7 Cool Bedrooms For Gamers That Are Easy to Imitate

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cool bedrooms for gamers

Cool Room Ideas For Gamers that you can copy

For some people, gaming is the ultimate joy. Gaming activities have now become part of a lifestyle that should be celebrated, especially if you can involve family members in a fun event together.

Gamers, of course, want to have their own gaming room. Therefore, in this article, we will share gaming room design ideas that are cool, aesthetic, and certainly not complicated. What are you curious about? Come on, check with us!

cool bedrooms for gamers

1. Super Fun Family Entertainment Room

cool bedrooms for gamers

This gaming room which is also a family room can be an entertainment center, especially in the current conditions that require everyone to do more activities at home.

With the right spatial arrangement, the position of electronic devices is arranged so that everyone can have a comfortable visual ratio.

To save space and be multifunctional, choose comfortable furniture that is the right size and slimmer, from computer desks, and ergonomic chairs, to soft sofas for family members to gather.

2. Gaming Room Corner Plus Chic Gallery

cool bedrooms for gamers

The name of the gaming room does not only have to be in a special room. For those of you whose house area is limited, take a peek at the aesthetic angle with this white minimalist style.

Apart from being more space-saving by placing screens and wireless devices, this gaming area is also multifunctional because it can be a gallery or separate decoration at home.

The clean impression of the all-white walls, decorations, and furniture in this gaming room also allows you to focus more when playing games.

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3. Multifunctional Shelf as a Space-saving Solution

cool bedrooms for gamers

Dominated by black and white, this gaming room still looks mature and cute. It can also be used as an idea for a home office, taking advantage of practical multifunctional shelves as a space-saving solution that makes space more efficient.

For those of you who want to try the Japandi (Japanese Scandinavian) design version, replace the black and white style in this gaming room with natural wood colors and strategically present green decorations. Guaranteed more comfortable!

4. Bedroom For All Day Gaming

cool bedrooms for gamers

For those who don’t have much space, don’t worry, because there are lots of space-saving ideas for your bedroom.

Prioritize placing the screen close to the wall, choose thin-style furniture, and position the computer desk strategically.

Don’t forget aesthetic lighting to maximize the multifunctional gaming room that doubles as a bedroom.

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5. Anti-complicated Minimalist Style

cool bedrooms for gamers

One more space-saving gaming room idea for those who face limited space problems. Immediately imitate this charming table setup.

Even though it’s simple, the gaming position will still be comfortable because it’s supported by a sturdy minimalist desk, plus decorations that make the room livelier.

Just apply this arrangement in the bedroom as your gaming room. The important thing is, don’t let yourself stay up late, because it’s not good for your health.

6. More Familiar Must Sit Apart

cool bedrooms for gamers

Gaming activities are definitely more fun when done with friends, relatives, or family. This gaming room idea can be applied to the concept of open space in residential areas.

For a more optimal space-saving solution, replace the sofa with some bean bags that will make you more comfortable when playing games together. This gaming room is also multifunctional because you can use it for watching events together.

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7. Cozy Japandi Style Gaming Room

cool bedrooms for gamers

Gaming rooms can sometimes look dark. You can choose a Japanese style that is more open, airy, and comfortable, like the inspiration above. Just arrange the design comfortably with all ergonomic table and chair furniture, sufficient lighting, and storage shelves for placing gaming devices.

Present elements of natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, or rattan to strengthen Japanese designs. For the walls, you can use soft or pastel colors, such as gray or light blue. Oh yeah, don’t miss the green decorations that will make you more excited and relaxed while playing. 

After seeing the inspiration above, we’re sure you’ll want to have your own gaming room right away, right? Remember, if it’s not possible to have a gaming room in a special room, you can still have it in another corner of the room, such as a bedroom, living room, or lounge. Don’t forget to complete it with various multifunctional furniture.


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