7 Cool Ideas For a Small Bathroom

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cool ideas for a small bathroom

Cool Ideas For a Small Bathroom – Your master bathroom is a sacred space. In addition to meeting all daily hygiene needs, harmony and peace reign in it. It is the perfect place to collect thoughts on how you feel in the morning, what breakfast will be like, and how to keep a positive attitude at work ahead.

Since this kind of daily preparation is necessary, it is very important that you like the design of your bathroom. If it’s small, your goal should be to make the most of all available space. There is not much space in it, but this is no reason to give up luxury.

1. Ideas for a colorful small bathroom

cool ideas for a small bathroom

Your bathroom is a place where you can relax and wash away all the worries of the day. With that in mind, creating the best bathroom with a focus on relaxation should be high on your to-do list if you’re a new homeowner. If your bathroom is tiny and you’re trying to figure out how to design your space for relaxation, there are several options.

Those who like rooms in dark colors should try painting the walls in cobalt gray, leaving a white accent wall. If you are not a fan of such a dark range, paint the walls in muted or neutral colors. Complement them by incorporating the same color scheme into the tile design.

cool ideas for a small bathroom

To make your bathroom remodel look luxurious, add silver or gold handles to the bathroom door and shower frame. You can use the same idea when choosing your sink faucet and shower faucet.

Playing with bright and bold colors will turn a small space into a wonderland. Using a monochrome color scheme with a textured accent wall will add dimension to it.

You can use vertical stripes or beveled patterns on an accent wall as a central focal point. If you prefer a smooth texture to your accent wall, add a dramatic piece of art or lettering that blends in perfectly with the design of the room.

2. Ideas for a corner shower or sink

cool ideas for a small bathroom

Transform your small bathroom into a cozy space where you can relax and enjoy being alone. Use a certain form of furniture in the bathroom for this purpose, so that the room seems larger. Try going a less traditional route and opt for a round shower door. The bubble effect will make the shower more spacious and visually appealing.

Contrast this geometric shape with a more traditional square or rectangular sink. Whether the sink is floating or fixed to the floor and wall, the different sizes of the room will make your design interesting.

cool ideas for a small bathroom

If you don’t have a glass shower door, increase your attention to the design of the room. Add a curved shower bar and use whatever pattern you like on the curtains, and your shower will be decorative even if you can’t see it. There are many ideas for small bathrooms in the design world, but you should choose the one that suits both your own style and everyday needs.

If your bathroom sink is in a corner, add some decor to it so it doesn’t fall out of the overall design. Hanging a framed piece of art on the wall gives you something to think about when you wake up in the morning and try to get your brain to work. If there is free space next to the sink, add a stand to store toiletries.

3. Ideas for a small farmhouse style bathroom

cool ideas for a small bathroom

Homeowners who prefer a rustic style bathroom design should try a design that mimics a farmhouse. This idea does not offer the style of a rustic hay barn, but a classic, southern design inspired by chic. These bathrooms are characterized by character and comfort. To store toiletries, add floating shelves to the wall.

When choosing wooden shelving material, try to stay consistent with your farmhouse vision. Use shelves to store towels, incense, and other accessories. To complement the wood accents, choose wood frames for your dressing mirror or any paintings and the artwork you would like to decorate your wall with.

cool ideas for a small bathroom

A shower curtain can also create a farmhouse feel. The design often uses neutral tones and unbleached color schemes. This color palette creates a wide variety of curtain options.

If you want something pre-revolutionary, opt for ruffle curtains, perfect for a freestanding bathtub. Another option is to choose a simple pattern for the curtain. White, cream, or lilac as the main color, with delicate patterns or prints, will perfectly tie the design of the bathroom together in the spirit of the “farmhouse”.

4. Ideas for a small bathroom in industrial design

cool ideas for a small bathroom

Those of us who have a small bathroom at our disposal usually strive for a visual increase in space. Industrial design will help you achieve the desired effect by using subtle and vintage accents throughout the bathroom. Ideas may include black, gold, or white tones. To complement the design, the space can include wood accents on the sink or vanity.

If you like bright rooms that let in a lot of natural light, try painting the window surrounds and mirrors in the sink in black or metallic gold, and leave the walls in white or pastel colors.

cool ideas for a small bathroom

In a small bathroom, there is a feeling of lightness, regardless of the time of day. Use a variety of accessories and wall art to further enhance the industrial design. Engage shower and sink faucets for a luxurious and timeless look.

Choose from gold, copper, brass, or black faucets that mimic industrial pipes or 19th-century designs. Portal-like touches will take you back in time while maintaining an elegance that will be nice to shower in.

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5. Simple ideas for a small bathroom

cool ideas for a small bathroom

By choosing a simple design, it is customary not to complicate the layout of a small bathroom. But simple design does not mean that you should limit the use of any design elements. Try to include one or two things that will draw attention to the room.

In the rest of the room, place a simple white porcelain sink and matching toilet, but you can also install a gold towel rack that can turn your space into a beautiful bathroom. If you want to go without any accessories, pick up the perfect ceramic tile to be the main attraction.

cool ideas for a small bathroom

A simple design can make your space feel modern anyway. Get creative and choose colorful floor tiles while leaving the rest of the room white. The approach will enhance the feeling of modernity as soon as you enter the room. You can also install a marble top and back to add a subtle yet sophisticated touch.

If your bathroom has enough storage space, install the sink on a pedestal. It will grab attention as a minimalistic yet stylish choice. There isn’t a lot of storage space in a pedestal sink, so be sure to fill in the gap by adding floor shelving above the toilet or floating shelves.

6. Ideas for small bathrooms with a bathtub

cool ideas for a small bathroom

The overall decor of the room can also be inspired by your bathroom. If you have a freestanding bathtub, consider adding extras such as a bathtub storage rack. A small bathroom will seem more spacious due to the free space around the tub. This idea gives you the chance to add a storage shelf or install a towel rail.

A bathtub can serve as an inspiration for creating a modern aesthetic. Frame your shower door and use accent pieces on ceramic tiles in the same color to brighten up your tiny space.

cool ideas for a small bathroom

Whether your bathtub is rectangular or round, you can still include it in your design to fit your tiny space. It’s a great idea to tile the outside of the bathtub with the same pattern as the rest of the room, the idea will create cohesion in the design of your room.

If you have a glass shower, tiling around it will help make it stand out visually. Make sure in advance that you like the tiles you are using. Tiles in a small bathroom can be visually lost if you have too many accessories and furniture to store supplies.

7. Ideas for a modern small bathroom

cool ideas for a small bathroom

Floating toilets sinks, and cool white lighting provides contemporary design inspiration for your small bathroom. The modern layout of the premises includes minimalism. This design will elevate the space to the level of luxury and make it spacious.

To create an atmosphere, use accessories to a minimum, in contrast, you can use the floor and walls to bring your idea to life.

cool ideas for a small bathroom

Choose the type of wood paneling or floor tile you want, then use the same option to clad your bathroom walls. Thanks to this, the room will appear larger and the overall design of the bathroom will be synchronized.

A smaller (sitting) bathroom will make your modern version of the room feel more spacious and give you the opportunity to play with shapes. Using a round or rectangular bathtub can be a part of the design that highlights your luxurious decor.

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