8 Beautiful Wooden House Interior Ideas, Simple and Warm

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beautiful wooden house interior

Today, various home designs are increasingly diverse and have more colorful interiors. One of them is in the interior design of a beautiful wooden house.

Beautiful wooden houses interior which are usually a model for residential in rural areas have now been in great demand by people in urban areas.

In addition to having a beautiful design, wooden houses also have a more economical construction cost.

Even today, there are more beautiful wooden houses on the market and are loved because they have a natural but still special impression.

If you are interested in building a beautiful wooden house interior, it’s a good idea to think carefully about the design to the interior of a wooden house.

Of course, this will save more costs. 

Without further ado, here are 8 beautiful wooden house interior, perfect for a warm family home.

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Apply a Matching Color Sofa

beautiful wooden house interior

Sofa is one of the must-have furniture items.

Not only applies in the living room, sofas are also placed in many corners of the house, including the family room, bedroom and back garden area.

This home furniture will give the appearance of a simple wooden house room design if you apply a matching colored sofa.

If the type of wood material you use in your house is light and smooth, you can use a neutral color sofa, such as white, ivory and brown beige.

beautiful wooden house interior

Conversely, if the color of the wood used is older, you can use a lilac, dark gray, dark brown and black color sofa.

The wooden house design with wooden chairs , sofas and tables will give the house a lively and memorable look.

You can also choose various types of sofas that you want to install to give a wooden house design that suits you.

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Big Mirror in the Middle of the House

beautiful wooden house interior

As is well known, the use of mirrors in a room will give the impression of a wider and larger room.

This applies to your wooden house interior ideas.

The mirror in the middle of the room will give the impression of an attractive minimalist wooden house design.

Especially if the type of mirror used is vertical with a wooden frame for a matching room color design.

Large Size Fleece Carpet

beautiful wooden house interior

The idea of ​​decorating a fluffy carpet can give a living impression to a wooden house as well as a warm feel in the room.

In addition to sweetening the interior of the house, a large fur rug will make a simple wooden house display the impression of a classic and aesthetic house model.

Before applying the carpet, it would be better to make sure in advance the size to the required motif.

You can also choose a variety of hairy carpet colors according to the desired concept, such as earth tone colors for a natural impression or natural minimalist colors such as white, gray,   beige, lilac and brown.

Neutral Colored Curtains

beautiful wooden house interior

Curtains are often installed to protect the sun from entering the house or cover the windows at night.

Not infrequently, curtains are mandatory items to be used as room decoration ideas so that they sweeten the interior space.

If you want a more decorated look, neutral colored curtains can be the right interior choice.

You can choose the type of curtain that extends upwards for the appearance of a luxurious wooden house as well as being a minimalist wooden house model.

In addition, the installation of curtains can give the impression of a wider and free space.

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Tall Bookshelf

beautiful wooden house interior

If you want a classic interior concept in a wooden house, you can apply a tall wooden bookshelf at home.

With wooden shelves, your home will feel alive with a pleasant classic feel.

Not only books, you can also display various collections and decorations such as the furniture picture above.

A few tips to get the most out of it, make sure you choose the color of the wood on the bookshelf 1 tone lighter or darker with a wooden house floor, right!

Apply Big Window

beautiful wooden house interior

Beautiful wooden houses because they are made of natural materials sometimes make them more humid than ordinary houses.

Therefore, a wooden house is required to have many windows and doors so that the air circulation in the room is fresher and healthier.

By applying large windows, the interior of a wooden house will feel more alive while displaying the design of a villa house that is often found in mountainous areas.

In addition, with large windows, you will have natural lighting from outside so you can save on electricity costs.

Flower Vase for a Natural Look

beautiful wooden house interior

Today’s ornamental plants are in demand by various circles. 

Not only placed in the garden or front of the house, ornamental plants can also be decorations in the room.

By applying ornamental plants, of course, the interior concept that is carried will give a refreshing natural feel.

You can choose a variety of ornamental plants placed in a beautiful flower vase in the middle of the room.

beautiful wooden house interior

Various ornamental plants that you can install include:

  • Cactus
  • Sansivera
  • Lavender
  • Bougenville
  • Elephant Ears
  • Monstera

You can place a number of ornamental plants in the room in the desired position.

Wall Decoration in the Living Room Area

beautiful wooden house interior

Wall decoration is the last beautiful wooden house interior idea.

You can apply wall hangings as a way to decorate the living room to make it look more minimalist and fun.

Wall decoration items can be in the form of wooden shelves, paintings, photo frames, wall clocks to wallpapers that become the wall designs of beautiful wooden houses

Well, those are various beautiful simple wooden house interior ideas for you to make reference. Good luck!


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