5 Simple Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas

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Taking a bath at the same time blending with nature, might be a pleasant terrace. Well, here is a unique and impressive simple outdoor bathroom idea.

simple outdoor bathroom idea

In the concept of a house, the bathroom in an enclosed space is a common design.

But there’s nothing wrong, you design a bathroom for outdoors while maintaining privacy.

So, what is a simple outdoor bathroom design idea that blends with nature but is still private? Let’s take a look at the inspiration here.

Taking an outdoor bathroom theme will give its own impression. Because, in general, the bathroom is in the room.

However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Now there are so many outdoor bathroom designs that seem to blend with nature, but still, maintain the privacy of the users.

This outdoor or outdoor bathroom in addition to presenting a different atmosphere can also help prevent humidity in the bathroom space.

So that a bathroom model like this will always be fresher and cooler.

What do simple outdoor bathroom ideas look like? Here we present it to you, maybe in the future you want to design a similar bathroom.

5 Simple Outdoor Bathroom Idea

1. Collaborate with Nature

simple outdoor bathroom idea

The concept of an outdoor bathroom will always be related to the exterior of the house.

Then you can maximize the design, by embracing the natural environment by using a variety of green plants.

You can combine various types of green plants with ornamental plants that surround the bathroom space.

So as if you are bathing in a tropical climate.

With an atmosphere like this, it can certainly be a relief after a day of activities outside the home with many tiring office tasks.

2. Add Footpath Design

simple outdoor bathroom idea

If you want to make an outdoor bathroom with a shower look more luxurious and striking, you can try adding a small walkway made of tiles or cement.

Which is the path, the direction is towards the outside bathroom.

You also hang hooks on the dividing wall so you can use the hook as a clothesline.

3. Bathroom Design Outside in the Exterior

simple outdoor bathroom idea

Outdoor bathrooms are not always outdoors. You can also pour simple outdoor bathroom ideas that are applied to indoor designs.

To make it more aesthetic, you can set the part of the sky that is open.

With this open setting, the shower will be illuminated with sunlight.

This atmosphere will make the bathroom atmosphere cool at other times, and hot at other times as well.

4. Bathroom Design with Unique Design

simple outdoor bathroom idea

An outdoor bathroom with a unique design will give a distinct impression.

It could even be that a uniquely designed outdoor shower is the dream of many people.

For example, you can design an outdoor bathroom with blue walls.

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5. Create Two Side-by-Side Bathrooms

simple outdoor bathroom idea

If you want to feel the sensation of an outdoor bathroom as well as the sensation of an indoor bathroom, then you can get both at the same time.

You only need to create two side-by-side bathroom designs separated by clear glass.

That way, you can change the atmosphere at will and whenever you want. Cool isn’t it?

Well, those are some simple outdoor bathroom ideas that are unique and will give the impression of being one with nature. You will feel a unique sensation when using this outdoor bathroom.


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