8 very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas

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very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas

Very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas are in great demand by subsidized house owners because they seem functional but do not rule out comfort. Come on, find a variety of inspiration here!

As one of the important areas in a dwelling, the comfort of the kitchen should be a priority.

If you have a kitchen that is not too wide, the most realistic strategy is to apply a small L-shaped kitchen design.

This is because a design like this will be more functional and provide a comfortable appearance or style for the residents of the house.

Generally, L-shaped kitchen designs are applied by subsidized homeowners, although it is possible to apply them to modern homeowners as well.

Need design inspiration? Come on, take a look at the various choices that we have compiled from the following sources!

very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas

1. Kitchen with a Warm Impression

very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas

Choosing a beige color combined with white elements in the kitchen area will give a warm impression.

As you know, warm colors are suitable for the kitchen because they feel strong, comfortable, and more passionate.

The picture above, which combines simple patterned ceramics and a suitable floor tone is suitable for small kitchen owners.

2. Modern L-Shape Kitchenette

very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas

Who said that a small kitchen should always be simple?

If it is necessary, you can give a modern aura by choosing the right furniture.

For example, choosing a cooktop, a chandelier with an attractive appearance, to the selection of a striking backsplash.

Look at the design above, it looks modern, right?

3. Scandinavian Kitchen Designs

very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas

Simple and minimalist. That’s what you will feel when you apply the Scandinavian style to the kitchen in your home.

Add elements of wood, and draw clean lines, to other simple accents.

To add a natural aura, you can keep a number of ornamental plants placed in certain areas.

4. Bring Out the Colors Stand Out

very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas

For some people, choosing a striking kitchen color is part of avoiding boredom.

Yes, in addition to neutral colors, choosing striking colors such as purple, pink, and so on, can be an interesting option.

However, in the arrangement, try to keep each color of the kitchen furniture from colliding with the main color.

It is important to maintain harmony and harmony in the kitchen so that this area really looks conceptual.

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5. Village-style L-Shape Kitchen Design

very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas

The L-shaped kitchen will look varied and soothing by giving it a touch of hometown style.

However, if you want to carry this style, pay attention to the layout of the furniture and still prioritize the functional side.

Thus, later the kitchen area can become a favorite place for residents of the house because you have succeeded in adding a sentimental aspect.

6. Luxury Kitchen Design

very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas

Radiating a luxurious aura in the kitchen can be done in various ways.

One of them is choosing marble material for several parts such as the backsplash and the kitchen table.

Also, add additional lighting in the kitchen set area so that the kitchen area really seems exclusive even though the size is fairly narrow.

7. Functional Small Kitchen

very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas

The design like the portrait above looks small for the size of the kitchen in general.

However, with the selection of a kitchen set and the selection of appropriate furniture and colors, it looks beautiful and functional.

Plus, the cleanliness that is maintained makes the kitchen feel comfortable to use by anyone, including children.

8. Kitchen with a table under

very small l-shaped kitchen design ideas

The use of a kitchen with a table under is widely used by subsidized homeowners.

In addition to being cheaper in terms of cost, it can also be used for various things.

You can apply a small L-shaped kitchen design in a simple but still pleasing to the eye.

Those are very small l shaped kitchen design ideas that you can choose.

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