Kids Room Decoration Ideas With Cute Western Country Themes

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room decor ideas for kids

room decor ideas for kids – The concept of western country or which is thick with rural nuances and farms in the United States is often used as the theme of children’s birthdays. Cowboys, horses, cows, and the colors of the earth and plants are the hallmarks of the western country. Apparently, this concept can also be poured to enliven the bedroom or children’s playroom.

Although it is still rarely applied in people’s homes in the world, this theme can be a very exciting choice. Because, not only triggering their brains to imagine, children will also feel a comfortable atmosphere from the colors used in it. Here are some cute decorations that can make your child’s bedroom and playroom feel country.

room decor ideas for kids

Ranch Headboard

room decor ideas for kids

In country and cowboy themed cartoons that your children often watch, you will often see a farm building where pets live. If it is not colored natural wood, usually the building will be painted bright red combined with a black or white roof. Well, you can use the image of the building as a headboard idea in your child’s bedroom.

To make the room really look like a farm, also place some stuffed animals like cows, chickens, and horses on their beds or on their bookshelves. Also choose the color of the bed frame that is in harmony with one of the color elements found on the headboard. An example is the concept image above. You can also see our other articles : dining room decoration.

Cowboy Stickers

room decor ideas for kids

Your children, especially boys, will love it if their room is decorated with something cowboy-like. Don’t bother thinking about what kind of decoration can make it happen because you just need to look for a wall sticker or wall sticker with a similar image. If you can’t find it, just make a picture of it with the help of a pattern that has been printed on paper.

To make the room more cowboy nuanced, use wood and earth colors that are thick with the theme. You can also add a tribal patterned rug on the floor to amplify the feel. You can also see our other articles : furniture village reviews.

Cow Motif

room decor ideas for kids

The next thing that is very thick with the concept of western country is the abstract cowhide motif. You can use wallpaper with this motif for your child’s play area. Apply wallpaper on half the walls and then mix it with earth brown paint with a red line accent in the middle to make the country feel more visible and felt. You can also see our other articles : two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Unique Bed

room decor ideas for kids

A horse-drawn carriage bed complete with a curved roof can be a very interesting decoration for a child’s room with a western country feel. Don’t imagine a traditional horse-drawn carriage! because this one horse carriage is very different. You can see an example in the image above.

Buying may not be the right way to own it. So, if your child really likes the model of the bed, just ask the help of a wood craftsman to make it. Invite your little ones to contribute in making it by letting them choose the color of the bed frame polish. You can also see our other articles : japanese bedroom ideas.

Simple Tent

room decor ideas for kids

Your nursery room or child’s bedroom can also look attractive with this country-style decoration. Broadly speaking, the elements of this bedroom already reflect a country nuanced room. This can be seen in the bed made of wood and the dominant brown color. Because this room is designed for your children who like fun nuances, place a simple tent decoration in the corner of the room. Apart from being a decoration, the tent can also function as a playground for them. You can also see our other articles : beautiful house design.


room decor ideas for kids

Not only colorful, children will also be happy if their room is equipped with picture walls. So, choose a wallpaper with a cowboy cartoon image in the middle of an interesting mountain like the example above. You can also use a mural technique to decorate the walls with the same picture for your little one’s bedroom to make it look more lively. You can also see our other articles : 3 bedroom house plan.


room decor ideas for kids

A modern minimalist concept room like the example above can still be present with a western country feel just by adding a decoration. Yes! Synthetic carpet or cowhide imitation with a very distinctive motif. Carpet itself is a decoration that is very simple but efficient to strengthen a concept or theme of the room. You can also apply this carpet decoration idea to your residence in the form of an apartment. You can also see our other articles : bedrooms for girls.

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