5 Simple Small Bathroom Remodel Tips To Make It More Convenient To Use

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Want a simple small bathroom to remodel to make it look more beautiful and comfortable to use? Pay attention to the 5 tips below so you don’t go wrong.

simple small bathroom remodel

One of the spaces that need special attention and care is the bathroom. Because this room is used almost every day intensively by residents of the house.

That’s why special care is needed and sometimes you need a simple small bathroom to remodel your home to make it more comfortable to use.

Some of the reasons why you need to remodel this simple small bathroom could be because its size is too narrow, or some furniture that has started to break down so it’s starting to be uncomfortable to use, or it could be for other reasons.

Then, what should you pay attention to when you are sure you want to remodel the bathroom? Let’s find the answer below.

There are several important points that must be considered before you remodel the appearance of the bathroom in your home.

Among the change in size, what kind of design you want to carry, reference pictures of the bathroom that you want, choosing the right designer, choosing the appropriate interior along with the material you want to use.

Simple Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips

You must pay attention to the points below because this will greatly affect the budget that you must provide to realize it all.

1. Pay attention to the selection of furniture

When you’re remodeling your small, simple bathroom, first make sure what kind of concept you want to convert into.

For example, you want to display a simple, plain bathroom without a lot of carvings or other additional accessories. Make sure to choose the right type of material and furniture.

2. Floor and Wall Ceramics

Choose a material that suits yours needs to be installed on the floor and walls.

Wall tile serves to facilitate wall cleaning and so it is not easy to get moldy.

In addition, it also serves to give a certain impression of the bathroom design in accordance with the theme carried.

However, if one day you are bored with this ceramic wall motif, then you have to make this simple small bathroom remodel by replacing everything in its entirety.

Therefore, you can work around this by coating some with ceramic, and some with ordinary paint.

For paint, you better choose a paint that has a bright color. Using only one color is enough or it can be a combination of older or younger color gradations.

For the bathroom floor, you can use large tiles that are installed diagonally so that the bathroom atmosphere looks wider. Don’t forget to choose a non-slip ceramic, so it doesn’t slip.

3. Toilet Type

You can choose between a sitting toilet or a squat toilet according to your needs and desires. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each.

4. Showers

The addition of a shower may need to be considered because it does not need a space that is too large.

And the use of this shower has many benefits, namely more water-efficient and space-saving.

So that water splashes don’t go everywhere, you can also add a glass bulkhead for the area where there is a shower.

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5. Sink

When remodeling a simple small bathroom, be sure to add a sink to make the bathroom look more beautiful and elegant.

Also add a mirror right in front of the sink so that cleaning activities can be done more easily, such as brushing your teeth, washing your face, and also washing your hands.

Those are some things you should pay attention to when remodeling a simple small bathroom to make it more comfortable to use. You can also add other furniture as needed.


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