9 Artistic Bathrooms With Unique Designs And Views

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artistic bathroom design – There are so many styles and decorations that people can choose to polish their dwellings. One that is still a favorite is the beautiful artistic nuance. Usually this style is widely applied to large rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms. Then what about the artistic bathroom?

Even though it has a small room size, the bathroom can also look charming with this touch. Here are nine examples of artistic bathroom designs with an attractive appearance as a reference.

artistic bathroom design

artistic bathroom design

Simple and Attractive

artistic bathroom design

The plain white color in this bathroom dominates, from the walls to other toiletries. Even so, this room looks very artistic with an attractive layout selection. In addition, each bathroom furniture has an unusual shape and tends to be unique. The natural light that emanates from the window also adds to the luxurious impression of this bathroom.

Rich Texture

artistic bathroom design

The texture of this artistic bathroom wall is very rich with a rough surface appearance. The arrangement is very simple and the selection of equipment with classic colors makes it look very stunning. In addition, the carved iron accents on the lights and shower room make this bathroom look more beautiful. See other articles: small modern bathroom ideas.

Metallic Minimalist

artistic bathroom design

A minimalist bathroom with dominant white and black colors will not feel boring if you are smart in choosing the right decoration. One of the things that you can add to this bathroom is graphic decorations from stencils in metallic colors.

Beautified Tiles

artistic bathroom design

The picture above is an example of a futuristic artistic bathroom. The shape of the box that dominates and the design of the equipment that is dominant in white characterizes a simple modern impression. This room looks very unique with the small tiles used to cover the walls and also the floor. See other articles: best bathtub design ideas.

Colored Box Motif

artistic bathroom design

Bathroom walls are often left plain or minimal in lively patterns. But that doesn’t apply to this artistic bathroom design. Each wall is lined with very lively characters and very bright colors. Everything blends very perfectly, especially coupled with the selection of wood floors with natural shades.


artistic bathroom design

The concept of jungle design in rooms at home is now increasingly known and widely applied by people. The bathroom is also an area that can be beautified with this style. The key is to place green plants dominantly in several corners of the room. In addition, the choice of equipment is more inclined to natural shades such as wood and stone. See other articles: white bathroom ideas photo gallery.

Open Bath Style

artistic bathroom design

The bathrooms of houses in Japan have a distinctive character with their natural nuances. This nuance is inspired by the many open hot spring baths in the country. Although thick with simplicity, this artistic bathroom looks modern with the presence of other equipment from chrome iron material.

Bohemian eclectic

artistic bathroom design

All surfaces of the walls, cabinets, and bathroom fixtures are painted with very distinctive colors and motifs in a bohemian style. All the elements in it are also very unique, making this artistic bathroom even more interesting. See other articles: low budget modern 3 bedroom house design.

Mysterious Elegant

artistic bathroom design

The wall, ceiling, and bathroom floor materials that use dark colors make this room look mysterious but elegant at the same time. Other decorative elements that are golden in color further add to the artistic feel in it.

Hopefully the artistic bathroom design inspiration that we reviewed above can be useful for you all.


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