Attractive House Decoration Options For Industrial Feels

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industrial house decor

industrial house decor – Industrial nuances are now very commonly applied to various types of housing. Masculine and cold, but also often warm. That’s the nuance that can be reflected from this concept. Interested in applying it to industrial house decor? Just use the decorations below.

Industrial House Decor

Wood & Metal

industrial house decor

In addition to the rustic feel which is very synonymous with industrial style, the decoration that is also distinctive with this concept is a combination of wood and metal materials. This is very reasonable considering the transition period to the industrial era.

Many furniture and home decorations have applied this combination. Examples such as the table and kitchen island above. It looks really attractive.

Concrete & Cement

industrial house decor

The exposed concrete, cement, and brick materials cannot be separated from the decoration with an industrial feel. This material can be poured in various forms, floors, walls, accessories, kitchen countertops, to the furniture in it. See other articles: simple house interior design.

Contrasting Details

industrial house decor

This one decoration is not used by many people. But you need to know, details on accessories or furniture in industrial-style homes make the appearance of the residence more bold. Making two materials with contrasting appearances makes the industrial vibe even more intense.

For example, a pipe faucet made of iron combined with a ceramic sink in the picture above. Very interesting!

Match with Abu

industrial house decor

Neutral colors like white and black are key elements in industrial-style interior design. But you can also combine gray in your home room to make the display stand out even more. The gray color represents metallic strokes which is ideal for emphasizing industrial décor. See other articles: provence style interior.


industrial house decor

Vintage or recycled items with a rustic look also cannot be separated from this one decoration. There are so many choices of furniture and decoration elements that you can use. If you want to get something interesting, start hunting at a flea market or used goods place in the area where you live.

Edgy decoration

industrial house decor

A house room with an industrial feel that is quite busy with various accents, will be more attractive with the addition of edgy-style decorations. One example you can see in the bedroom above. Although it looks contemporary, the decoration fits perfectly with the exposed red brick walls used. See other articles: minimalist window treatments.

Outdoor Materials

industrial house decor

Surely you all have never thought of inserting an iron fence from the outside into your dwelling. Even though using it as a supporter of the concept of industrial decoration is very interesting to do. For example, you can see the setting of the dining area which is decorated with wooden tables and an iron fence that is used as a partition behind it.

Hopefully the industrial house decoration ideas that we have provided above can be useful for you all.


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