideas

Most people consider the dining room to be one of the most formal rooms in their home. This makes it the perfect place to try some wall decor, moldings, and wood paneling ideas. Look for wood finishes that have multiple levels and additional designs.

Accent the walls with additional swirls and wood appliqués. Then complete the look by adding other elements to the ceiling.

Skip the plank and batten, and opt for a relief panel or picture frame instead. You can create multiple levels and add additional shapes and patterns to the main frame. If you do not want to create such designs from scratch, buy ready-made panels with a pattern. Then you just have to fix them on the wall.

11. Hallway

modern interior wall cladding ideas

Too often people forget about decorating their hallways. This space in the house represents a way to move from one well-decorated room to another. Hallways are the interior walls in your home that deserve decoration.

Low wood paneling will outline the boundaries of the space and make it longer. It will also help to give the space its own special style. For a sophisticated look, try cladding with embossed panels or planks and battens. They are simple and easy to scale to fit your hallway.

A pattern that is too large will not repeat enough, making it look poorly planned and haphazard. Too small a pattern will be repeated too often, which will make the hallway seem smaller than it really is.

12. Bedroom

modern interior wall cladding ideas

Add wood paneling to one of the bedroom walls to accent the wall. The wall behind your headboard is the perfect place for this purpose. Wood materials in their natural form will bring warmth and naturalness to your bedroom. They successfully bring nature into the room.

However, not all of us want a rustic or farmhouse-style bedroom. In this case, paint the panels in a bright color. This will make even the skin look new. Try to create a unique design, for example, using faux leather panels, 3D panels or metal counterparts with a pattern cut into them.

13. Country Style

modern interior wall cladding ideas

Wall cladding with panels or boards is a classic version of wall cladding. They are clean, easy to install and add texture to a room. This makes it one of the most popular wall decoration options. They come in a variety of finishes including natural, dyed, and whitewashed.

For an authentic look, use reclaimed wood. However, it will take much more time to work, since you will have to cut and shape each piece of wood.

An easier option is to use wood panels. These are ready-made elements that are easy to fasten together and fix on the wall. Use this wall decoration in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or hallway. Add visual interest to your wall covering by using wood planks in different colors. Balance them so that the distribution is even.


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