Designing a house, choose a modern concept or one that is timeless?

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designing a house

Every time they are faced with designing a house, people nowadays mostly choose to make a choice on a modern concept. But some say the current concept will make you lose if the trend has faded. Then it prefers timeless design concepts for your home.

Still, confused? Why not combine the two things. Modern but you can still use it for a long time. Have no idea what the design looks like? Find out the answer below.

Balanced Design

designing a house

The first thing you need to know is the lack of each concept in designing the house. A modern room can look too bold, while a traditional one often looks boring.

The main key in uniting the two is to fill in these deficiencies from the advantages of each. Find a balance between these two-room concepts and you are guaranteed to fall in love with the concept.

Prioritize Your Senses

designing a house

The most pleasant thing in interior design is the changes that are very dynamic and catch the eye. If you are one of those people who follow trends, then get ready to spend an extra budget on updating the latest designs.

But if you want a modern look that is still classic, one thing that you must prioritize is your sense of taste. In the end, the outdated modern stuff will stay if you really like it. Isn’t that right?

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Modern Objects As Accents

designing a house

In order for all the decorations in the room to last a long time but still have a contemporary look, make modern nuanced objects as accents. Meanwhile, rely on the more dominant traditional concept in designing this dual-themed house.

Why the accent? Because these things are not too expensive when compared to sofas, cabinets, and other furniture. If you no longer like the accent, you can replace it without thinking.

Quality = Long Use

designing a house

If you choose modern items that are not too expensive, the case is different from everlasting items for your home. If you want them to be durable and can be used for a long time, consider choosing really quality materials.

Expensive indeed, but it is certainly worth it because the time of use is really long. If you want them to last a long time, you have to take good care of your quality furniture too!

Take Classic Style Inspiration

designing a house

The final key in balancing modern and timeless concepts in home design is inspired by classic design styles. This design concept focuses on smooth and clean-cut shapes. Neutral classic colors are also suitable to unite traditional and modern styles.

Designing a home is not always black and white. The most important thing is how you balance the concept and make it pleasing to the eye and comfortable to live in.

We hope that the design inspiration that we have provided is useful for you all.

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