The subtleties of home planning: how to minimize risks and mistakes?

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how to minimize risks and mistakes

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House planning is the main stage in preparing for construction. If you correctly organize the partitions inside, then there will be enough space even in a small country house. Before proceeding with the construction of the foundation and walls of the structure, you need to familiarize yourself with the nuances regarding the practical distribution of the internal space.

Layout of a country house with all the amenities

Layout of a country house with all the amenities Source

Where to start preparation

Before you start planning the project of the future building, you need to examine the soil at the proposed site. This is done in order to determine which foundation and building materials are best to use. For example, unfavorable soil does not make it possible to build a basement, since a pile foundation will have to be erected. On a land plot with strong mechanical properties of soil layers, you can make a strip foundation.

Soil analysis, location and building drawing

Soil analysis, location and building drawing Source

It is also necessary to choose a place on the site so that in the future it can be connected to communications: gas supply, electricity, water supply. The closer the house is to each of the objects, the lower the financial costs for installation and installation will be.

Correct layout of the building in the direction of the wind

Correct layout of the building in the direction of the wind Source

Experts recommend paying attention to the direction of the winds in the selected area. If the area is windy and there are no natural barriers to blowing, then it is impossible to place the front part of the house or a veranda on this side. In this case, the yard will always be dirty, damp, and even slippery in case of frost.

The area of ​​the house is determined depending on the number of family members

The area of ​​the house is determined depending on the number of family members Source

A prerequisite is the choice of a suitable area. Here you have to rely on financial capabilities. The larger the house, the more costs will be required for its construction and further maintenance.

The best layouts of one-story houses

There are various layouts that suit most living spaces with matching sides. You can start performing a similar modeling of the interior space, or come up with your own layout for a specific area.

The layout of the interior of the house with one large room

The layout of the interior of the house with one large room

Tricks of the designers

For a small country house, a one-floor layout is ideal, regardless of the total area of ​​the room. You can beat a small-sized structure with interesting ideas and tricks, you can also plan the interior of the house and organize partitions.

  • If the house is planned to be built small, then it is better not to make a long corridor between the rooms. Let the small entrance room play its role. But its dimensions should be such that it can fit a wardrobe or a coat rack and a shoe rack.
  • Alternatively, you can use the model of adjoining or walk-through rooms. In such rooms, it will be easier to equip the interior and other significant details: windows, doors, artificial or movable partitions.
  • Rooms in small houses are often combined. It is possible to connect a living room with a kitchen, a bathroom with a toilet, a dining room and a kitchen. In some cases, they practice decorating a shower room and a bedroom next to it.
  • In order not to lay a large number of communications (electricity, water supply), the functional rooms should be located in the parts of the house closest to the exit.
  • It is better to place a toilet and a bathroom on the ground floor (if the building is two-story). This will make it possible not to spend much money on the sewer.
Layout of a bathroom in a residential building with an area of ​​80

Layout of a bathroom in a residential building with an area of ​​80 sq.m. Source

In addition to the general layout of the house, attention must be paid to each individual room. They need to leave enough space for finishing and furniture installation. Therefore, at the stage of drawing up a sketch of the future building, determine exactly where the partitions between the rooms will be installed.

Plan of a strip deep foundation for a residential building

Plan of a strip deep foundation for a residential building

On a note! When preparing the foundation, you should occupy an area slightly larger than the residential part of the house. Something will remain for the further creation of a summer veranda or gazebo. A small amount of free space is always needed.

example of what the functional zoning

An example of what the functional zoning of a one-story residential building might look like Source

Features of zoning

House layout and zoning are two integral parts that must be taken into account in construction. But in order for the room to be functional as a result, it is necessary to rationally place each zone in it. Thus, zoning objects can be:

  • Stairs. This option is ideal only if the house is built on two floors or there is an attic. Such a structure is made of wood or metal. It must be installed in the place where the room will be unused for interior elements.
  • The kitchen can be separate or combined with other rooms. The latter option is relevant only for rooms with limited area. Often a dining room or living room is used for this purpose. You can emphasize zoning with a dramatically changing interior style or false walls.
  • In most cases, the sanitary zone in the houses is separate. But if you combine it, you can create an interesting interior. At the same time, the room will become wider, which means that it will get more opportunities for placing the headset. In such rooms, the corners can become the most functional.
  • Children’s area. Usually, a separate, fairly spacious and bright room is allocated for this. For such a room, maximum safety is thought out: a minimum of items that can cause injury, a natural finish and a high-quality interior. It is better to place the children’s room on the ground floor if the building has several of them. It is advisable to place the parent’s bedroom next to it.

