Front Of House Decorating Ideas

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front of house decorating ideas

front of house decorating ideas – In addition to the living room, the area in front of the house after the door is an area that is sure to be a concern for guests. Because of this, you should give this area more attention by providing some interesting decorations. It doesn’t need to be expensive.

Want to know what the decoration ideas are? Check out the review below and you will get the answer. Pssst… There is a leak on how to make it yourself at home too. Let’s see now.

front of house decorating ideas

Picture Mat

front of house decorating ideas

The first simple DIY decoration project to beautify the front area of ​​the house is a picture mat. You can simply use a coir mat that you already have at home, a can of spray paint, and also paper with the desired pattern.

You can make an image of the words “WELCOME” or other images according to your wishes. This example of a doormat design with a picture of a house above is also interesting, isn’t it?

Patterned Carpet

front of house decorating ideas

Using ceramic or wooden floors in the entrance area is indeed more practical. However, by using carpet, the mood and feel of the area can be very different. Especially if you give your carpet a unique touch like the example picture above.

In addition to being the main attraction in the area, at any time the carpet can also be used for children’s play. Very funny! If you are interested in making it, you can use spray paint like making a mat above. See other articles: light blue bedroom ideas for adults.

Umbrella Place

front of house decorating ideas

Don’t leave your umbrella lying around the house! Better to place the umbrellas in a special place that you can make yourself. Materials you’ll need: wire mesh, veneer, wood chips, plywood, as well as nails and a hammer.

Leather Strap Glass

front of house decorating ideas

A glass is an object that is very useful if it is hung in the front area of ​​the house or often referred to as a hallway/entryway. Not only used to reflect, this glass can also be an attractive decoration.

The trick is to provide unique accents and details on the glass itself. For example, a hanging rope made of leather. Just look at his appearance, it’s so exclusive and classic. See other articles: simple house design.

Shoe Tray

front of house decorating ideas

Hmm… it’s the rainy season like today, who often wears boots to avoid getting wet? If you are one of them, it seems that you need a boot with trays and rocks to place in front of the house.

Making it is not difficult! You simply prepare a used tray/tray and place a few stones from the yard into it. Guaranteed the house will look more attractive and natural.


front of house decorating ideas

This one thing seems to be a must in every home. But in order to be an attraction for the front area of ​​the house, choose a unique and unusual hanger design like the two examples in the picture above.

Well, for clothes hangers attached to the wall, take advantage of strong wooden twigs and then apply a coating to make the color more attractive. See other articles: front view of house.

Hopefully the decorating ideas that we have discussed above can be useful for you all.


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