12 Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen Design Inspirations

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minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Minimalist scandinavian kitchen design – Scandinavian style is all about making the home feel calm and comfortable. Most Scandi homes have crisp white walls and simple hardwood floors to create a clean backdrop for the colorful display of household appliances.

Soothing color palettes, smooth lines, and plenty of lighting are just a few of the things that make Scandinavian-style kitchens a hit.

Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

If you are interested in a Scandinavian-style kitchen, check out some of the minimalist Scandi kitchen ideas below.

Using Glass Jars As Scandinavian Kitchen Decorations

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Highlight items of daily necessities. Add something eye-catching to your kitchen shelf like pouring pastries or pasta into a glass jar and stacking it on the shelf.

You can also store fruit and vegetables in natural jute baskets. It’s an affordable way to add a relaxed, rustic style to your kitchen.

Put Cookware on the Rack

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Shelves are a great way to store items you use every day like crockery, or tea and coffee holders. Hang mugs and cutting boards for easy access when you need them.

Hanging cooking utensils on a shelf next to the stove is an easy way to make your kitchen feel more comfortable. In addition, this method will save space in the kitchen cabinets.

Scandinavian Kitchen with White Palette

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

The white color on the walls and cabinets can never go wrong when creating a Scandi-style kitchen. For Scandinavian kitchen interiors, you should use a cool light color palette to create a sense of purity and serenity. This makes it perfect for making the most of a small kitchen.

Add warmth to the room by pairing white with wood and copper accents.

Chandeliers Become a Characteristic of Scandinavian Kitchens

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Light is very important in Nordic design because they experience long, dark winter days.

Scandinavians tend to create pools of light with low chandeliers.

Add Warmth to a Scandinavian Kitchen with Metallic Accents

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Metallic accents, especially copper, will add warmth to a minimalist white kitchen.

When decorating a white kitchen, you can play with textures, shapes, and finishes.

You can also add beauty value if you buy some copper pans.

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Kitchen Decoration with Plants

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Houseplants are another great way to add warmth to the kitchen.

You can also complete the look with some fresh flowers, ornamental plants, or Scandinavian-style potted herbs.

Decorate Scandinavian Kitchen Walls with Chalkboards

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Painting large areas of the wall with chalkboard paint to create a bulletin board is a simple way to bring character to the kitchen.

For a more contemporary look, you can paint the chalkboard and create menu-inspired artwork.

Add Elegance with a Two-Color Cabinet

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Most Scandinavian designs rely on an unobtrusive color palette. But don’t be afraid to add personality with a splash of color.

Stick to a simple color palette that accentuates the design like in this kitchen. A two-tone wardrobe emphasizes clean lines and being elegant.

Neat Kitchen with Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are a genius way to hide the mess that can be on the kitchen counter.

Buy cabinets with plenty of space to store a microwave, kettle, coffee machine, and other appliances.

Add a Natural Effect to Your Scandinavian Kitchen with Wood

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Wood finishes are an important part of creating an authentic Scandinavian kitchen. You can choose wooden cabinet doors or wood effects to display natural materials.

Look for light-colored wood such as beech or ash for the floor. Avoid lacquered wood for the countertop as the raw, natural, and unkempt look is much more in line with the Scandinavian style.

Make Space for the Dining Table

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Gathering together for a meal as a family is very important in Scandinavian culture. Make room for a dining table or breakfast bar in the house.

The dining room is also a great space to add warmth through texture and color. You can put fresh flowers or plants to add freshness to the kitchen.

Scandinavian Rustic Lighting Style

minimalist scandinavian kitchen design

Correct lighting in all kitchens is very important. Traditional Scandinavian kitchen designs are generally black or white and very minimal. However, not so with the Nordic rustic style.

If your kitchen has brass and bronze accents, then this edgy lighting style fits perfectly against the backdrop of a rustic Scandinavian kitchen.

Those are some minimalist Scandinavian kitchen designs that you can emulate.


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