These are 7 ways to stay healthy and comfortable working at home office

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Home offices

Home offices are now increasingly being created thanks to the presence of internet technology. Besides being more practical and efficient, working at home is also certainly more economical because we don’t need to spend money on transportation. But, feel at home at home, working too long will definitely make you sore and even make you sick if it is not designed properly. Well, here we present a way for those of you who work at home, to stay at home and also fit to work.

Healthy ways to work from home

1. Air Circulation

Home offices

Stuffy and hot certainly makes many people uncomfortable, especially if they are at work. In addition to making you uncomfortable, hot air can affect the condition of the body to be uncomfortable and even have an effect on health in the long term. To prevent that from happening, make sure your home office has good air circulation channels such as ventilation and windows. You can also add a fan or air conditioner to make the atmosphere cooler. Also make sure you clean the circulation and air conditioning channels so that air quality is maintained.

2. Work Chair

Home offices

The healthy chair in question is a chair that can maintain good posture, even though you sit for hours every day. Choose a chair that is not only ergonomically designed, but also comfortable and really liked because it must be quite expensive. Although expensive, for the sake of maintaining health is not a problem right? In addition, this chair is definitely durable so you don’t have to spend money to replace a work chair. You can also see our other articleswell house design.

3. Computer Position

Home offices

Computers can reflect radiation that is not good at the eyes, causing farsightedness if used for a long time. Then place the monitor perpendicular to all light sources. This is done to minimize glare from the screen and to diffuse and soften the beam of light. Also clean the monitor screen regularly so that it is not dusty. Also arrange the placement of the CPU and cables so they don’t get messy and interfere with your work.

4. Healthy Lighting

Home offices

Healthy, good lighting won’t put too much pressure on your eyes, helping you work longer hours. Make sure your home office has two types of light sources, namely sunlight and light. Sunlight according to research can help the eyes avoid myopia. Then open the window blinds so that sunlight can enter the maximum in the morning until noon. Meanwhile, for artificial lighting, choose lamps with the appropriate wattage because lamps that are too bright or too dim can harm the eyes. You can also see our other articlesgirly lamp shades.

5. Place the Plants

Home offices

So that the home office looks and feels healthier, place some plants that are suitable to be placed in the room. There are quite a few, Urbanites, plants that can be placed indoors, such as mother-in-law’s tongue, ivory betel, aloe vera, cactus (succulent), and palms. Plants themselves can actually help circulate oxygen in the room, especially the small ones. Don’t forget to water the plants and place them outdoors every now and then so they don’t wilt easily.

6. Decorate

Home offices

Staring at the computer screen constantly will definitely make your eyes tired. Research says, when working, humans must often switch from staring at a computer screen and then looking at something green, so that the eyes become relaxed. In addition to seeing plants in the home office, you can also place decorations such as posters, paintings, or carpets with green elements. You can also see our other articlespillar design.

7. Clean and tidy

Home offices

Cleanliness and tidiness of the room is said to affect the mood for the better. So that’s every after work, or every two days sweep and mop the floor of the room so that there is no dust flying. Also place a patch rack or boxes as a place for paper and work equipment so that they are not scattered everywhere.

Those are seven ways to keep you healthy and comfortable working at the home office. Hopefully the information we provide can be useful for you. Don’t forget to keep visiting the blog for useful information and tips.


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