5 Best Simple Bathroom Design Low Budget

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Only have a limited budget, but want a top bathroom design? Relax, this simple low budget bathroom design can be the right solution for you.

simple bathroom design low budget

A simple budget for a more beautiful bathroom appearance. Can it? Of course, you can, some of these simple low budget bathroom designs can be the right choice.

With a modest budget, you can still give the bathroom a different look from the others. With a more affordable budget, of course, this will be very helpful, because you can save quite a lot and can set aside the money for savings.

A simple low budget bathroom design will make your home bathroom look more modern and beautiful without having to spend a lot of money. What are the budget light bathroom designs like? Let’s take a peek together.

Simple Bathroom Design Low Budget

1. Simple Cheap Design of Natural Stone

simple bathroom design low budget

To present a simple bathroom atmosphere, you can use natural stone decorations. You can add small natural stones for floor or wall decoration. You can also choose a natural stone that has many colors to bring a more colorful atmosphere.

The addition of this natural stone can also produce a modern feel. You can combine ceramics with space filled with natural stone. The combination of black ceramic and white bathtubs will make the bathroom atmosphere more contrasted and look more beautiful.

Another simple low budget bathroom design alternative that you can do is to replace the bathroom floor and bathroom walls with natural stone. After that, you can add a shower to make it look more luxurious, but still on a low budget.

2. Simple but Luxurious Cheap Design

simple bathroom design low budget

Want to display a luxurious bathroom but at a more affordable cost? Relax, everything can be done. The method? You can add a toilet seat that is side by side with a sink made of quality materials.

Coupled with a bathroom floor made of processed wood, it will certainly look more attractive. If you want to add a shower, then you can replace the floor using granite. How? Feels so luxurious right?

3. Simple but Modern Cheap Design

simple bathroom design low budget

A simple low budget bathroom design can also display a modern impression, even though the design is quite simple. Of course, the budget you spend will also be cheaper.

For example, by adding curtains to the bathtub. Then, you can also add a shabby shelf on another part of the wall. You can also add a place for hangers and towels on the other side.

4. Simple Cheap Design without Shower

simple bathroom design low budget

With a low budget, you can display a simple concept in your bathroom. One way is to use a brown HPL layer so that the simple concept is thicker.

The use of this HPL layer is not suitable for bathrooms that use a shower, because when this layer is exposed to water for a long time, the layer will lift and the bathroom will look ugly.

So, this simple low budget bathroom design concept is only suitable for bathrooms with a sink and toilet.

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5. Cheap and Simple Design

simple bathroom design low budget

This simple bathroom design is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be too complicated with various kinds of bathroom accessories. The design is arguably very simple, and of course, the cost is also cheaper.

You only need to add a mirror above the sink, then place the mat in front of the bathroom entrance with a shower. Simple isn’t it?

Simple bathroom design low budget videos:

So, out of these simple low budget bathroom designs, which design suits you best? If nothing fits, you can also be creative by combining several existing designs until you find a design that suits your needs.


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