11 Small Simple Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas, Beautiful & Elegant

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bathroom tile design ideas

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas – Bathroom remodeling is considered a responsible undertaking, even for experienced homeowners. In the process of updating plumbing and much-needed storage systems, it’s easy to overlook important details. If you lay the first tile you see and that’s it, you’re missing out on giving your bathroom the style and personality it deserves.

The tile reliably protects walls and a floor from the harmful influence of the increased humidity. It is much easier to keep mold and mildew free than other materials used in home design. But most importantly, the design of the bathroom with tiles is the basis of the entire space.

Whether you’re decorating a closet or a large bathroom, finding inspiration can often be the hardest part. Check out our ideas for tiling your dream bathroom.

1. Bathroom Tile Ideas With Accent Wall

bathroom tile design ideas

With the help of an accent wall, you can embody grandiose and bold ideas in bathroom cladding in a way that would never have occurred to you before, to create this with a small room. But deciding where to place an accent wall is often the hardest part. The back wall of your bathroom (the one farthest from the door) is a good candidate.

There is a common misconception that an accent wall should be radically different from the surrounding decoration. In fact, an inconspicuous accent wall can be just as effective.

When decorating a tile accent wall, don’t just think about color. Include interesting patterns and textures that contrast with the surrounding walls.

Of course, there are no rules regarding the need to cover the entire wall. Use floor-to-ceiling accent tiles, for example, to visually separate the shower enclosure from the rest of the bathroom design.

2. Bathroom Back Wall Tile Ideas

bathroom tile design ideas

When it comes to wall tile trends, we usually associate them with the kitchen. However, a tile panel on the far side of the bathroom is a great way to bring some color and variety into the space.

Lay the tiles on the wall up to the ceiling or limit yourself to a few centimeters. The smaller the area of ​​​​the back wall, the bolder the tile option you can choose.

If your idea of ​​great home design calls for thinking outside the box, don’t limit yourself to traditional masonry. Use geometric tiles to create an intriguing backdrop to modern bathroom sinks and faucets.

3. Tile Ideas for a Modern Bathroom Look

bathroom tile design ideas

There is no shame in staying on top of the biggest trends, especially when it comes to your own home. While not everyone likes the modern style, the tile that makes your bathroom look modern is guaranteed to impress your guests.

To make the chosen tile undeniably modern, pay attention to the large sizes. This applies to both floor and wall options.

Today, models imitating organic materials are very popular. Also, variations of natural stone have always been and remain in trend. But you can take it a step further and choose from a variety of beautiful wood grain tiles that also convey a contemporary feel.

The modern design includes a lot of variety. Try using several tile styles in your bathroom for a space-enhancing effect. To make your bathroom tile really shine, including recessed lighting in your design.

4. Dark Bathroom Tile Ideas

bathroom tile design ideas

Amateur designers are often afraid to use dark-colored tiles in their home decor. It’s true, these shades can make a small bathroom seem even smaller if used incorrectly. But you can still strategically incorporate dark color options into your bathroom to add dimension to the space.

Do not exclude dark colors from the redevelopment of the room. Covering some surfaces with shades of navy blue, gray, and even black will only make the lighter colors in your bathroom pop.

Grout for joints can change the overall color palette of the room. The white grout contrasts beautifully with the black tiles. Matte black grout looks different but no less gorgeous.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not to use dark tiles, check out patterned designs. Tiling in several different shades of charcoal is a simple yet effective way to spice up this trend.

5. Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

bathroom tile design ideas

The bathroom is one of the only rooms where tiles are used not only for walls but also for the floor. And it would be a shame to neglect the floor tiles and all the potential inherent in them.

A tile pattern on the floor is one of the easiest ways to elevate your bathroom design. And black and white tiles are one of the most popular color combinations. If full-blown patterns aren’t your thing, play with unique laying patterns and contrast grouting.

Avoid laying the same tiles on both the floor and walls. Instead, select it on its own for shower walls, as a complement to bathroom flooring in color, texture, or pattern.

To tie everything together, combine ceramic tiles with wood flooring. Laying contrasting tiles around your tub or shower will help protect natural wood planks from water damage while giving your bathroom that million-dollar look. In particular, hexagonal tiles always create an organic, contemporary aesthetic.

