12 Pictures of Korean Style Room Decor Ideas

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korean style room decoration ideas

Room decoration korean style – Korean drama (drakor) is easy to anesthetize anyone who watches it. Starting from an exciting storyline, cool actors and actresses, to a really cool design bedroom!

Not infrequently, those of you who often watch dramas want to have Korean-style room decorations. After decorating the Korean-style room, it’s very aesthetic to imitate!

korean style room decoration ideas

Who doesn’t want to have a bedroom like Do Bong Soon from the Strong Woman series? Or Kim MiSol’s cozy room from What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Although it can’t be 100% exactly like the one in the drama series, at least you can use it as an inspiration to decorate your bedroom. You can even take advantage of the things around you.

korean style room decoration ideas

Usually Korean-style room decorations are more simple because there are not many items, but they still look cozy.

You can also decorate a Korean-style room with an elegant and classic touch like in colossal films.

Come on, make your bedroom more Instagramable!

Korean Style Room Decoration Ideas

Actually the idea of ​​decorating a Korean-style bedroom is not difficult. What do you think should be done? Come on, take a peek at the identity.

1. Korean room decoration ideas in neutral or pastel colors

korean style room decoration ideas

The first thing you can do to conjure up Korean-style room decor is to choose a bright neutral color. You can choose white, light gray, and beige.

The neutral color theme is perfect when combined with rustic themed decorations. You can also choose pastel colors into Korean-style room decorations. Light color paint will give the effect of a wider room.

2. Korean room decoration ideas with neutral color furniture

korean style room decoration ideas

One of the characteristics of Korean-style room decoration is to use furniture in neutral colors.

You can choose rustic-themed furniture in beige shades. In addition, you can also add shades of green from plants to make it look fresher. See other articles: red room ideas.

3. Korean room decoration ideas using patterned items

korean style room decoration ideas

Patterned blankets and pillows usually appear in Korean-style room decorations. This can give a statement for your bedroom that has a minimalist design.

You can choose floral or natural motifs such as leaves for blankets. Not only that, you can also change the atmosphere of the room by adding a Korean-style carpet.

4. Korean room decoration ideas are not too much furniture

korean style room decoration ideas

The point of the Korean-style room is minimalism. Avoid putting too much furniture in the room. Place the items according to your needs only.

If you have a lot of stuff, it can be stored in a box that can be ‘hidden’ under the bed. You can also store it in the warehouse. That way, the room will feel more spacious. See other articles: bedroom ideas for women.

5. Korean room decoration ideas with unique decorative lights

korean style room decoration ideas

The addition of unique bed lights will make your bedroom look more like the rooms in the drama series. You can decorate the room with decorative lights, but don’t overdo it, okay?

Choose decorative lights that are not too bright so they don’t interfere with sleep. You can choose Tumblr decorative lights to give it a fairy-like touch.

6. Korean room decoration ideas with cute dolls

korean style room decoration ideas

If you want Korean-style room decorations like Do Bong Soon’s cute from the Strong Woman series, then you really have to add cute dolls in the room.

You are free to choose any character doll, it can be an animal or the face of your idol. Place it on the bed with pillows so it doesn’t make the room look cluttered. See other articles: girls bedroom lights.

7. Korean room wall decoration ideas

korean style room decoration ideas

Another tip to give a touch of drama serial-style room decoration is to decorate the walls of the room. You are free to choose your favorite paintings, photos, or quotes for decorating the walls of your room.

Keep in mind the guarded formula: don’t stick too many decorations on the wall. Keep the wall decorations to a minimum!

You can use pastel or neutral colors that can give an aesthetic element to the room. Very easy, right?

8. Decorating the Korean room ceiling

korean style room decoration ideas

The ceiling of the room is usually a spot that is not too noticed when you are decorating the room. However, if you want to have a room like in the drama series, you must decorate the ceiling design of the room that you can look at while lying down.

It’s easy, really! Try looking for glow-in-the-dark stickers in online stores and attaching them to the ceiling. Not only can it be a light when the room is dark, but at the same time make the room look more romantic.

9. Korean room decoration ideas using cabinets

korean style room decoration ideas

Korean-style bedrooms usually have cabinets to store various items. You can choose a medium-sized cabinet or shelf that is just adjusted to the size of the bedroom.

If you want to give a calm impression to your room, then choose neutral colors such as beige, white, or brown. However, you can also give a different touch if you choose to place a light-colored cabinet. See other articles: bathroom colors pictures.

10. Korean room decoration ideas with a touch of bright colors in the room

korean style room decoration ideas

If you think a Korean-style bedroom is too minimalist, please give a touch of bright color to the bedroom. It’s best if you don’t give too much color too much. Keep it simple!

The best thing you can do is put up a bright colored cabinet. Well, to balance the light color of the cabinet, you can also put a bean bag or pillow in a matching color. Just look at the image below for reference.

korean style room decoration ideas

Well, those are some Korean-style room decorating ideas that you can do yourself. No need to be complicated, but you will get a room that is both aesthetic and comfortable.

Do you think you want to decorate your room like the character in the drama, here?


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