The Idea of Combining a Bedroom With a Study Table

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bedroom ideas with study table

bedroom ideas with study table –  Owning a house makes it quite impossible for a person to have a room specifically designed for work, especially for studying. Instead of using it as a study room, people would prefer to use it as a bedroom.

Limited land is also always the reason why homeowners prefer to create a room with multiple functions.

One example is the idea of ​​a bedroom with a study table.

So how is the bedroom design combined with the study room without changing the atmosphere at all?

Check out the inspiration below.

bedroom ideas with study table

1. Prioritize the Bed

bedroom ideas with study table

The main key of combining the study room and bedroom is to design it to stay comfortable for resting.

So you have to position the bed in a really strategic place, for example close to the window as a source of light and air.

Give a distance of a few meters between the bed and the study table, so that your mobility in the room remains smooth.

2. Overhanging Study Desk

bedroom ideas with study table

An important thing that must also be considered when combining a study and a bedroom is neatness.

So that books, files, stationery, and other items are not scattered, try the design of the study table protruding inward.

You can get around this by making a sticky wardrobe, then leaving a few meters of empty area next to it.

bedroom ideas with study table

You can also design the study room to appear in the wardrobe.

When you need it, simply open the door, then close it when the study is no longer in use.

This will also really help make the bedroom feel more private. See other articles: steps for how to decorate study table.

3. The compatibility of the Study Room Furniture with the Bedroom

bedroom ideas with study table

Matching furniture or the same theme in one room, of course, will give a pleasant feel to the bedroom combined with the study room.

For example, in a girl’s room who is growing up, use a bed and study table in a classic style with a touch of feminine color.

Looks comfortable and sweet, doesn’t it, the example picture above?

4. Choosing an Efficient Bedroom & Study Room Design

bedroom ideas with study table

A small room that is intended to sleep two people must have felt cramped.

Especially if it is added to the presence of a study table in it.

It turns out that it can still be done without losing the impression of comfort at all.

The trick, use a study table with a simple and minimalist design that is attached to the wall.

That way, the room will still have empty space to walk.

bedroom ideas with study table

With a minimalist design and concept of furniture, a bedroom with a single bed will feel more spacious.

This is because the shelves where all the textbooks are stored are not under the floor, but are attached to the wall. See other articles: paper wall decoration ideas.

5. Put the Study Desk in the Corner

bedroom ideas with study table

So that the study area does not interfere with the mobility of activities in the room, place it in the corner of the room opposite your bed.

That way, the room will look and feel more spacious.

You can use the empty area as a place to sit or sleep while reading a book.

6. Table under/above the bed

bedroom ideas with study table

The last alternative design in combining the study and bedroom in one place is by stacking.

The point is to place the study area above or below the bunk bed, so that a lot of empty land is left.

Interesting to imitate, right?

Hopefully this design inspiration can be useful.


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