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6. Gray Bathroom Tiling Ideas

bathroom tile design ideas

Gray is an incredibly “safe” color in the home design world – it’s neither too bright nor too dark. In addition, like other neutral colors, it goes well with almost all other colors.

Stone is the obvious choice when choosing gray tiles for a bathroom. Many types of stone boast beautiful gray tones and patterns. The natural variations found in it will help make the design of an all-gray room not too monochromatic.

If you’re ready to incorporate classic texture into your wall or shower room cladding ideas, look no further than clay tiles. The antique clay tile has a gorgeous light gray color that is truly one of a kind.

Even if you choose ceramic or porcelain tiles, approach the color palette with an open mind. Incorporating multiple shades of gray into the cladding is a great way to make a space visually more interesting.

7. Marble Tile Bathroom Ideas

bathroom tile design ideas

Perhaps no tile material can match the elegance of marble. The extra-large tile contains the natural streaks and color variations of the marble. For this reason, unfinished pieces of marble are significantly more expensive than small tiles.

We used to identify marble as a pearly white stone, and in many ways this is true, it is by far the most popular color option today. But you can also find marble in shades of grey, green, charcoal, and pink. The use of two or more varieties of marble in bathroom cladding allows you to play with patterns and contrasts.

Yes, marble tiles are great. But it also requires frequent maintenance to prevent scratches and water damage. If practicality is high on your list, there are better alternatives. Many other types of natural stone tiles imitate the look of marble without the need for maintenance, and plain artificial marble tiles are always the best option.

8. Ideas for Tiling a Bathroom With Natural Stone Tiles

bathroom tile design ideas

One of our favorite characteristics of natural stone is its texture. While you can certainly find polished stone flooring options (no one wants to walk barefoot on rough stone), this material can shine when left untouched.

Use uniform stone tiles to create a brickwork-inspired aesthetic. Or piece together raw stone to simulate the texture of rock. Pebbles are an easy way to achieve a rustic river rock look on your shower floor or walls.

This texture looks especially good in the shower. Pair stone tiles with a waterfall shower head for a natural shower experience.

Because stone tile is so versatile, it’s best used as an accent or back wall. If you cover every inch of the walls in the bathroom with natural stone, the result will lead to congestion of the space.

9. Patterned Bathroom Tile Ideas

bathroom tile design ideas

Bathroom tile has more versatility than any other wall or floor covering – even wallpaper. While the end result won’t necessarily look vintage, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found by turning to historic buildings. After all, decorative mosaic tiles have been used by many cultures for thousands of years.

You can create intriguing patterns with just two different colors. Use geometric tile patterns to outline your bathroom floor plan. Or lay out a contrasting border around the perimeter of the entire room.

Remember that bathroom tile patterns don’t have to be high contrast. Slight color variations are all it takes to create a beautiful pattern.

Creating patterns from individual tiles is not the only option. Look for ceramic or cement options with multi-colored patterns for a stylish design that requires minimal effort on your part. Just remember that you will need a professional installer with an eye for detail, as each tile needs to fit in with its neighbors.

10. Textured Bathroom Tile Ideas

bathroom tile design ideas

Some types of tiles have an inherent texture to them – namely, where each individual tile is in contact with the grout. Today, textured tiles are a big trend in bathroom design.

While you don’t want to use textured floor tiles, they can literally make boring bathroom walls look three-dimensional.

If you’re going to use textured tile in your bathroom design, stick to a simple color palette. Overlaying a picture on top of an existing texture will overload the space (and generally negate the point of using a texture). For this reason, textured tiles are great for monochromatic designs.

11. White Tile Bathroom Ideas

bathroom tile design ideas

If you’re looking for tile ideas for a small bathroom, you can’t go wrong with white. This color scheme will not only enlarge the space but also make it clean and stylish.

White natural stone often has subtle color variations. However, if used in bathroom floor tiles or wall cladding, these organic patterns will bring your design to life.

For modern designs, use hexagonal tile shapes. This form can be placed anywhere. If the grout matches the tile, the unique overall pattern will be extraordinarily sophisticated. Use any size tile that you feel works best for the space. One of our favorite ways to use this trend is to leave the natural geometric edges of the tile intact.

All-white tiles and grout look great with dark design elements. Even a small patch of white tile on the bathroom walls or floor will divide the space and keep it from feeling claustrophobic.

bathroom tile design ideas


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