10 Pictures of Home Fence Plants That Are Ready to Beautify Your Home

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plants for fence decoration

Fences don’t always have to be made of solid materials such as iron, wood, and aluminum.

To make the front or back yard of the house more private, you can also use hedge plants that look attractive.

This beautiful plant fence can be an interesting solution for those of you who have a small house.

Apart from being a fence, these plants also double as home decorations.

Interesting right?

Check out the following fence decorating ideas, come on.

1. Bamboo Fence

hedge ideas

Various types and sizes of bamboo can be used to make the area of the house feel more private.

Choose the size of bamboo with large slats for the front of the house.

As a result, you will also get a fence that is tight, sturdy, and high.

To make the backyard more closed, you can also use small bamboo.

Plant these plants in several pots, then place them side by side.

The bamboo will gradually grow tall so that it can block the view from the outside.

hedge ideas

Just look, how beautiful and natural is not the appearance of this bamboo fence?

Besides being used as beautiful decorations and sturdy fences, bamboo can also help to reduce noise, you know!

2. Soka flower

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Types of shrubs or shrubs are very suitable as a house fence.

If it grows large, this plant has a very dense shape so it is easy to shape. Its height can reach 6 meters.

This ornamental plant fence from shrubs has quite a lot of types and is beautiful.

One of them is the Soka flower.

The combination of green from the leaves and red, orange, and yellow from the flowers,

makes this plant fence look very beautiful.

Taking care of this fence is also easy, you know, Friend gmboel.

It is enough to trim it regularly, then water it and give it fertilizer at least once a month.

3. Ferns

hedge ideas

hedge ideas

Plants of ferns such as ferns are very suitable if you make a house fence.

One good choice to use is the Boston fern.

You can plant it on a concrete or wooden fence as a sweetener in the yard.

In addition to being left attached to the fence, ferns can also be used as low-height fences.

The trick just plants the fern in the ground and lets it grow and grow big.

Your front and back yard will look greener and fresher thanks to this fence.

4. Hibiscus Beautiful Plants

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Not only soka flowers, but other plants that have a texture and shape that are suitable as a fence are also hibiscus flowers.

This one plant does not require a special propagation medium in order to be formed into a fence, just let it grow and then cut it so that the leaves form a fence.

To reproduce this plant on the home page, you can develop it with a grafting technique.

Caring for plants by giving fertilizer once a month.

The rest, it will grow healthy with the help of good sunlight.

5. Deer Antlers

Beautiful Plants

Nowadays more and more people are happy and interested in vertical gardens.

In addition to planting vines on the wall, vertical gardens can also be made by hanging several pots on boards or fences that have been formed in such away.

There are quite a number of plants that you can plant in this vertical garden so that it functions as a fence. One of them is the type of deer antler.

Beautiful Plants

Combine deer antlers on the vertical garden fence in your home with other types of plants.

For example, elephant ears, Paris lilies, kadaka, and red betel.

6. Morning Glory

Beautiful Plants
Source: cucinakristina.com

Morning glory is one of the most beautiful vines.

Because it looks attractive and can also spread well, use this plant as a fence for your house.

Before you plant morning glories in the yard, make a simple wooden or bamboo fence as a medium for propagation.

Gradually, this plant will spread on the media that has been provided and form a beautiful fence.

In addition to being used as a fence, this plant can also be planted on a pergola.

Oh, yes! This morning’s glory is very fragrant, you know.

Especially when it blooms in the morning.

7. Plastic Plants to Decorate Fences

Beautiful Plants
Source: freshome.com

Even though they are not alive, plastic or artificial plants can be an option to give a natural touch to the fence.

No need to water, prune, you don’t even have to wait for it to grow.

It’s perfect for those of you who are very busy and don’t have time to take care of plants.

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8. Boxwood Fence Plants

Have you ever seen a hedge that is actually made of small trees in minimalist homes?

This plant is usually square or round and has an elongated shape from one end to the other.

Beautiful Plants

It turns out that the type of plant is called boxwood or Buxus.

The height of this plant can reach about 6 meters.

If you want to keep this plant as a fence, make sure to cut it regularly.

Beautiful Plants
Source: thetreecenter.com

Because besides being able to grow tall, boxwood also grows quite wild.

However, fortunately, this plant is easy to shape so it looks so beautiful.

9. Cemara Fan

Beautiful Plants

The next beautiful plant that can be used as a fence is for fans or has the Latin name Arborvitae.

This tree is not as tall as cypress in general.

The size itself can reach 3 to 6 meters.

However, for the choice of fence, it is better to choose a medium height of about 3 meters.


Interesting is not the idea of a decoration for a natural house fence from these beautiful plants?

Hopefully, the reviews about ornamental hedges above can inspire and be useful for you.

plants for fence decoration


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