10 Small Staircase Decorating Ideas

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Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

Decorating the staircase area is no longer boring, right!

The existence of stairs is very important for homes that have two or three floors. Understandably, the stairs are used as a connecting line between floors.

Many consider the staircase is only a small part of the house. Even though you can beautify the staircase area so that it becomes more eye catchy.

Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

Decorating a beautiful staircase area can also be a focal point in the house. Just add some simple ornaments, really, to make the staircase area more attractive.

How to Beautify the Staircase Area at Home?

For those of you who want to make the stairs of the house look more attractive, here, Gmboel has some decorating ideas for the staircase area for inspiration.

Decorating Ideas for Small Staircase

1. Install beautiful wallpapers

Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

To beautify the staircase area, you don’t need to touch the stairs, you know. Just add wallpaper on the walls in the staircase area to create a different look for the staircase area.

Use floral wallpaper for a chic décor. Feeling too crowded? You can choose a plain, brightly colored wallpaper.

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2. Post family photos

Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

The wall in the staircase area is one of the spots that you will often pass when going up or down stairs. Usually, though, many people just leave the walls in the stairwell area empty. Ugh, boring!

One of the staircase area decoration ideas that you can apply is to hang photos on the walls of the staircase area. Choose frames from various colors and sizes. In addition, print memorable photos for you and your family. Don’t forget to attach a strong wall nail so that the photo doesn’t fall, OK?

3. Turn the staircase area into an art gallery

Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

Do you like art or do you often create works of art? If your answer is yes, then use the staircase area as an art gallery.

Displaying some paintings in the staircase area will make the staircase area artsier and not boring. Don’t have enough time to make a painting? You can buy paintings from local painters.

Voila! direct stairs area like an art museum. Surely many of your friends want to take photos in the stairwell area of ​​your house.

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4. Add book collection

Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

For those of you who like to read books, here, usually have tens to hundreds of books. Well, instead of just being kept in the room, it’s better to make it as decoration in the staircase area. You can put a bookshelf in the stairwell to show your personal side. It’s easy?

5. Paint the stripes motif on the stairs, why not?

Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

For a clean and chic look, you can use classic stripes motifs on the stairs. Use contrasting color paint on the stairs to bring a different feel to the staircase area.

Blue paint on white stairs is just right for a simple nautical décor. In an instant, the staircase area that was previously ordinary has become more aesthetic.

6. Give a country impression with unique displays

Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

You can also beautify the staircase area with unique wall displays. Present the impression of the country through horn-shaped displays as above. Arrange the display layout to make it look Instagramable.

7. Create a natural impression through clay displays

Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

The natural design of the wooden stairs is maximized with the addition of clay displays on the walls of the staircase area. In order not to be boring, you can choose clay displays of various sizes and motifs. Natural lighting from large windows makes the decor look rustic.

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8. Add plants for a fresh touch

Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

Plants are always suitable to be placed in every corner of the house. This includes the stairs area.

Well, for those of you who want to create a cool forest-style look, place some plants in the staircase area. Choose small to medium-sized plants. Don’t forget to place the plant near the sun, okay?

9. Large mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger room

Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

Your staircase area is not too big? No need to worry! You can also, you know, add some decorations to the staircase area without looking too full.

Hanging a mirror on the wall of the stairwell can make the illusion of the room wider. Aside from being a decoration, here, the mirror in the staircase area is also useful for checking your make-up before leaving the house, hehe

You can combine it by adding plants and clay pots that make the staircase area look more alive. Make sure the plant pots don’t block the road access, OK?

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10. Fan of vintage decor? Cheek decorations below!

Decorating Ideas for Small Stairs

Antique photos along the stairs area are able to create a unique vintage impression. Combine it with white wall paint to make antique photos a focal point.

You can get vintage photos at the thrift market or even get them from grandma’s house. In addition to displaying antique photos of famous figures, you can also display portraits of ancestors. Unique!

Well, those are some tips for decorating the staircase area to make it more attractive and eye catchy. You don’t need a difficult method, right, you just need some simple ornaments to give a different impression in the staircase area.

Which tips, here, are your favorites?

Small Staircase Decorating Ideas


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