Small Space Wardrobe Designs For Small Bedroom

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small space wardrobe design for small bedroom

Having a dream room is indeed one of the most enjoyable things for most people. But what if it turns out that you have a bedroom that is indeed small? It’s important to maximize the placement of things so that they match your expectations.

Small space wardrobe design for a small bedroom at this time has certainly become the best choice for you to apply. This will make your room tidier and in accordance with what you want. That way, it’s important to really maximize wardrobe placement for a small bedroom.

The bedroom itself is often present as the favorite room for most people. This is of course because the room itself is present as a place to be able to unwind properly. You can rest comfortably if the arrangement of your room is done properly.

A neat bedroom arrangement, as well as a closet that you arrange properly, will increase the comfortable atmosphere you feel. This will make you more comfortable to relax in the room after tiring work. The right arrangement will help you maximize its function properly and make the atmosphere more comfortable.

7 Small Space Wardrobe Design For Small Bedroom

1. Small space wardrobe design for small bedroom by adjusting the size

small space wardrobe design for small bedroom

One way that you really have to do in order to be able to arrange the wardrobe properly is to adjust the size. You need to adjust the size of the wardrobe with the area of the room. So that there will be the right space and function optimally as a comfortable resting room.

If you adjust the size of the closet appropriately in a limited room, it will appear more spacious and comfortable. Choose a wardrobe that comes with a minimalist style as well as a design that looks simple. So that you can enjoy the maximum function of the small wardrobe that is placed in the bedroom.

2. Adjust the wardrobe according to the number of occupants in the room

small space wardrobe design for small bedroom

Choosing the right wardrobe in a small bedroom must be considered properly. You must be able to adjust the selection of cabinets with the number of occupants in the room. This will support how it functions when placed in the bedroom you have.

If you live alone in a room, it is important to choose a minimalist wardrobe. However, if the number of occupants is two people then it is necessary to choose a rather large wardrobe. See other articles: simple wardrobe designs for small bedroom.

3. Customize the design model of the wardrobe

small space wardrobe design for small bedroom

If you want to choose a wardrobe, it is important to adjust the model that will be used. Adjusting the model of the wardrobe design with the shape of your bedroom is important. So that there will be harmony in the bedroom you have with the presence of a wardrobe in it.

Choosing the wrong model will actually make the nuances in the room more chaotic and the atmosphere is chaotic. This will affect your mood as an occupant of the room, of course. See other articles: purple two colour combination for bedroom walls.

4. Take advantage of the height of the walls of the room to maximize the function of the wardrobe

small space wardrobe design for small bedroom

small space wardrobe design for small bedroom

The height of the walls in your bedroom should be utilized as much as possible in order to create efficient storage space.

Combine various types of cabinets, and shelves, then classify and customize them according to the various types of items you have.

Organize all your belongings to have a dedicated storage area, such as hangers for shirts and coats, drawers for small accessories, and more. See other articles: two colour combination for bedroom walls.

5. Adjust the wardrobe with the shape of the bedroom wall

small space wardrobe design for small bedroom

small space wardrobe design for small bedroom

For those of you who have a bedroom in the attic area, you don’t need to worry. You can still make your room as comfortable as possible.

You can choose a modular wardrobe that you can adjust to the shape of the walls in the attic. Also, adjust the wardrobe to your various needs so that it continues to function optimally.

6. Wardrobe with light colors can give the effect of a wider bedroom

small space wardrobe design for small bedroom

By having a limited-sized bedroom, choosing the right wardrobe color can affect the overall look of your room. Bright colors can make you see more clearly because, in a small room, your eyes will be limited.

To determine the color of the wardrobe in a narrow room, you can choose by adjusting the color theme or decoration in the room. 

Choose neutral colors such as white, light gray, beige, or colors that contain natural elements such as light wood.

Natural wardrobe colors are very easy to combine with furniture and accessories in other rooms. A dark wardrobe will give the impression of a full room and look cramped. See other articles: bedroom geometric wall paint.

7. Choose a wardrobe from a strong material

small space wardrobe design for small bedroom

To choose a wardrobe in a limited-sized room, you have to be more careful and selective in choosing the material.

There are various choices of materials for wardrobes, namely wood, plastic, particleboard, and even fabrics.

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Small space wardrobe designs for small bedrooms should use wood. Besides looking natural, wood is also stronger and more sturdy. The wood material is also durable and resistant to weather changes so it is not easily weathered. If you choose a wardrobe made of wood, use light wood to make your bedroom look more spacious.


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