10 Latest Floor Ceramic Motifs

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latest floor ceramic motifs

For those of you who are planning to build or renovate a house, it is important to consider the latest floor ceramic from various brands.

With the latest floor tiles, the residence will look more beautiful and charming.

Various new motifs are released by the producers of the best ceramic brands on the market.

Not only minimalist ceramic models, but the latest ceramic motifs also have beautiful and unique motifs.

You can apply these new ceramic motifs in the living room, family room, bedroom, bathroom, the kitchen.

In fact, you can also apply it to the terrace floor of the house.

Not only cool motifs, but these latest ceramic tiles also offer good floor tiles colors.

Come on, just take a look at the various options below.

10 Latest Floor Ceramic Motifs

1. dPania Continua

latest floor ceramic motifs

dPania Continua is the newest floor tile from Roman.

Roman is one of the best ceramic brands in Indonesia.

This latest collection from Roman is inspired by the elegance of white marble motifs.

The specialty of dPania is in its end match pattern.

In addition to being more natural, the installation with the end match pattern makes the floor look more spacious and luxurious.

dPania is available in 8 different design patterns.

However, when installed randomly, the pattern of the veins will continue to connect in all directions, either up, down, left, or right.

This ceramic is suitable to decorate the interior of the room.

2. Santana

latest floor ceramic motifs

You don’t have to buy marble floors because they are quite expensive.

Alternatively, use black Santana ceramics in the room to create an elegant impression.

Platinum Santana is the latest series of black ceramics with marble vein motifs measuring 60×60.

3. Dylan

latest floor ceramic motifs

Next is the Dylan Series which is one of the innovations from Platinum Ceramics.

The gray floor tiles have a unique motif.

This ceramic motif combines a wooden motif frame and a stylish concrete texture.

With a matt finish, the 50×50 size ceramic is suitable for a warm, minimalist home interior.

4. Azura

latest floor ceramic motifs

Still from Platinum Ceramics, Azzura offers brick motifs.

With this motif, the ceramic arrangement will produce an unfinished impression.

The size of this 40×40 floor tile is suitable as a terrace tile or a cool kitchen tile floor.

In addition to the terracotta color, you can also choose another color, namely gray.

5. Douglas

latest floor ceramic motifs

Confused about choosing garage floor tiles?

Don’t worry, Douglas ceramic from Platinum could be a solution that you can consider.

The latest floor tiles offer natural stone motifs.

With natural stone ceramic motifs, the room will look more natural.

The anti-slip feature on the ceramic is very suitable for outdoor areas.

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6. Hermes

latest floor ceramic motifs

For an aesthetic-themed room, you can consider the latest Hermes floor tiles.

Offering an artistic Mediterranean-style ornamental motif design, the residence will look visually unique and artsy.

You can use this latest ceramic on the terrace of the house or other areas of the house.

7. Joel

latest floor ceramic motifs

The latest floor tiles Asia Tile Joel has a motif that is no less aesthetic.

The advantage of this ceramic is its cool color combination.

There are choices ranging from orange, red, blue, gray, to green.

With anti-slip technology, the 20×20 size ceramic is suitable for bathroom tiles.

8. White Alaskan

latest floor ceramic motifs

White Alaska is the newest ceramic from Ingress.

Alaskan white ceramic is perfect for your minimalist home.

In contrast to other white Alaska, Indogress offers motifs that look like snow patterns.

With white Alaska, the room looks brighter and more spacious.

9. Vienna

latest floor ceramic motifs

Next up is Vienna ceramics from Milan Ceramics.

Vienna’s floral motifs offer a captivating combination of white, blue, and gray.

With a glossy surface, you can apply this ceramic as a home interior ceramic.

10. Sandwood

latest floor ceramic motifs

Another new ceramic is Sandwood from Kia Ceramics.

Sandwood is a wood motif ceramic for the living room that has the appearance of real wood.

So, you don’t have to use parquet and vinyl floors at home.

With a matt surface, the 50×50 ceramic can make your home feel sweeter and warmer.

Interested in wood motif ceramics?

So, which ceramic will you choose?


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