11 Cozy Bedroom Ideas For Small Spaces

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cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

Cozy Bedroom Ideas For Small Spaces – Of all the rooms in your house or apartment in need of coziness, the bedroom tops the list. There is nothing more beautiful than retreating to your own private haven at the end of a long, hectic day.

But coziness does not just appear out of nowhere – to create the warmth that you want to feel in the bedroom, you need to take certain actions. We’ve rounded up 11 of our favorite cozy bedroom ideas to help you move in the right direction.

11 Cozy Bedroom Ideas For Small Spaces

1. Lush bedding

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

A comfortable bed is a basis for creating the most comfortable bedroom. While a strong frame and a supportive mattress are considered a must, it’s the linens that elevate your bed’s bar to the highest level of comfort.

Don’t skimp on bedding. The greater the number of threads, the more pleasant the material is in contact with the skin. Look for bedding made from Egyptian cotton or organic bamboo and aim for at least 600 thread count. Cover your bed with a fluffy duvet cover and bedspread that can create a cozy atmosphere.

2. Neutral tones

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

Why are neutral colors so incredibly suitable for a bedroom? We think because they don’t compete for your attention. They just exist quietly in the background, allowing you to focus on something else.

Soft whites, grays, and shades of brown that mimic the warm palette of wood all help to create a serene environment. Decorating the entire room in light neutral colors is a great solution to make a small bedroom feel more spacious.

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

For many, darkness is an indispensable ingredient in the recipe for making the bedroom comfortable. Don’t be afraid to use both deep neutrals and lighter tones. Paint the walls a warm charcoal gray or paint the wall behind the bed chocolate brown or even black for a visual depth and light-absorbing calm.

Throw a sheer canopy over the bed in neutral tones to soften the look, and add another texture and layer to the neutral color palette. A canopy bed always seems much cozier than an open bed.

3. Warm colors

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

A bedroom in neutral tones doesn’t always seem inviting if you’re a big fan of color. And that’s okay because there are plenty of cozy decor ideas that include your favorite colors. Bring home swatches and samplers of paint colors to determine which ones look best in your room.

Since fire is associated with warmth, soft yellows and golden hues reminiscent of flames are a logical choice for a cozy room. Blush pink, burnt orange, and burgundy are great warm color options for cozy walls and furniture.

Boho or bohemian style is a particularly cozy interior design style that includes many colors. It is an eclectic type of décor made up of a variety of prints, textures, and colors in home decor used all over the world. It welcomes the reuse and recycling of old things, which in itself adds warm memories to the room.

4. Soft textures

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

There is no true coziness without soft, soothing textures. Think flokati carpets, cashmere, velour, and other luxurious materials. Your cozy bedroom should not only feature soft textures but they should also be layered to add opulence.

Where possible, replace the hard texture with a soft one. For example, instead of a wooden or metal headboard, choose an upholstered headboard. And you don’t have to fanatically make your bed every day. A casually made bed is infinitely more inviting than a bed with square corners and perfectly arranged pillows.

Faux fur is at the peak of popularity in the decor of cozy rooms today. The new synthetics are so silky soft and their plush texture makes you want to snuggle up and snuggle up in the arms of the fabric. If you like this texture, get a quality faux fur throw. If you just want to add fur to give the bedroom earthy warmth, look for fur pillows instead of a throw.

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5. Comfortable flooring

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

Yes, even what you cover the floor with can make your room cozy. If you’re reimagining a bedroom, then the warm look of natural hardwood is hard to beat. Weathered white or pale gray finishes are great for a beachfront cottage, while stained wood blends with any décor.

Carpet is another option for a cozy bedroom and offers the added bonus of noise reduction. If you can afford it, wool is the softest natural carpet fiber on the market. Some synthetic carpets have a silky smooth underfoot, while others are more like a straw mat. Remember that padding under the carpet greatly increases your comfort level, so don’t skimp on an important layer.

If you don’t have flooring in the room, it’s time to choose carpet. Large and strategically placed rugs will soften the harsh look of a concrete or tile floor. Cotton, wool, and silk are the softest natural fibers to look for, and some synthetics are almost as good.

