7 Abstract and Aesthetic Painting Ideas

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Aesthetic painting ideas

Aesthetic painting ideas – Beautifying a house through wall decorations is always a surefire way, especially since it is space-saving, aka it doesn’t take up much space. One that must be ogled is none other than abstract painting. Why? Because abstract painting is arguably a work of art that is timeless and always open to different interpretations. As a result, this decoration always feels attractive to anyone who sees it.

You can present abstract paintings in various residential styles, ranging from minimalist, modern, classic, to Japanese designs. To start styling abstract paintings in your home, take a peek at the inspiration from Lians below, let’s go!

Abstract and Aesthetic Painting Ideas

1. Cheerful Modern Abstract Painting

abstract and aesthetic painting ideas

Starting a decoration abstract & aesthetic painting idea doesn’t have to be difficult, the important thing as a home owner is to be comfortable with your choice. If your taste refers to modernism, you don’t need to be afraid to present a choice of abstract paintings that are more lively and contemporary, like the idea above. The visual results are guaranteed to make your home more attractive and the abstract painting can be a focal point in the room.

2. Anti-Fail Abstract Painting

abstract and aesthetic painting ideas

For abstract paintings that are not only aesthetic, but also unique, just choose a neutral style with a natural green theme. This color pattern is identical to snake skin and has outdoor nuances so that it makes the interior feel more natural. Especially for those of you who like a minimalist or modern interior style, this abstract painting can be the right decoration choice.

3. Melting with Aesthetic Interior

abstract and aesthetic painting ideas

A matching color palette between interiors and abstract paintings is often applied according to the advice of interior experts everywhere. This matching style feels more flexible with a perfect blend of vertical space with the existence of space-saving furniture. This abstract painting also becomes the main center of the room. So, just choose a matching theme for abstract paintings in your room!

4. No Need Very Abstract

abstract and aesthetic painting ideas

Abstract painting may be synonymous with more ancient or less contemporary aristocratic tastes. In fact, that’s not the case, lol! There are many variations of abstract painting which are a mixture of techniques and more straightforward expressions, such as forming images of people, flowers, or other things. You can also vary the color to make it more vibrant. Such abstract paintings can be used as inspiration that may be more suitable for you.

5. Combination with Charming Furniture

abstract and aesthetic painting ideas

Abstract painting also does not have to always have a classic residential nuance, it all depends on the way it is arranged. To present a charming abstract painting in a more modern way, use Japanese style furniture or decorations that tend to be simple so that the painting can stand out more. Installation of abstract art also doesn’t have to be rigid on the wall, but can be placed on the floor or furniture as a more stylish space-saving solution.

6. Abstract Painting Collage on Wall

abstract and aesthetic painting ideas

Try a more lively abstract painting style with a variety of sizes, such as the beautiful collage inspiration above. Abstract art is often a time-consuming hobby for a collector. So, it makes sense to present abstract paintings through careful curation, but each painting represents your character and personal preferences.

7. Minimalist Abstract Painting

abstract and aesthetic painting ideas

For you lovers of minimalist style, there must be some empty space on the walls of your house, right? If you start to feel bored, try to liven up the wall with various minimalist abstract paintings, like the inspiration above. The plain walls covered in white paint are decorated with various abstract paintings with various themes and colors. The combination of all that makes the interior of the house more fresh.

For the most aesthetic residential wall inspiration, don’t hesitate to explore various styles of abstract painting. In the world of curators or art collections, there is no limit between one painting or another, as long as it suits your taste. So, it’s time to start hunting for abstract paintings and apply them to the interior of your home!

Hopefully the article abstract and aesthetic painting ideas is useful. If it is difficult to design an interior design, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!

abstract and aesthetic painting ideas


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