15 Pictures of Luxury Master Bathroom Designs Ideas

luxury master bathroom design ideas

Luxury  bathroom design ideas – The bathroom is an important part of a house. Not only residents can ‘enjoy’ it, guests also often ask for permission to use it.

Therefore, it is not wrong if you as a host want to have a clean and well-designed bathroom to show off.

luxury master bathroom design ideas

Not satisfied with just a minimalistic design? You can choose a luxurious and elegant themed bathroom.

Luxury Master Bathroom Design Ideas Pictures

You can easily get luxury bathroom designs on Google search engines. However, there are so many that you might even be confused about having to choose which luxury bathroom design you want to adapt.

No need to be confused! Here are some luxurious and elegant master bathroom design ideas that Gmboel has collected from several sources.

Let’s see the review below.

1. Luxury bathroom design with marble stone

luxury master bathroom design ideas

One of the most popular luxury bathroom designs is the use of marble. The use of marble in the bathroom can give the impression of luxury and minimalism.

To give the impression of an elegant luxury, you can combine unique display lights. In addition to functioning as lighting, spotlights can also be the perfect finishing point.

2. Maroon theme luxury bathroom design

luxury master bathroom design ideas

For you lovers of bold colors, a luxury bathroom design with a maroon theme can be the right choice. Maroon color is able to create an elegant and classic impression.

You can apply maroon to your bathroom paint choices. Combine with neutral colors like white or beige for balance.

Pay attention to the lighting used in this luxurious maroon-themed bathroom. Use sufficient lighting so that the bathroom does not look gloomy.  See other articles: modern small house plans with photos.

3. Luxurious bathroom design with natural light

luxury master bathroom design ideas

Luxurious bathroom designs also take advantage of the natural light of the sun. The maximum use of natural light can give a minimalist elegant impression.

Use windows to give a touch of natural lighting. In addition, the use of a translucent mirror ceiling makes the bathroom look more spacious and fresh.

4. Monochrome theme luxury bathroom design

luxury master bathroom design ideas

A black and white monochrome theme can also add a touch of luxury to your bathroom design. Not only gives an elegant impression, the use of two neutral colors is also able to bring a minimalist touch.

The use of black and white colors makes the bathroom look cleaner and brighter. One thing you should pay attention to is the use of light in the bathroom.

Use natural light or light from a lamp that is bright enough so that the bathroom will not look gloomy. See other articles: door models for house.

5. Luxury bathroom design with mirror

luxury master bathroom design ideas

A luxurious bathroom can also be presented through the addition of a mirror in the interior design. In addition to giving an elegant impression, the mirror in the bathroom is also able to create the illusion of a wider room.

Choose some classic design mirrors to create an elegant impression. You can choose silver or gold to give a maximum touch of luxury.

6. Silver theme luxury bathroom design

luxury master bathroom design ideas

Silver color can also create the appearance of a luxuriously designed bathroom. You can apply gray paint on the walls and a combination of silver furniture.

Not only does it give a minimalist impression, the appearance of the bathroom with silver color also gives a masculine impression. Hang some lights for maximum lighting. See other articles: bathroom colors pictures.

7. Luxury bathroom design with painting

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Painting can always give a touch of luxury and elegance to various spaces. This includes the bathroom.

You just have to display your favorite painting in the bathroom. You can do your own painting or buy from your favorite painter.

Don’t forget to coat the painting with special paint so it doesn’t get damp and moldy. In addition, you can use glass frames so that the painting is free from water splashes.

8. Luxury old-school glamorous bathroom design

luxury master bathroom design ideas

The next luxury bathroom design that you can use as inspiration is the old-school glamor theme. Adopting a bright white color with a touch of tulle curtains, it gives a classic elegant impression.

The placement of a touch of gold on some of the ornaments in the bathroom makes the room look more luxurious. To emphasize the impression of luxury, you can add a glamorous chandelier. See other articles: bedroom chandelier ideas.

9. Luxury bathroom design with natural stone

luxury master bathroom design ideas

The impression of luxury can also be issued through a combination of natural stone in the interior of the bathroom. Not only giving a natural look, natural stone can also make the bathroom look more unique.

Add bright lighting so that natural stone looks more outstanding. You can also put plants so that the bathroom looks fresher.

10. Scandinavian-style luxury bathroom design

luxury master bathroom design ideas

Luxurious bathrooms don’t always have to have a bold design with complicated decorations. You can also present a luxurious bathroom using a Scandinavian-style design.

The combination of white stone with wooden floors gives a minimalist and luxurious impression. A touch of black furniture will give a firm and elegant impression.

If you want to add wallpaper, choose an area that doesn’t get splashed too often.  See other articles: small modern bathroom ideas.

11. Luxurious bathroom design with feather rugs

luxury master bathroom design ideas

If you have a dry type bathroom, this luxury bathroom design is really suitable for application.

Adding a feather rug to the bathroom will give it a touch of luxury. Not only that, the dominance of black in the bathroom manages to present a mysterious elegant impression.

You also have to pay attention to the lighting and air circulation in the bathroom. Don’t let the bathroom become damp and smelly!

12. Gray theme luxury bathroom design

luxury master bathroom design ideas

The inspiration for a luxurious bathroom design that you can apply is to give a touch of gray. In fact, gray can also give the impression of elegance.

You can choose wallpaper or paint the bathroom walls in silver gray. For a touch of gray, enter the color of the bathup and towels. The touch of a chandelier adds a maximum elegant impression. See other articles: l shaped kitchen table sets.

13. Luxury brown theme bathroom design

luxury master bathroom design ideas

Luxurious bathroom designs can also be combined with natural colors such as brown. You can add wood elements from the storage cabinet. Besides being functional, it is also elegant.

The brown color can give the impression of being warm and luxurious at the same time. The placement of a classic design mirror and an outboard lamp on the side of the mirror, is able to maximize the classic and elegant impression.

14. Parisian Glam luxury bathroom design

luxury master bathroom design ideas

For those of you who want to give a different impression to the bathroom, you can adopt the Parisian Glam theme which is very outstanding.

Add a classic design mirror and silver or gold ornaments. If you apply this friend, you will get a luxurious bathroom that is very elegant. See other articles: indoor ornamental plants.

15. Sunny theme luxury bathroom design

luxury master bathroom design ideas

This luxury bathroom design is a little different from the others. Adopting a cheerful sunny theme, but the impression of luxury and elegance is still visible in the choice of furniture.

A complete cabinet and a yellow flower wallpaper game can give a fresh, elegant impression. Additional mirrors and chandeliers add to the impression of space and anti-gloom.

Well, those are some luxury master bathroom design ideas that can be applied to your bathroom. There are maroon themes that are bold to bright sunny.

You just need to adjust to the bathroom area and the initial bathroom design. Which theme will you choose?

Happy creative!