7 Carpet Ideas For Bedrooms | Definitely Makes The Atmosphere More Comfortable!

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carpet ideas for bedrooms

The use of carpets is often installed to create a warm impression in the room. Here are some carpet ideas for bedrooms that are right for you.

For those of you who now live in apartments or urban areas, having large and spacious land is a very rare and expensive thing.

However, this condition should not be used as a problem to ignore the interior decoration of the house.

Especially in the bedroom.

Making the bedroom as comfortable as possible can improve the quality of your sleep every day.

Especially by placing a floor carpet in the bedroom.

This can make your small room look more spacious.

Here are some interesting bedroom floor carpet designs.

7 Carpet Ideas For Bedrooms

1. Feather Floor Carpet

carpet ideas for bedrooms

The use of carpet in the bedroom is usually placed under the bed.

Like decorating a bedroom using a feather rug in the picture above.

Carpets are useful for warming feet when getting out of bed or sitting around the bed.

This thick carpet can be a transition limit for residents before going to rest.

Therefore, at least provide a space of 36 inches wide on the carpet that surrounds the bed.

2. Wool Carpets

carpet ideas for bedrooms

Next, a comfortable bedroom floor carpet can be chosen based on the material.

One of them was a wool-based carpet.

Wool has a special feature in its texture that is, it is very soft and smooth.

Then, wool yarn became a favorite of many people because of its resistance to stains and water.

Wool floor rugs contain natural oils so they last for years even in high-traffic areas.

However, because of the premium quality, the price is quite expensive.

3. Floor Carpet Decoration with Accent Rugs

carpet ideas for bedrooms

Placement of accent rugs is used for carpets that are smaller than the room area.

This carpet is often used as an addition to room decoration only.

So, not the main icon in the bedroom, however, its use can make the interior of the room more beautiful and homey.

4. Runner Rugs

carpet ideas for bedrooms

In contrast to the placement of runner rugs on the floor carpet.

This placement is a great alternative to use on both sides of the bed.

Even in a bedroom that can only be wall to wall again to create a more comfortable foundation in the room.

Runner rugs usually have a character with an elongated shape but, are not too wide.

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5. Floor Carpets from Natural Fibers

carpet ideas for bedrooms

If you want to stick to the concept of nature in your room, you can use carpets from natural fibers or plants.

Carpet shops sometimes provide this type of carpet other than cotton.

This natural fiber rug is perfect for rooms with a natural or natural concept combined with some green plants in the room.

This type of carpet has high water resistance and the color does not get dull quickly.

6. Room Decoration with Carpet Floor Rugs

carpet ideas for bedrooms

The bedroom is the most comfortable place in the house to laze around.

Don’t you agree?

By adding a carpet to the room, not only a sense of comfort is created but also the interior decoration becomes more pleasing to the eye.

Like the use of the carpet rug in the picture above.

This rug or silk rug is able to give a luxurious look to the room through its smooth and thick surface.

7. Bedroom Decoration with Leather Carpet

carpet ideas for bedrooms

A room can look more special and different from the general appearance.

Like, as using the leather carpet in the picture above.

This organic material has a soft texture and a sense of warmth is felt.

Be careful in placing the leather floor carpet.

You have to keep it away from places that are easily stained because dirt easily sticks to this type of minimalist floor carpet.

So it is difficult to clean.

Those are 7 carpet ideas for bedrooms, hopefully, the information is useful. Thanks.


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