Country Style Outdoor Decorating Ideas

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country style outdoor decorating ideas

Have you ever heard of country style ideas? This style uses wood as the main feature of the decoration. The impression that is displayed is also calm and simple, but it is identical with a slightly feminine touch.

This time Lians will provide an explanation of country-style outdoor decorations on the exterior of the house. Don’t worry, it won’t take you long to apply it at home. Come on, first read this article to the end!

country style outdoor decorating ideas

Classic Doors and Windows

country style outdoor decorating ideas

The most visible exterior elements of the house are the doors and windows. In producing a country style, you must use doors and windows in an old style or a classic style complemented by platinum elements. Trouble getting it? You can find them at antique thrift stores. You can also see our other articles : simple houses.

Different Colors On The Door

country style outdoor decorating ideas

Color selection is also an important thing to display the country style. If you want to display a country style on the door, apply a very bright color. Can also be added with a combination of white and gray.

Then on the window, you also have to give a touch of classic calm colors. For example, use black or white and then make sure the color of the door has used a bright color.

Use Additional Accessories

country style outdoor decorating ideas

The selected accessories must be able to highlight and emphasize the country style. Anything? You can choose a mat made of fiber and place it on the outside of the door of the house. Not only that, you can also give an interesting touch to the window that is close to the door of the house.

Other additions can also be made, namely by adding key locks and door hardware which have the same type as the door. If the selection of accessories is not right, then the country style will not work for you to display on the exterior of the house.

You can also add a vintage-style door knocker to add an element of decor and make it easier for guests to knock on the door. If you already have one, you don’t need to buy a new one. Just repaint it to make it look more attractive. You can also see our other articles : 3 bedroom house plans.

Add Flower Arrangements

country style outdoor decorating ideas

A flower arrangement can be an additional accessory that presents a country style. These flowers are later arranged on rice stalks or simply planted. It should be noted that the flowers chosen must be the same color as the door or window. The placement itself can be on the door or window.

Add a custom Basket

country style outdoor decorating ideas

The basket in question is a special one for putting umbrellas, but of course this basket should only be placed during the rainy season. The placement itself should be right next to the outer door. Choose a basket that has a hole in the bottom so that the water in the umbrella does not collect at the bottom of the basket. You can also see our other articles : small lamp shades.

Use a Two-Door Window

country style outdoor decorating ideas

Two-door windows are most appropriate to be applied to present a country feel. Its unique shape is able to display a simple impression and can be combined with any style. Don’t forget to provide a little space at the front of the window to add accessories in the form of flowers. Actually not only a two-door window, you can also use a window equipped with a crank.

Curtains For Country Window

country style outdoor decorating ideas

Every window in the house must be equipped with curtains to tighten security. Then what kind of curtains are suitable to be chosen to present a country style at home? The answer is, you can choose curtains that are made of gauze, but are accented with ropes or ribbons at the ends. You can also see our other articles : blue bedroom ideas.

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How? Are you interested in making your home look unique with a touch of country style? Come on, apply the decorations that have been described!

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