Having dealt with the peculiarities of the zoning of premises in a house with an individual layout, it remains only to decide in what order to place the rooms on the floor.

Layout in a house with zoning on the ground floor

Layout in a house with zoning on the ground floor Source

One-storey house plan up to 100 sq.m

In a one-story house, there must be living rooms and premises for coexistence (public). Most of them are even under one roof. Therefore, it is imperative to plan the space as conveniently as possible for everyone.

Convenient plan of a residential country house

Convenient plan of a residential country house with an area of ​​80 sq. M. Source

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House with sides 8×10

In a house with sides of 8×10 meters, it is very convenient to place not only functional rooms, but also to think over a dressing room, pantry or basement. All this can be easily accommodated with rational planning of partitions.

In such a house, you can successfully place a spacious kitchen or even make a dining room out of it. In most cases, the kitchen and the living room are combined between the main walls. The bedroom can be placed parallel to the dining room; often the back of the house is chosen for it.

House plan 80 sqm with additional public rooms

House plan 80 sqm with additional public rooms Source

House plan with a large hall, living room and kitchen

House plan with a large hall, living room and kitchen: 3 in 1 Source

Rooms in a house with an area of ​​80

Rooms in a house with an area of ​​80 sq.m. Source

One-storey cottage 6×6 meters

The layout of the house with dimensions of 6×6 meters turns out to be small. But it can be made quite functional if you equip several useful rooms: the kitchen, living room and hallway.

Floor plan with a house area of ​​80 square meters

Floor plan with a house area of ​​80 square meters Source

If this is a small country house, then it can be organized with an outdoor bathroom or make a separate extension. In the living room, you can also equip a temporary bedroom by placing a wide sofa.

In such a house, the rooms are quite small. In such a layout, it is often used to fill living quarters with textile items: soft corners, decor, curtains. But in such cases, the interior should be restrained and not cluttered.

House project from a bar of 12 square meters

House project from a bar of 12 square meters Source

Small houses are well heated with a wood-burning fireplace, so in most cases there is no need to lay a gas pipeline.

On a note! In small houses with an area of ​​12 square meters, all rooms should be isolated from each other.

Country cottage 60 sq. m

The average size of the house helps to fit a sufficient amount of furniture set inside. Such an environment will help one large family to live successfully. Here it is allowed to arrange not only an adult bedroom and a living room, but also several children’s rooms. Relevant for large families. 

The layout of the house, the area of ​​which includes a terrace

The layout of the house, the area of ​​which includes a terrace Source

Layout of a house with a small attic under the roof

Layout of a house with a small attic under the roof Source

The living room in such a house can be made large for the entire hall. Exits to other rooms are made from it. If the room turns out to be too large, it can be visually divided into functional areas. A tambour, a bathroom and a kitchen in such rooms are distributed in one part of the house, and the rest is left for living rooms.

In a house with an additional floor in the attic, you can make two bedrooms on the first floor and a bathroom. The staircase in such structures is most often set up in the hallway or hall.

Features of the attic design

An attic is another opportunity to expand the space in a residential building. For such purposes, standard or individual projects can be developed. But in each plan in the drawing, there are different options for using the free space.

