Bedroom Gaming Room Design That Makes You Feel At Home

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bedroom gaming room design

The gaming room is the right way to channel hobbies while at home. Check out 11 bedroom gaming room design inspirations that you can adapt in full.

Gaming room design inspiration for some people is one of the most important dreams at home, especially for gamers and gadget mania.

This is because this room is not only used as a place to rest but also functions as a hidden hobby.

It’s not just an attractive decoration, but also a high-quality game and computer setup that becomes an important identity.

Generally, a gamer can spend up to tens or even hundreds of millions to create a gaming room with qualified specifications.

So, what is the inspiration for a gaming room that can be applied at home? Check out the discussion together!

bedroom gaming room design

There are some interesting gaming room design inspirations that you can sample at home aesthetically according to your needs.

Check out some of the following examples so you can feel at home playing for a long time.

1. Appear Futuristic with Industrial Combination

bedroom gaming room design

Apart from appearing with a minimalist texture, industrial accents in the gaming room can be an attractive choice.

The combination of brick texture with accent downlights creates an atmosphere that looks aesthetically pleasing and futuristic.

2. Room Design for Gamers Girls

bedroom gaming room design

The gaming industry currently refers not only to men but also to women.

One of the inspirations for a gaming room design with a feminine purple-magenta texture can be an attractive choice.

Meanwhile, the combination of large screens that are in every corner of the house produces a luxurious and futuristic room atmosphere.

3. Simple Minimalist Combination

bedroom gaming room design

If you want a room to play games with a simple atmosphere, this simple minimalist room accent can be an interesting combination.

Minimalist black accents with multiple screens look neat and functional for online gaming needs.

4. Star Wars themed

bedroom gaming room design

The star wars element is an interesting combination in a computer room, including for a gaming room.

Meanwhile, the white character with stormtrooper accessories produces a unique inspiration with soft white accents.

5. Dark Texture Room Design

bedroom gaming room design

For a professional gamer, the gaming room is a very secret place, especially for an esports athlete.

Meanwhile, the inspiration for this dark and hidden textured room is one of the interesting inspirations that you can emulate.

The reason is, this room is not only equipped with a cool computer setup but also equipped with sound insulation which is very helpful when playing games.

6. Integrated with the Bed

bedroom gaming room design

If you have limited space, an integrated gaming room can be a viable option for you to try.

The combination of a bunk bed with a computer set at the bottom is the best choice, especially in narrow rooms.

Even though it’s in a narrow room, this computer table is still flexible, so the playing experience is still fun.

7. Otaku Gaming Room Design

bedroom gaming room design

Besides having a hobby of playing games, a gamer also has a strong interest in otaku and the anime industry.

Not infrequently, playing games with anime has a good correlation, especially in channeling hobbies at home.

You can also combine these two things in room inspiration and use decorative posters in the gaming room.

8. Glowing Green Accents

bedroom gaming room design

Apart from blue, dark accents in gaming rooms are often combined with bright green.

Meanwhile, the bright green accents look unique in the gaming room with sparkling lights and lights.

In addition to the aesthetic texture of the color combination, some decorations with military and Star Wars themes add a positive aura, especially when playing war games.

9. Minimalist White Combination

bedroom gaming room design

Minimalist monochrome white accents not only refer to rooms or interiors of luxury homes but can also be used in gaming rooms.

In this image, the monochrome accents on furniture and gaming equipment produce matching combinations that look attractive from every angle.

Apart from being used for playing games, this place can also be used as an ordinary computer room.

10. Minimalist RGB Gaming Room Design

bedroom gaming room design

Currently, RGB accents are not only synonymous with color combinations but are also related to gaming accents.

Meanwhile, RGB color as a combination of gaming room designs is the right choice to produce an aesthetic atmosphere with colorful textures.

Not only applied to computer screens, but you can also apply RGB textures to the keyboard and mouse at home.

11. Future Gaming Room

bedroom gaming room design

Not only related to minimalist themes, but the future gaming room can also be an interesting inspiration for a bed.

The future accent on the place to play games refers to the combination of blue with a borderless screen setup that seems to blend with every corner of the room.

Those are some gaming room inspirations that can make you even more comfortable at home.


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