14 Minimalist Window Curtains Inspiration

A good window curtain will beautify the appearance of a room. Perhaps this mindset is widely adopted by interior stylists in determining the right curtains for their clients. No wonder, even though it looks simple, the matter of finding the right minimalist window curtains makes you dizzy. Often, this little thing becomes a disturbing home interior problem.

If you are still looking for the right minimalist window curtain design or idea to install in your home, don’t worry! Lians has 14 inspirational minimalist window curtain models for you. The house will look brighter and fresher from various perspectives. Don’t believe it? Come on, take a look at this minimalist window curtain inspiration with Lians!

Minimalist Neutral and White Combination

minimalist window curtains

Neutral colors for minimalist window curtains are indeed very reliable to display a bright and spacious living room. This inspiration can be imitated with minimalist window curtains that do not have many accents or decorations, but have the maximum benefit of being beautiful. The neutral beige color and the combination of white sheer curtains are also easy to mix and match with furniture of various colors, including wooden furniture and minimalist gray sofas.

Minimalist Window Curtains Towering High

minimalist window curtains

Have a room with high ceilings? You can play with the luxurious feel with minimalist white window curtains. Choose minimalist window curtains that are a bit thick, so that the fall of minimalist window curtains will look even more magnificent. If you don’t like white, use other color alternatives that are also neutral. As a result, the room looks brighter and more luxurious at the same time. See other articles: aesthetic living room.

Minimalist Window Curtain Frames with Fitting

minimalist window curtains

Minimalist window curtains will sweeten the room even more if it is framed properly according to the size of the existing window. In this inspiration, the bedroom has indeed used a minimalist interior style with a slick window seat. So that activities in the area around the window seat are not disturbed, minimalist window curtains are installed and do not break down beyond the size of the window.

The result? The room looks more relaxed, feels practical and certainly brighter and more cheerful. To make it brighter, you can also add decor in your bedroom. This can start from adding wall decorations, using plants, even choosing decorative storage areas as a variation to make the room seem more unique and personalized.

Minimalist Accents A Thin Curtain

minimalist window curtains

Minimalist accents in this bedroom look simple and effective. This is because the selection of minimalist window curtains is only one layer and is suitable for summer. In addition to the room looking brighter, of course, these minimalist window curtains also don’t need much maintenance.

Choose minimalist window curtains with quality materials and look beautiful even if only used without a combination with other minimalist window curtains. Sometimes, too much decoration is not good. Especially if you want to decorate a small room.

Combine the color of the curtains with the appropriate color of bed linen, even better if the color of the sheets and blankets you choose matches the color of the curtains. See other articles: small two story house.

The Little Green Who Beautifies the Atmosphere

minimalist window curtains

A minimalist room doesn’t always have to be identical to neutral colors. The proof is the minimalist window curtains placed in the kitchen like the picture above.

By using minimalist window curtains that are fresh in color, the kitchen room immediately feels more alive. Green or other primary colors can also give a different accent to an all-white or black room.

Adding curtains or small curtains like this, consciously or not, is an element that is quite crucial but is often forgotten in arranging a kitchen set. Especially if you intend to arrange a minimalist kitchen set.

Different Windows, Different Minimalist Window Curtains

minimalist window curtains

In this exotic and minimalist family room, it can be seen that the use of minimalist window curtains is applied differently to different windows. The main glass window on the right is seen using minimalist window curtains with blue floral shades that match the blue atmosphere on the carpet and decorative pillows for the selected sofa. See other articles: bedroom window design ideas.

Decorative Floral Motifs on Minimalist Window Curtains

minimalist window curtains

Don’t hesitate to play with a unique minimalist window curtain motif. Accents that are actually different in the overall minimalist space will even further beautify the minimalist space in your home. This is because minimalist window curtains with motifs can attract attention to one corner of the room, namely the window as a light source.

Oriental Style Bamboo Curtain

minimalist window curtains

Create an eco-friendly element that is completely natural by using minimalist window curtains made of bamboo material. In addition to easy and practical maintenance, minimalist window curtains made of bamboo are also very easy to mix and match with other furniture in general.

So there is no need to worry that bamboo curtains will damage the appearance of a minimalist room at home. On the other hand, this oriental accent will look more fresh and unique to the residents of the house. See other articles: best bedroom colors for couples.

Combination of Vertical Blinds with Minimalist Window Curtains

minimalist window curtains

For a minimalist impression that is not boring, use a combination of white vertical blinds with minimalist window curtains in neutral colors such as cream or gray. This design is especially suitable for a minimalist bedroom with windows on different sides of the wall. Choose the use of blinds for rooms that look brighter and more practical. A combination like this also makes it easier for you to care for and clean minimalist window curtains.

Modern Minimalist Curtains with Two Different Colors

minimalist window curtains

Not only combining two elements, namely fabric on the sides and pulling bamboo curtains at the top, this minimalist modern curtain design also uses two different types of colors and motifs for the left and right sides of the window. This unusual match even looks fresh and unique, and far from boring. The appearance of modern minimalist curtains with different colors is also suitable for girls’ rooms. See other articles: two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Multi Modern Minimalist Curtains For Maximum Effect

minimalist window curtains

It’s not enough to just pair one pair of curtains on the right and left, this room uses up to two sets of modern minimalist curtains from the same material and model. With curtains that are shorter in width, there will be a romantic impression that can be obtained in a minimalist room in your home. In addition, surely the appearance of modern minimalist curtains is also more unique and stylish.

Simple living room decorations can also be maximized with this type of curtains plus simple decorations. For example, for the living room, you can combine neutral colored curtains with dark colored furniture.

Minimalist Striped Horizontal

minimalist window curtains

Don’t want to play with florals or just with colorful minimalist window curtains? Just choose minimalist window curtains that have this calm horizontal stripe motif. See other articles: orange two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Minimalist Window Curtains With A Pink Tone

minimalist window curtains

With the right minimalist window curtain color, the room can also look more alive and bright. The thickness of minimalist window curtains can also determine the intensity of incoming light. Therefore, for a slightly bold color, choose a minimalist window curtain that is thinner.

More Cool with Black Minimalist Window Curtains

minimalist window curtains

Finally, don’t forget to include inspiration for minimalist window curtains in bolder colors, such as black or dark gray. The impression of luxury will definitely be obtained without having to sacrifice a bright and cheerful atmosphere in the room. See other articles: red room decor ideas.

After seeing the 14 minimalist window curtain models above, do you already have an idea of ​​what minimalist window curtains you will buy? Lians ordered, clean the curtains often so that they are in good condition and can carry out their functions properly.