6. Decorating cozy windows

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

There is nothing cozy about the standard aluminum mini-blinds that cover the windows in many houses and apartments, so you yourself must add a dose of comfort to your windows. Since controlling the amount of natural light is key, blackout curtains are a good choice.

Modern blackout blinds today are not ugly panels of solid black fabric, they have superior light blocking abilities while still providing the look you want.

7. Living decor

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

Living plants literally bring life to any room. Today’s home décor proposals include lots of greenery, with everything from climbing vines to thorny succulents. Add a hanging basket of houseplants to an empty corner. Just about anyone is capable of keeping it alive, and it will add a soft splash of color and texture to an unremarkable area of ​​a room.

Plants look great in groups. Arrange several small pots of succulents on a tray or in a beautiful ceramic bowl. If you don’t want to worry about keeping plants alive, craft stores sell amazingly realistic artificial ones that create a no-frills atmosphere. Just do not forget to dust them from time to time so that they do not scream: “Imitation!”.

Vases with natural flowers are another great decoration for a cozy room. Their soft curves and colors become the center of attention, especially when set against a neutral color palette. Speaking of flowers, floral prints are a time-honored interior design trick that gives it an old-world charm. Pair delicate floral fabrics with throws in similar hues for a cozy cottage feel.

8. Heaps of pillows

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

What could be more inviting than a bunch of fluffy pillows? Spread out on a bed or piled up as floor pillows, few can resist sinking into a soft armful of pillows. Try to have at least three pieces of different types on your bed, in addition to the one you sleep on. Remember that an odd number of pillows is visually more interesting than an even number when decorating a room.

Vary colors, textures, and shapes. In addition to the classic square and rectangular pillows, pay attention to long, round options and cylinder-shaped neck rolls. If your bed is in a corner, place long pillows along the wall for a daybed effect that gives the bedroom a living room feel.

9. Low light

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

Dim lighting helps to create a cozy atmosphere. Your goal is to have a few soft, warm lights in your bedroom that you can turn on and off to create the ambiance you need at any given moment.

Start with overhead lighting. While it may seem too bright for a cozy room, you’ll love it when you’re looking for a lost button or contact lens. Opt for dimmable skylights or hire someone to replace your regular light switch with a dimmable fixture. Then buy lamps that allow you to adjust the level of light.

Garlands are another important component in creating a cozy bedroom. Hanging from rafters, draped over the head of a bed, or simply attached along with the ceiling, they give off a perfectly warm, candle-like glow. Garland options are not limited to the familiar shimmering New Year’s threads. Globes, Edison bulbs, and tiny paper lanterns are just a few of the hundreds of options available today.

10. Pleasant aromas

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

We feel comfortable with all senses, including smell. Scented candles are the obvious choice for adding aromatherapy to your bedroom. Find candles in jars of different sizes and arrange them around the room. Or place scented candles on a reflective tray and place them on top of a chest of drawers or another sturdy piece of furniture.

The essential oil diffuser is a great alternative to the candle collection. The diffuser not only eliminates the risk of burning open flames near fabrics and furniture but also brings certain health benefits when inhaling essential oils. Some diffusers are even equipped with light bulbs that cast a warm, candle-like glow.

11. Fireplace features

cozy bedroom ideas for small spaces

If you’re lucky enough to have a stacked fireplace in your bedroom, that’s a huge plus in creating a cozy nook. If not, you can add a different kind of fireplace to create the same atmosphere.

Wall-mounted gas and electric fireplaces are available in hardware stores in a huge range of shapes and sizes. Many of them have a distinctly modern design, while others are more like a traditional or wood-burning stove. Some modern models are controlled via a phone app, and many are equipped with color-changing crystals and other unique features.

Another advantage of electric fireplaces is the ability to select a no-heat mode, allowing you to enjoy the warm light of a fire without heating up the room. Something similar can be done with a built-in wood-burning fireplace. Replace the logs with log-shaped candle holders, or arrange battery-operated candles inside the fireplace opening.


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