How To Dry Clothes Indoors For 30 Minutes

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how to dry clothes indoors

Want to know how to dry clothes indoors for 30 minutes? Find powerful tips through this article. It turned out not too complicated. Come on, take a closer look!

Like it or not, the arrival of the rainy season at least interferes with various daily activities.

The most obvious example is the delay in the process of drying clothes.

Maybe in summer, clothes will dry easily because they can be dried in the sun.

Meanwhile, during the rainy season, clothes take a long time because of the difficulty of getting direct sunlight.

However, there are actually several ways to dry clothes quickly and even dry in just 30 minutes.

Want to know, how to dry clothes indoors for 30 minutes?

Just look at the reviews below, we will review them in full.

For your information, you can also apply the following methods not only in the rainy season but every time!

Drying Clothes Indoors Tips

1. Maximizing the Function of the Washing Machine

How to dry clothes indoors for the first 30 minutes, which is to maximize the function of the washing machine.

This means, before drying clothes in the washing machine, you can wring them out first.

Make sure you remove as much water as possible by hand, before drying in the washing machine.

Later the clothes will dry more optimally.

2. Use a Dry Towel

Then the next way can use a dry towel.

There are two steps you can try to dry clothes using a towel…

First, wring the clothes using a towel.

The trick is that you prepare a large towel as a base, then store the clothes on the towel.

Then roll the towel with the clothes inside, finally, wring it out as hard as you can.

You can try it over and over again until the clothes feel quite dry.

Second, you can dry clothes in the washing machine, along with towels.

Put one or two clothes you want to dry quickly, along with a few towels.

The more towels, the faster the drying process.

But for the record, this method is effective for drying one or two clothes, if there are more, it will be less effective. See other articles: small wardrobe design.

3. Using a fan

You can use a fan to dry clothes quickly.

The condition is, first dry the clothes using the washing machine.

The method is also easy, you just keep the clothes near the fan, let it sit for a while, and wait until the clothes are dry enough.

4. Can Use Hair Dryer

If the fan is not dry enough, use a hairdryer.

This electronic device is indeed powerful enough to dry hair, so it can be applied to clothes.

Put the clothes on a hanger, then dry using a hairdryer, For just a few minutes, the clothes will dry quickly. See other articles: light blue paint colors for living room.

5. Using an Iron

How to dry clothes indoors for the next 30 minutes, by using an iron.

An iron that gives off heat is powerful enough to dry clothes quickly.

However, make sure you cover the wet clothes with a dry cloth to avoid an electrical short.

For better results, iron can be used as a last step, if you have tried the above methods.

6. Dry in the Rice Cooker

Drying clothes in a rice cooker that is on, is not as effective as the methods above.

However, there is no harm in trying, because the rice cooker that is being used gives off enough heat, reaching the outer body. See other articles: walk in closet ideas.

7. Can Use Microwave

Want maximum and fast results?

Then you can use the microwave.

Put the clothes in the microwave, then set the temperature from 130 degrees Celsius, and time five to 15 minutes.

Wait a while, while occasionally checking the condition of the clothes in the microwave, because if you don’t supervise them, you’re afraid the clothes will burn.

8. Put in the Freezer Refrigerator

How to dry clothes indoors for the last 30 minutes by putting them in the refrigerator freezer.

Before you put it in, put the clothes in a plastic bag.

This method will take a long time if the clothes are too wet.

Therefore, the freezer will be effectively used, if previously the clothes have been dried in the ways above.

Those are some how-to dry clothes indoors for 30 minutes. May be useful.

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