10 Bedroom Geometric Wall Paint

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bedroom geometric wall paint

Are you getting bored with plain and simple rooms that are just like that? If the answer is yes, there is an easiest way you can do it. This method does not require large renovation costs!

Creating geometric patterns can make a room that was originally plain become more artistic and interesting. You can use this simple method in various rooms. You only need the desired geometric pattern design, insulation or duct tape, and wall paint.

room geometric wall paint

bedroom geometric wall paint

For those of you who are looking for geometric wall paint inspiration for bedrooms and rooms, you can see our recommendations. Apparently, not only walls that can be made with geometric patterns. There are also geometric patterns that use other media besides paint! Check the ID below here.

1. Cool color geometric pattern in the workspace

room geometric wall paint

Geometric patterns can be applied in all rooms, including the workspace. So that the workspace doesn’t seem stiff and boring, you can add geometric patterns to the walls of the work area or study area.

Choose cool and neutral colors like gray, blue, and black to paint a geometric pattern. The addition of white or beige can also give a softer impression. Don’t forget to add wall decorations like the picture above. See other articles: cool wall colors.

2. Bedroom with a simple geometric pattern

bedroom geometric wall paint

Your bedroom looks too quiet? Just add a geometric pattern to the bedroom!

For a cool impression, choose cool colors like blue and gray. You can also use several different color tiers. To make it seem brighter, add a vibrant color like yellow or orange.

Don’t forget the room size when you create geometric patterns. If the size of your room is not too big, avoid applying small and many geometric patterns. This will only make your room look cramped and very crowded. See other articles: wall colors for black furniture.

3. Geometric patterns that match the room decor

bedroom geometric wall paint

Are you worried about decorating your room with a girly or masculine theme? If so, you can combine the two themes. Bring the feminine and masculine sides in the colors and geometric patterns of the bedroom walls.

Make a simple and attractive geometric pattern. Also, choose neutral colors like gray and girlish colors like pink or purple. To make it look wider and ‘clean’, you can also add white or off-white colors to geometric decorations.

Choose furniture that matches the color of the geometric pattern wall paint so that the room looks more aesthetic. Happy working! See other articles: two colour combination for bedroom walls.

4. Colorful geometric pattern

room geometric wall paint

Confused about what color to use for the geometric pattern on the wall? Why not just use all the colors?

Colorful geometric patterns will still look aesthetic and attractive if you can arrange them well. The key is to apply a regular geometric pattern like the image above. The living room that was once quiet, immediately looks more cheerful with a multi-colored geometric pattern! See other articles: modern house designs pictures gallery.

5. Photographic geometric patterns

room geometric wall paint

Well, this idea is taken from the SF Bachelor Pad by Emilie Munroe. In addition to the classic geometric patterns that we know a lot about, it turns out that photos can also be used as aesthetic geometric designs. The selection of black-and-white photos as above looks very fitting when juxtaposed with a blue ceiling.

The presence of green plants further adds a fresh and aesthetic impression to the room. In addition, choose a gradation colored carpet that matches the room decor. See other articles: indian house colour combination outside.

6. Block woods geometric pattern

room geometric wall paint

Want to present a unique geometric pattern? Maybe you can imitate the geometric patterns in the East Village apartment. David Kaihou as an interior designer creates geometric patterns with natural wood colors in all parts of the room, from the walls, floor, to the ceiling.

You can apply a geometric pattern like the one above in the corridor at home or in the kitchen. The presence of white in the decoration above makes the room look wider and not monotonous. Also add green plants so that the room becomes more fresh. See other articles: chalet style homes.

7. Monochrome geometry

room geometric wall paint

For a modern kitchen atmosphere, geometric patterns can be applied through the choice of ceramic wall tiles with hexagonal or hexagonal shapes. Choose the color of the ceramic tile and the shape of the tile for the concept of a geometric pattern that you want to display in the room.

You can use a combination of monochrome colors such as black and white to give a simple impression. Even though you only use two colors, your kitchen still looks attractive and aesthetic thanks to the addition of a cafe-style chandelier. See other articles: bedroom chandelier ideas.

8. Vintage geometric

room geometric wall paint

Want to bring a traditional yet modern feel? Try combining various geometric patterns. You can mix and match ceramics or wallpapers that have geometric patterns.

Geometric patterns with patterned ceramics as above were widely adapted in typical Chinese homes in ancient times. If you want to add to the maximum, just put a sofa cushion with a geometric pattern print as a decoration. See other articles: modern 2 story house.

9. A mix of straight and zigzag geometric patterns

room geometric wall paint

In addition to applying a classic irregular geometric pattern, you can also use a zigzag motif. This zigzag motif looks more neat, simple, and modern. So that the house doesn’t look too crowded, avoid painting all the walls with geometric patterns. Just select one side of the wall only.

Do you like simple designs? Try to make a combination of gray, white, and yellow as above. The use of vibrant colors like yellow makes the walls look more dramatic! See other articles: minimalist bedroom designs.

10. Six-color geometric pattern

room geometric wall paint

Want to make the appearance of your home more modern and artistic? Creating a geometric pattern with six colors can be the right and easy way. No need for high renovation costs, to beautify your own room!

You only need to prepare black insulation and paint the walls. Make any geometric pattern you want and paint it accordingly in six different colors. You don’t have to use six wall paint colors, you can also use more or less wall paint colors. See other articles: girl bedrooms designs.

Those are some geometric wall paint inspirations for bedrooms and rooms that you can imitate at home. Starting from the living room, bedroom, to the kitchen you can decorate with geometric patterns. You only need to design the desired geometric pattern and execute it with wall paint as desired.

Of the 10 geometric designs above, which geometric pattern is your favourite? Write in the comments column.

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