Paint Colors for Hallways and Stairs

paint colors for hallways and stairs

Paint colors for hallways and stairs – The walls of the house are often colored in such a way to give a certain effect to the house. You must have done this too, right? However, not only on the walls, you can also give a unique and different accent by adding color to other components of your home, such as stairs and hallways!

Only by using paint, you will get a different aesthetic from your stairs. The shape is not flat like a wall also gives you the opportunity to be more creative. Sounds interesting? Come on , see the ideas for painting the stairs of the house below!

paint colors for hallways and stairs

paint colors for stairs

1. Try Ombre Stairs

paint colors for stairs

If you’ve already applied plain colors to your home, but still want a striking color, you can try this ombre staircase. Determine the main color you want and make gradations on each step. You also don’t have to bother buying a lot of paint with different colors, just use white paint and mix it with the main paint color you want. Instantly your home will come alive!

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2. Create the Illusion of Carpet on the Stairs

paint colors for stairs

You can also be creative with paint to make a ‘carpet’ on your stairs. It’s not difficult to do, you only need to give one base color to all the steps, then paint it in another color to form a carpet. Very easy but very interesting to try! Also make sure to choose quality paint so that the paint layer is durable and not easily damaged, OK!

3. Use Monochrome Colors

paint colors for stairs

Nowadays, monochrome color is one of the favorite color combinations used by everyone. You can also apply this paint color on the stairs of your home to get a look is minimalist and elegant. No need to worry, this monochrome staircase is definitely suitable for any home interior concept!

4. Combination of Wood and Paint

paint colors for stairs

If you like rustic designs that are natural and warm, you can try a white-wood or black-wood color combination. You can use paint to resemble wood or leave the original wood color of your stairs.

5. Solid Colorful Stairs

paint colors for stairs

This paint idea is perfect for those of you who like multiple colors at once! You can choose several colors in one tone , for example pastel colors. You can define your own desired interval of these colors

6. Playful Design for Your Staircase

paint colors for stairs

House stairs can also be a means to pour your creativity. For example, by making playful designs that give a certain illusion to the viewer. You can make a painting, follow the pattern of certain objects, or even make your favorite writings.

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7. Single Color Stairs

paint colors for stairs

For those of you who don’t like complicated and don’t like too many colors, one paint color is enough to give a new look ! For this idea, the tip is to match the interior color of your home. If not, the stairs in your house can damage the overall aesthetics of the house. So, make sure you choose the right color, OK!

8. Colorful Stair Railing

paint colors for stairs

The last interesting idea, try coloring the banister if you like stairs that look clean . You can color it in radiant colors or use a monochrome color for a bolder accent.

Home Hallway Decoration Tricks to Make It Look Attractive

Narrow hallways generally have no light source, but that doesn’t mean it has to look gloomy, right? You just have to redecorate the hallway to make it look brighter and more beautiful. Just follow the tips below.

paint colors for hallways

1. Install attractive wallpapers

paint colors for hallways

Basically, the hallway in the house is always dark and narrow. Not much light could enter the hallway unless a glass door was placed at the end. To improve the lighting, you can install some lights, though.

To make it brighter, try installing an attractive wallpaper with a contemporary style. Don’t put a classic wallpaper because it will feel like a horror movie hallway, hehehe. Also choose bright colors so that the hallway of the house looks bright and fun.

An attractive wallpaper will also make a small room feel more spacious , you know!

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2. Create a custom storage

paint colors for hallways

Many hallways in the house are very narrow, but you can maximize its function by making the area a place to store things. Try ordering custom cabinets or storage shelves so they don’t take up space.

If your walls are white, choose a brightly colored storage cabinet paint . The room will look more attractive and less gloomy.

If you have small family members at home, let them store toys or items in the bottom drawer. Also display cute decorations on top of the cupboard to give it a unique touch.

3. Turn it into a photo gallery

paint colors for hallways

Another idea for decorating the hallway, here, why not turn it into a colorful photo gallery?

Paint the hallway in a bright and soft color. Then attach colorful framed photos. These colorful frames will make the hallway look more cheerful. Also add a spotlight on top of the photos to make it even brighter .

Not afraid anymore, right, now if you go through the hall? Maybe you’re even more happy to stop by there while gazing at the family memory!

4. Give it a rustic touch

paint colors for hallways

If you want to make your hallway look elegant but modern, you can apply a rustic design here. Install wood panels on one side of the wall as well as on the wooden floor.

Add a wooden bench and accessories from dried flowers to the wall. Dried flower accessories are trending, you know! Yep, you can put a dry baby breath here and there to brighten up the atmosphere.

Also install glass on the side of the room so people can see when passing through the hallway. Choose a dark wood or metal frame. You can also add rattan baskets to store things. Practical!

5. Plants as home hallway decorations

paint colors for hallways

To make the hallway look more beautiful, install indoor plants here and there. Do not be too dense because it will be scary. You can install a wooden bench to be used as a place to store a collection of succulents.

On the sides of the bench, you can also place medium-sized plants such as palms and mother-in-law’s tongue. Install a minimalist size glass with a gold or rose gold frame. Add a bunch of (fake) eucalyptus plants around the glass.

This Scandinavian style keeps your hallway looking beautiful, beautiful, simple, and not a mosquito breeding ground!

6. Long carpet

paint colors for hallways

The elongated carpet will give the impression of the room looking more spacious . In addition, the carpet can also be a focal point   or the center of attention of the entire room.

You can choose a brightly colored rug to make the room look more festive and unique. However, stripes are also recommended because they make the room look wider!

If you want to make your hallway look like a ship’s aisle , here, install wood panels on the walls, choose a striped carpet, and add accessories made of rattan. Feels like in a private ship, deh!

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7. Create a home library

paint colors for hallways

In addition to storing things, yes, you can also turn a narrow hallway into a personal library. You can make a custom bookshelf according to the length and height of the hallway. Just keep all your books along the aisle.

In this way the decoration of the hallway will look more inviting to visit and seem homey. People will also be more and more active there to pick up and return books. The hallway will not be deserted anymore and it’s guaranteed to be free of horror!

To anticipate the hallway seems gloomy, install spotlights on the bookshelf. Choose a bright paint color like white for the bookshelf that can add light to the hallway.

Now you don’t have to worry anymore that there will be spirits in the narrow alley, hehehe. Just add an interesting bright motif wallpaper, or turn it into a home library. Guaranteed the hallway in a dark house will feel more attractive and drive away your fear.

Hopefully the article paint colors for hallways and stairs is useful. If it is difficult to design an interior design, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!