Color Combination for House Interior Painting

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color combination for house interior painting

There are many ways to make residential interiors look more attractive. One of them is to deal with color combinations, be it on the walls or the furniture used. Not only that, the choice of colors for this interior is also a reflection of the personality of the owner of the dwelling. When relaxing or having guests come, of course you want to feel comfortable and create a good impression, right?

For those of you who are still confused about choosing a color combination, take a look at some of the following inspirations! Who knows, something that fits your personality.

color combination for house interior painting

Combination of purple and cream

color combination for house interior painting

The use of purple for the interior as a whole will look tacky if it is not arranged properly. For those of you lovers of purple who want to still look soft, try a combination of purple and beige like this. The beige color on the walls will drown out the purple color in home decor that is too bright.

Black and gold color combination

color combination for house interior painting

For some people, a residence must look luxurious. To make it happen, you don’t have to only use large furniture full of carvings and fantastic value. The easiest way is to apply a combination of black and gold. For example, like the inspiration above with black wall paint, then gold as an accent.

But there are some things you need to consider because black will make the room look narrow and dark. Thus, the combination of black and gold will be more suitable for large dwellings. For the overall interior style, it can be adjusted by yourself. Whether classic or minimalist, it’s just as charming! read also : home paint color combination.

The combination of white and salmon

color combination for house interior painting

The feminine impression is synonymous with pink, but you can also try a combination of white and salmon for an even more charming impression. This soft and rarely used color combination can also create an elegant impression.

So, to make it even more perfect, also use yellow lighting. It’s perfect for you, adult women who still live alone.

Combination of gray and yellow

color combination for house interior painting

Next, there is a combination of gray and yellow for residential interiors with a dynamic and cheerful impression. The interior of this one is dominated by light gray on the walls, side tables, and other decorations so that the room does not look cramped.

Meanwhile, yellow is used on curtains, pillowcases, carpets, and ottomans. If you are hesitant to use the yellow color combination permanently, try choosing the softest yellow color as wall paint or furniture first, such as the ottoman chair in front of the bed.

The combination of green and salmon

color combination for house interior painting

Green lovers often feel awry when they want to use their favorite color in residential interior design. If you use a combination of green and black, the room will look dark. If the combination of green and white, it might look tacky.

Fortunately, there are salmon colors that go well with dark green or light green. Like the inspiration above, the interior of the room looks soft and charming.

Black and white color combination

color combination for house interior painting

The combination of black and white is the safest color combination to use and is generally found in modern minimalist home interior designs because of its monochrome nature. Its application is very easy because there are many wall paints and various furniture sold in that color. Most people will use white on the walls and floors, while the black color for large furniture such as dining tables and sofas.

Of the seven color combinations above, is there anything that appeals to you? If applied at home, guaranteed to be charming!

Hopefully the article color combination for house interior painting is useful. If it is difficult to design an interior design, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!


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