Attic bedroom for two teenage children

Attic bedroom for two teenage children Source

How to furnish a loft-style attic bedroom

How to furnish a loft-style attic bedroom Source

Arrangement of a living room

Arrangement of a living room in the attic of a house in the attic Source

Roof space can be organized in different ways. To do this, it is better to choose one interior design and practice effective zoning. For example, you can arrange the attic as a personal study, winter garden or home library:

  • Attic decoration can be created in different ways. For example, roof slopes are often sheathed with plasterboard from the inside. They play the role of walls.
  • With the gypsum material, you can easily create the familiar rectangular interior space. To do this, it is enough to sheathe the ceiling and walls with canvases, giving the desired shape.
  • The attic can become a functional space. In one of the corners of the room, small household appliances can be comfortably accommodated.
  • Several spacious rooms can be placed on the attic floor. A nursery, a bedroom will perfectly fit here and there will be a small free space in the form of a corridor.
  • The attic can be used to create a separate shower or bathroom. In such a spacious room, you can perfectly place a set, bath accessories. The problem can arise only with heating and expensive communications.

In the attic floor, you can organize an area for receiving guests and create rooms for various purposes: for rest, work, entertainment.

Examples of designs for the attic

The choice of the interior direction for decoration in the attic is carried out based on the type of roof: single or gable. The area of ​​free space is also taken into account.

Organization of the interior

Organization of the interior in the office in the attic Source

A study in the attic can occupy both the entire area and be located in a specific area. If the entire floor is used for one room, then here you should think over not only the interior features, but also the presence of a doorway.

For an office, it is enough to install a table opposite the window and a soft corner for reception. Under one of the slopes inside the house, you can equip a wardrobe or a built-in niche. It is important to select it exactly in size. Small gaps can spoil the impression of the interior.

Interior minimalism in the design

Interior minimalism in the design of the attic of a small house Source

A large attic bedroom with a gable roof will be very comfortable. If you decorate the interior in a minimalist style, then the room will not have anything superfluous. Restrained decor, correct lighting will perfectly complement the room in pastel colors. 

IMG 20210630 080608

Luxurious living room in a modern attic interior

The living room for the entire attic area will turn out to be very effective and unique. You can use various ornaments, decorative elements, as well as accentuating objects in it. Such a room can be built with access to a balcony or terrace. 

Errors in the implementation of the layout of a one-story house

It is because of errors and inaccuracies in the planning process that the subsequent operation of the structure in full can be complicated. Therefore, you need to be aware of those mistakes that are important to avoid:

  • Incorrect placement of the house on the site. This factor can greatly affect the ability of the house to maintain the desired temperature during the heating season. No insulation will save the building from the constant exposure to the wind. A cool temperature will reign inside. Therefore, if there are such sides on the site, it is better to place the kitchen, dining room, hallway on them.
  • The presence of spontaneous adjustments. Such moments are very often reflected in the financial capabilities of the developer. Against this background, the freezing of the construction object occurs.
  • Incorrect (too distant) location of the bathroom from communications. If this happens, then when carrying out communications, the main pipeline needs to be insulated.
  • Lack of utility areas. Even if the house is small, you cannot leave it without a porch, hallway, wardrobe and pantry. Let small parts of the area be highlighted for this. Such premises will be very useful.
  • Lack of natural light for rooms such as kitchen, bedroom, living room. These rooms should have standard sized windows, especially if the building is in shade.

It is very important to initially take into account all the rules and patterns that will facilitate the creation of a plan for a future residential building. This will help you avoid all sorts of mistakes.

How to plan home interiors using visual effects

If the building has already been completed, but at the same time it has an insignificant area, you can correct this situation visually. Especially such methods are resorted to when the time has come to create an interior. To arrange everything without flaws, you must:

  • Use more light-colored furniture and glossy headset facades.
  • Glass and mirror surfaces are welcome (they are often used to decorate walls).
  • Small kitchens do not need to be cluttered with oversized tables and chairs. It is better to provide a simple soft corner.
  • In small rooms, it is better to arrange corner furniture so that the central part of the space remains public and free.
  • It is very easy to combine several functional areas in one room. To do this, you need to get rid of the extra headset.
  • Living rooms are often fitted with folding sofas or bunk beds. With the help of such an idea, there will always be free space in the room during the daytime.

House planning is often costly. Therefore, it must initially be carried out without errors and errors: from the foundation to the roof. 


You cannot create a project and immediately start building it. The finished documentation must be submitted to government agencies for registration of the living space and its entry into the register. The finished documentation must be provided to the construction company to create an estimate and attract labor. You can also start building your own home.

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