Want to Have an Aesthetic Vintage Rooms? Check the following inspiration and tips!

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Aesthetic Vintage Rooms

Aesthetic vintage rooms – The bedroom is one room where you can do many things other than sleep or rest.

Yes , here you can certainly do various other activities such as work, study to do various hobbies.

That’s why this private room must be made as comfortable as possible. 

Designing a bedroom is one of the right solutions to make the atmosphere of the room more beautiful, feel comfortable and according to the characteristics and preferences of the owner.

Currently, there are many types of room designs.

In fact, you can be free to be creative by combining various concepts ranging from minimalist , modern to futuristic room designs . 

One of the designs that still has its own place, especially for those of you, those who like timeless designs, are vintage designs .

Vintage design is one of the designs that is suitable to be applied in the bedroom because it has a soft, sweet, and certainly aesthetic impression.

If you like the edgy ‘ tumblr vibe’ feel , then a vintage bedroom design can be the right choice.

But implementing the concept is difficult and easy.

Don’t worry, you can listen and try the following tips to create a unique vintage room atmosphere .

Aesthetic Vintage Rooms

Give it a Classic Touch

Aesthetic vintage rooms

Classic vintage style with a touch of floral prints and a mix of classic furniture are the basic components that you can apply if you want to carry this vintage concept .

You can use a lamp in the form of a distinctive chandelier with a classic impression , as well as a combination of the use of linen cloth that is closely related to the vintage feel .

Rooms with classic vintage concepts highlight the feel of a European bedroom in the 70s. 

This concept can also add to the impression of elegance and luxury without looking too much. 

Moreover, if it is added with a classic touch, it will make the atmosphere of your room look balanced and look cute and elegant at the same time.

Use Soft Colors

Aesthetic vintage rooms

If a classic touch is not your style , then a more feminine style might be an option.

Soft pastel colors like blue, purple, to pink can be the right color palette to support the vintage concept .

Also combine it with wooden furniture that gives a sweet impression. 

Wooden cabinets and shelves can be furniture that can give a vintage impression without looking dominant.

A vintage room with a touch of soft colors can be a suitable design for your daughter’s bedroom because this concept can also be applied to a child’s room.

Center on Bed Sheet

Aesthetic vintage rooms

Vintage designs are also closely related to floral motifs which still put forward a feminine yet cute impression.

The use of floral motifs can also be an option if you want to carry a vintage concept without having to give excessive decorations to all corners of the room.

Just focus on the sheets. 

Use a floral motif that is closely related to a vintage impression and also combine it with white as the dominant color in your room. 

So sweet huh ?

Use Mosquito Net on the Bed

Aesthetic vintage rooms

The mosquito net on the bed can also be one of the room decorations that is closely related to a vintage impression .

In addition to making the room look elegant and soft, mosquito nets can also add a serene and romantic impression. 

So, if you don’t like the sweet concept usually highlighted by this design, then using a mosquito net with a clean white color can be the right choice.

Also provide dim lighting that makes the atmosphere of your room warmer and more comfortable. 

Wow , especially coupled with scented candles , your room will definitely be the best spot to relax.

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Carry Vintage Rustic Style

Aesthetic vintage rooms

If you like an impression that is more old-fashioned but also masculine, then there’s nothing wrong with adding a rustic impression to your vintage room .

The rustic and vintage concepts can certainly blend well because both rely on the impression of being worn and old.

It’s just that the rustic touch is more focused on the use of old wood accents that are closely related to the United States cottage house.

How? Very unique right?

Hopefully this article can give you inspiration to create a comfortable and aesthetic vintage rooms atmosphere .

Good luck!

aesthetic vintage rooms


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