9 Ways to Make Residential a Healthy House for Families

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healthy house

Healthy house – Everyone wants the best for their house, including in terms of health. Having a healthy house, of course, can not only keep you from various diseases but also provide more comfort for its residents.

But, how can you make your house into a healthy house category? Check out the various ways you can do to create a healthy house for your family below!

Healthy House For Families

1. Stay away from the use of materials that contain hazardous chemicals for a healthy house

healthy house

The use of materials that are not wise can keep your house from the category of healthy houses. This is because some materials may contain hazardous chemicals.

An example of a dangerous building material is the use of asbestos as a roof or ceiling. All building materials that use PVC material can also produce gases that can trigger various diseases, including cancer. Some synthetic paints and thinners are also harmful to the health of the house. So, always make sure you are familiar with the building materials that you will use before using them in your healthy house.

2. Healthy houses Need Attention in Lighting

Lighting in the dwelling is very important because this can affect activities which will also have an impact on your health. Natural light can reduce excess moisture and kill bacteria. Activities such as work and reading in low light will also have an impact on your eye health. Choose a good type of lamp to keep your eyes healthy.

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A bedroom that is exposed to too much light when sleeping is also not good for your health because it will interfere with rest. Adjust natural lighting to suit the needs of the space. Also provide adequate artificial lighting such as table lamps to support when natural lighting does not support during cloudy days or at night.

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3. Provide the Best Air Circulation and Ventilation for Healthy Houses

When you breathe, not only oxygen you breathe, but various particles and substances that may contaminate the air. This is the reason why if your house does not have a good air system, your house cannot be said to be a healthy house.

Design your house with the number of openings and ventilation that suits your needs. Also make sure the ventilation in a healthy house is cross ventilation, so that the air in the room can regenerate with the air outside. Occupancy that includes a healthy house may have air conditioning, but natural air circulation is the best. To avoid direct sunlight, you can use curtains or curtains.

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Pay more attention to spaces in healthy houses that are prone to air pollution, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or toilets. In a healthy house, these rooms have good air circulation, so that dirty air can be immediately replaced with clean air.

4. Don’t Leave Room for Living Pests

healthy house

Healthy houses must also be free from pests. When pests such as fungi or insects attack, of course you can use pesticides to repel them. Prevention is certainly better than cure. Moreover, the use of pesticides can leave toxic chemicals in your house.

For that, do not give room for these pests to live in your healthy house. If you have to use wood material, make sure the wood is termite free and you have also provided termite repellent so that the wood does not attract the attention of insects, especially termites. Clean the sofa at house regularly.

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Always keep the air and lighting moist by opening windows or other openings to prevent mold or other weeds from filling unexpected gaps in the house.

5. Use Materials that are Easy to Clean and Not Dusty

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Cleanliness is the most important factor to ensure that your house is still included in the healthy house category. However, not all parts of your house are easy to clean. For example, for walls, use spotless wall paint that can be wiped off easily if there are stains. Clean the carpet that you have regularly because the carpet is easy to store dust and dirt. Cracked flooring materials such as parquet and wood also have the potential to store dirt that is difficult to clean.

6. Have Pets, But Give Good Care

What does having a pet have to do with turning your house into a healthy house? In fact, a study from “Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology & Physiology” states that owning a pet can provide many positive health benefits, including improving mood and emotional levels. It also controls blood pressure and also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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However, if you don’t take care of your pet, this will actually cause health problems for both the pet and the owner. In addition to taking good care of it, make sure your healthy house has a special room or area for pets so that your pets don’t wander in private areas such as bedrooms.

7. Waste Management in Healthy Houses

Management of garbage and other household waste that is not good and right can be a source of various bacteria and other health problems. So, make sure your healthy house has good waste and waste treatment.

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Use a septic tank that meets the standards and needs so that it does not pollute the soil and water contained in it. Also make sure you have a separation of organic and inorganic waste produced by your healthy house. This trash can must also be closed and emptied periodically.

You can process organic waste again by applying the method of making compost, while inorganic waste can be recycled into new products, such as handicrafts.

8. Clean Water System for Healthy Houses

Most tap water already contains chlorine. Don’t worry first because chlorine is actually good for killing mold and other parasites. Only, excessive use can lead to bad things and even invite the development of cancer cells. To create a healthy house, make sure every clean water channel in your house, be it the sink or bathroom faucet, is equipped with a good filtering system, right!

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For clean water lines that are used for consumption, add a water filter with activated carbon to kill all toxic substances. This good water filtration system will help your residence one step closer to a healthy house.

9. Add a Garden in a Healthy House

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Maximize your healthy house and present enough plants in your house. The presence of a garden in a healthy house helps control air circulation, temperature, and humidity. Not only physically, gardens can also provide a relaxing and stress-relieving effect that is good for mental and psychological health. No wonder, presenting a house garden is something you should consider.

If you have limited space, present a hanging garden or vertical garden as an alternative to a healthy house. If those two things are not possible, try adding a little element of vegetation to the space in your healthy house.

In fact, you can choose some vegetation specifically to help make your healthy house healthier. Such as using lavender as a mosquito repellent plant, or using sansevieria which can absorb radiation from electronic devices. Bamboo plants are also famous for being able to absorb 4x more carbon dioxide than plants in general, so they can help make the air around the house healthier, fresher and of course healthy.

After knowing the characteristics of a healthy house, don’t hesitate to remodel your house now to be healthier! Moreover, a healthy house is an important factor for a happy family. Congratulations on realizing your dream healthy house!

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